Daily Devotional for Wednesday June 5, 2013

Going to Jail for Telling the Truth

(Luke 19:40)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, if a person grows up in a Christian family and has always tried to follow Christ, would they need to feel an exact time of being reborn and if they don't, does that mean they are not saved?

ANSWER: Becoming "born again," making that personal decision for Christ, is something EACH person must do for themselves by faith. It does NOT happen by osmosis, or because you always went to church, or because your parents were Christian. This is a PERSONAL decision each person must make for themselves. It is difficult to believe anyone who makes the most important decision of their lives won't at least remember apx when that moment was.

Ten years ago, I told you that simply speaking out against the sin of homosexuality would one day soon be criminalized. Many things you say about homosexuality today, even if it is from the Bible, is now considered "hate speech" and you could be prosecuted. Five years ago, as I was warning people about the rise of Islam in this nation, I gave you insight that the Muslims were using the same playbook the homosexual lobby used. I also told you that one day soon, simply telling the truth about Islam would land you in jail. Well, that day is upon us!

Of course, most people have never heard about this story since even FOX won't touch it. But a Muslim advocacy group in Tennessee is sponsoring a US Attorney in Tennessee and several FBI agents to speak about how speech that in any way maligns Muslims or could be construed as inflammatory could soon be criminalized! That is right, simply telling the Truth about Islam could very soon land you in jail!

Of course, those who have been part of the Liveprayer family know I have taken on CAIR and other Muslim advocacy groups over the years. Anyone who has followed Liveprayer for any time knows that not only will I never be silenced, but if they are looking to try out this gross infringement of our 1st Amendment rights, they can start with me!!!

Here is the text of a letter I recently sent to Zulfat Suara, the head of the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee:

"I am Rev. William Keller, founder of the 20 yr old Liveprayer Ministries in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am a Christian evangelist. As a Christian and follower of Jesus Chris and Biblical teachings, Islam is a false religion, the "non-prophet" Mohammad was a documented pedophile, polygamist, and murderer. During its' 1400 year history and to this very day, Islam has been a documented religion of hatred, violence, terror, domination, and death. To claim otherwise is a lie!

You are welcome to have your friends in the FBI come and arrest me for speaking negatively against Islam. In case you don't know this, we have a Constitutional 1st Amendment protection in this nation of free speech and I have every right and responsibility to educate people about what your religion teaches and believes and will NOT be silenced! Below are links to a few of the writings and videos I have created over the years to warn and educate people about your false religion from hell that is leading souls to eternal damnation.

Please forward them to the FBI or any other agency since here is NOTHING I have EVER said that invites or encourages violence against Muslims. That is not what Christians do. It is YOUR false relgion that calls people to violent actions against "infidels" or non-Muslims,and is the key difference between the lies of Islam and the Truth of the Bible.

You may be able to silence people in other countries from telling the truth about your violent and murderous religion, but your intimidation tactics, even using the government, will not work here! It is your historic record to infiltrate a country with the ultimate goal to turn that nation Islamic, but that will NEVER happen in the United States as long as men of the one true God of the Bible speak out and don't cower to your bullying tactics!

I pray you renounce the lies of Islam and turn to the only Truth found in the Bible, and faith in Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to heaven, or your soul will be damned in hell for all eternity."

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I love you and care about you so much. WHY do you think all of these years I have begged you to speak out? It is our silence that has led us to this place, and the Muslims know that they can intimidate most people into silence. Those like myself who do speak out will be labeled as "hate mongers," "Muslim haters who want to incite people to kill Muslims," and on and on and on.

If you never heard me before, hear me now! We are in a war with satan for souls. Satan's greatest tool is to intimidate people with the Truth into silence so his lies stand alone. This is the EXACT reason why this nation is in the spiritual abyss we are in. This is the EXACT reason I rail against gutless wonders like Osteen, Warren, and others with a platform. The reality is, satan has no fear of and actually loves Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and their ilk, since they are no threat to him at all!

Satan LOATHES people like myself since I can't be bought, won't compromise, and have no other agenda than God's agenda! Unlike the prosperity pimps on Christian TV who satan cheers on each day, I am not trying to build my own kingdom but God's! I don't do this for money, but for souls! I am today and have been for many years now satan's worst nightmare! Why do you think satan battles us as fiercely as he does each day???

My word for you today is this. We are getting down to the final days. The war is being waged daily for the souls of men. This is not a game, it is not amusement, it is serious business with eternal consequences! My appeal to you again is to SPEAK UP! I have no doubt that one day, maybe sooner than expected, satan is going to use the forces of hell to put me in prison. Even if he succeeds, I will still not be silenced! Even if my very tongue is cut out, I will not be silenced!

Satan can use the forces of the government as he did in the days of the early church. However, like those brave brothers and sisters whose blood was shed in those early days to propagate the Gospel worldwide these past 2000 years, I will gladly shed mine. When they threaten you, when your liberty, or very life is on the line, will you stand???

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller