Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 28, 2013

The Boy Scouts and the Homosexual Bullies

(Romans 1:25

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, during a recent 60 Minutes program interview with Sheryl Sandberg (CEO of Facebook), she used the words G.D. I was very dismayed and have sent an email to 60 Minutes expressing my disappointment that they did not bleep those words. I tolerate more than I should of bad language, but using the Lord's name in vain is extremely offensive to me. It is a shame we can't even watch the news without having to hear that.

The Boy Scouts and the homosexual bullies! The Boy Scouts of America, which reconfirmed last summer its policy banning openly gay people from participation, then said last week it was reconsidering the ban, said on Wednesday that it would postpone a decision once more until May. This is a sad turn of events since the BSA has been one of the very few groups who has won legal battles to keep their private organization free from the influence of the radical homosexual lobby that has successfully infested every aspect of our culture during the past 20 years.

I would first ask that you pray for those in leadership of the BSA to stand firm on the principles that has guided this great iconic organization for over 100 years. The two forces seeking to allow those who have chosen to engage in homosexual behavior to become scout masters as well as scouts, are money and the cultural pressure now knows as "diversity."

Like all non-profit organizations, the BSA is dependant upon donations to survive. Much of those donations needed to meet their annual budget come from corporations. The BSA, like all non-profits have seen a sharp decline in their donations over the past 3 years. The pro-homosexual lobby has done a masterful job at challenging the Boy Scouts to drop their policy banning openly gay people from participation, with the carrot of helping bring in large corporate donors. In the end, if they cave they will have sold out their century old beliefs for the increased funding it will bring the organization.

In addition to the finical issues involved, is the societal pressure on the BSA to become a more "diverse" organization. Diversity is the current buzzword for accepting people who have chosen to engage in perverted, unnatural, unhealthy sexual relations. If you happen to hold to a Biblical worldview that calls this type of behavior a sin, you are a hate monger, bigot, and have no place in society. I remember over 10 years ago warning people this day was coming and being laughed at. If you go into any mainstream situation, and say anything negative about the sin of homosexuality, YOU are the one who is to be shunned!

For over 20 years of ministry, and for the last 13+ years here at Liveprayer.com, I have been in the marketplace trying to warn people about the goal of the homosexual community to make their perverted choice of sex mainstream.

On the Liveprayer.com website is a link "Devotional Archive." This is the archive of every Devotional I have written each day since Liveprayer began on August 31, 1999. That is over 4800 Devotionals, searchable by keyword or date. You can see for yourself the warnings I have issued for these past 13+ years about how the goal of the homosexual community was to make this choice of unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted sex mainstream in our culture. It was only a few decades ago that our culture stigmatized those who chose to engage in this type of sexual perversion. Society rightly spoke out against such unnatural acts. Pastors in the pulpits of churches across the nation decried this satanically inspired sexual bondage. People understood this choice was not natural, was not healthy, and was a clear perversion of God's intended plan for sex.

What happened? Over the years, the homosexual community did a masterful job at selling the lie that 10% or more of the population choose to engage in such perverted sexual relations. They also sold the lie that people are "born that way," despite ANY credible evidence even to this day that is true. They targeted children to brainwash them that homosexuality is not wrong. As the church left the marketplace for the safety, comfort, and profitability of the "Christian trough" (the Christian subculture that has existed the past 40 years), this perverse choice of sex infested many weak churches. The majority of churches who would not go that far, simply quit speaking out against homosexuality for fear of offending people.

Now in the year 2013, homosexuality is entrenched in our culture as a mainstream and acceptable lifestyle. Those who dare to speak out against this sin are called homophobes, hate mongers, intolerant, and out of touch. The vast majority of our culture has now embraced the LIE of homosexuality. *As the Bible said would happen in the last days, the truth has been replaced with the lie, wrong has been embraced as right, and right is now seen as wrong.

I love you and care about you so much. Are you starting to see now why the time is so short. In the end this is a battle for souls and the soul of this nation. Every day, we are losing both battles because there are too few Godly men with won't compromise the Truth for money and with the courage to speak up for the truth, along with the fact nobody has the stated goal of turning the spritual course of this nation around. Liveprayer does have that plan but I can't do it alone.

The signs are all around us. We have no more time to sit back and do nothing. This is our moment. The souls of tens of millions of people in this nation, billions worldwide, and the soul of our nation are at stake. Please be in prayer in the coming weeks as we take our stand and fulfill the ultimate reason God raised this minsitry up 166 months ago. May eternity show we were faithful and obedient to our Lord in these final days!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller