Daily Devotional for Sunday May 12, 2013

On This Day We Honor Our Mothers

(Matthew 15:21-28)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, with the legitimate worry that one day America may suffer a financial collapse, what stand should believers be prepared to take against those who might choose to exploit them if a break down in law and order occurs? Should believers adopt the typical armed and ready "prepper" mentality that many are encouraging? Should believers be prepared to use force of arms to repel those who would plunder them?

ANSWER: The Bible clearly teaches us to be prepared. It also clearly teaches moderation. Those who are so consumed with "prepping," are not living their life, but preparing for a life that may never come. The key is to live today, don't fear tomorrow, but do your best to prepare for changes that may come. If Beck and the other doom and gloomers who are making tens of millions off of scaring people are right, and there is a total collapse of the financial system, there is very little you will be able to do. Whatever food you store, no matter how many guns and bullets you buy, they will be gone sooner than later. I refuse to live in fear or with an apocalyptic mindset. I have chosen to prepare to some extent, but focus instead on living each day to its' fullest, since the fact is tomorrow is promised to NONE of us. At some point, our faith in the Lord has to become our strenght and hope regardless what things may look like.

On this day that we honor our mothers, I thought it fitting to share with you this wonderful story from God's Word that personifies a mother's love. I have often said a mother's love can be broken down into the 3 P's. Pleading, persistence, and prayer. I can testify today that the only reason I am in the ministry is because my mother who is with the Lord now, pleaded, was persistent, and prayed. I have no doubt that many of you know Jesus as your Savior because of your mother's prayers. So in honor of our mothers, let me break down the 3 P's of a mother's love for you.

A mother will plead for her child. It was the deep love for her daughter that drove the Canaanite woman in today's scripture to Jesus, pleading for mercy for her daughter. In our time of despair, "something" pulls us to God. Many people, who openly reject God, will cry out in a time of need. Even believers will live apart from Christ, not giving Him much time in their daily life . . . until the trials come. This mother in her hour of need, knew where to go to plead for help.

Persistence is something that defines a mother. Moms have a God-given talent to stay on something, no matter how long it takes, to get the job done. Many times, God delays His answer to test our belief, much like He did in the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:2-5. Are you serious about the needs in your life? Then don't give up . . . be persistent. Isaiah 65:24 gives us that special promise, "before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear." God has promised to hear and answer our prayers, but that does not always mean in our timing. Often, we need to be persistent, like this Canaanite mother who was not going to be denied the miracle she sought for her daughter.

If persistence defines a mother, then prayer is her greatest weapon. In verse 25 of today's scripture we hear the simple prayer of faith, "Lord help me!" Moms are prayer warriors. Moms know that it is prayer that moves the hand of God. Moms know that prayer works because it demonstrates to God that we are powerless in our own strength, and have put our faith in Him. Jesus healed this woman's daughter because of her faith!

I want to encourage you today to honor your mother, she is a great gift from God. It is also God's commandment that we honor our mother. For those of you who have been estranged, separated from your Mom due to the events of life, please, swallow your pride and contact her today. No matter what may have happened in the past, tell her that you love her. I understand that many mothers have not been what God called them to be, but through your love, God can restore them.

For those like me whose Mom is with the Lord, let me suggest calling a local nursing home and finding out the name of a lady who has no family, no regular visitors. An inexpensive arrangement of flowers and 5 minutes of your day just to tell her she hasn't been forgotten on this Mother's Day will touch a life like you can not even imagine. I am a firm believer that the little acts of kindness, even to strangers, are our most effective and powerful ministry. Don't let this day pass without making it special for your mother.

I love you and care about you, and it is my goal each day to encourage you and challenge you to have that intimate daily relationship with the Lord that He desires to have with us. I know from years in the ministry, one of the biggest concerns for Moms is their unsaved children. Mom, let me stand in agreement with you today for your unsaved kids. I will pray in agreement with you for their salvation. It would be an honor and privilege to stand in agreement with you for the salvation of your kids, since I realize that is your number one prayer request. Millions will be in Heaven because of the prayers of mom!!!

To all the Moms out there today, may you be richly blessed on this day that we honor you

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller