Daily Devotional for Tuesday June 11, 2013

Christian Organization is Bought and Paid for by Mormon Cult Member Glenn Beck

(Galatians 1:6-9)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I know that the world is heading to a one world economic system. I have worked with computer systems and the financial sector for many years, so I believe it is happening in our time. What I am wondering is, is it wrong for me to pursue activities which may cause this system to come about quicker? Is it wrong for me to support / contribute to any process that helps to create the one world economic system? Or can I just 'do my job? I am conflicted as what to do.

ANSWER: I highly doubt that the goal of the work you do for your company is to created tools to bring about a one world economic system. You are simply doing your job that happens to work with tools that may, or may not be used when that time comes. Be at ease and know God put you where you are to be a light to others you work with. Make that your focus.

Another Christian organization is bought and paid for by satanic Mormon cult member Glenn Beck! Sometimes I wonder why I am so foolish. Everyone in the Liveprayer family knows our biggest hurdle since day one has simply been to bring in what we need each month to pay for our operations. Despite those challenges, I have REFUSED to compromise or sell-out for a buck despite the never-ending opportunities to do so over these years that would have greatly lightened my burden in raising the funds we need to operate each month.

*I firmly believe this is why God has honored our work for Him and has sustained HIS work here by moving on the hearts of our friends to help me for the past 166 months!

We don't use your money to buy real estate and buildings which have to be kept up and maintained at a tremendous cost YOU pay would pay for. As a matter of fact we sill work out of the back of the same Used Car lot one of my board members owns that we started in 14 yrs ago. Nobody would know at that address we have impacted tens of millions of lives worldwide while leading over 700,000 souls we know of to faith in Jesus Christ! If you have never seen the Liveprayer offices, watch this video clip: http://www.liveprayer.com/b2.cfm

We don't use your sacrifce to hire a large staff of people. I personally, through the power of the Holy Spirit, create all of the ministry content for Liveprayer. As a matter of fact, other than my assistant and our tech crew, we have no other paid staff. We don't have any private jets. I don't have a fleet of new Bentley's. I don't have multiple (or even one!) $10 million plus mansions around the country. I don't stay in $10,000 hotel suites when I am on the road. Of course, it is YOUR money that enables ministries to have and do these things, under the guise of spreading the Gospel!

That is why from 2003-2009 when the Liveprayer TV program was on, I refused to even consider airing on Christian stations and networks, as we have in re-launching the program last month. All the major ministries air on the Christian stations and networks since their first goal is to raise tens of millions annually, and they know a non-Christian audience will never enable them to do that. For them, it is clear that money comes before ministry!

Even more disgusting to me are those supposed "men of God" who are nothing but modern day Judas' as they sell-out the Lord and the Gospel for 30 pieces of silver. I shared with you years ago how Myung Sung Moon, the late founder of the "moonie" cult, bought and paid for the top names in the evangelical world in the 80s by funneling millions of dollars to their ministries thru pro-family groups he started.

Mormon cult member Glenn Beck has taken a page out of Moon's playbook, knowing how weak many of the top evangelical leaders are when it comes to money. His prize puppet is historian David Barton of Wallbuilders. I am still waiting for this historian to get on TV and tell the true history of the founder of Beck's cult Joseph Smith, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath. Beck has also bought and paid for John Hagee, James Robison, Ralph Reed, other well known names, and a host of local church pastors.

The question is, what do these people get by selling out the Lord to associate themselves and lock arms with a member of a satanic cult that leads souls to hell by propagating a false gospel? Exposure though Beck's different media platforms. Book sales! I guess in the end, selling a few thousand more books trumps the undeserved credibility they give to a cult member that is sucking unsuspecting people into the lies of his cult which will lead their souls to hell!

Sadly, the latest to sell out for Beck's money is SkyAngel, the CHRISTIAN satellite service. SkyAngel has been an incredible dream since the early 90s to have a Christian satellite service. I believe in my heart of hearts that God has sustained this massive undertaking over the years because of their vision to use this technology to minister to people. However, Beck gleefully announced Friday his internet TV and news propaganda business, The Blaze, would now air on SkyAngel. Yes, the pro-Mormon network where Beck has done entire programs LYING to people about what he and his cult believes, will now be on a CHRISTIAN satellite service!

I happen to know Tom Scott, the President of SkyAngel, which is headquartered in Naples. I emailed him after hearing this sad news, and the response I got back was the EXACT response I have received from David Barton, the son of James Robison who runs his ministry operations, as well as several pastors who have actually let Beck "preach" his lies that he is a Christian from their pulpit! They all said the same thing, defensively asking, "Why am I judging them and Beck?"

Are you kidding me? Judging? Is telling people the TRUTH about what Beck and his cult really believe judging? Is it judging to question why a true Christian would get in bed with a proud and unrepentant member of a satanic cult leading souls to hell? Don't they read the Bible about our "associations?"

First, why would they have anything to do with Beck? Second, why would they expose those who follow them to a man who has bought into and regurgitates the lies of satan? Third, why would they give Beck and his lie that he is a Christian and follower of Jesus undeserved credibility with a public (even those in the church for the most part) who are Biblically illiterate but agree with his conservative and conspiratorial political views?

I love and care about you so much. I think back to many of the priests we read about in the OT as well as the religious leaders in the day of Jesus documented in the NT. They were like many of the Christian leaders today. They played the game. They compromised the Truth of God for their own personal gain. They could be bought and sold like a cheap suit. At the end of the day, for them it was all about the MONEY!!!

We wonder why our nation is in spiritual freefall. We wonder why we are seeing the judgment of God falling on our land. On top of all of the gross sins we bathe in daily, on top of bowing down to worship every false god and idol imaginable, many of those who are supposed to lead the church are little more than modern day Judas'!

Even though I feel foolish at times as we struggle to simply cover the basic operations each month, that is satan talking and I will never waiver. In the end, God will sustain HIS work here and I know as long as I trust HIM, stay loyal to HIM, forge ahead with the work He has given me to do without compromise, I can hold my head up high when my work here is finished and know that I gave the Lord everything I had to give to see souls saved and build HIS Kingdom!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller