Daily Devotional for Saturday April 13, 2013

Glenn Beck is the Wolf Jesus Warned About

(Galatians 1:6-12)

***ASK BILL: Bill I have read your response as well as read & heard many other Biblical teachers teach about the sin of homosexual behavior. I am fairly knowledgeable about the Scriptures and agree with them that this is sin just like many others. However, please explain to me if you can, how do we respond to people, when they say: I feel as if I am a girl trapped in a boys body, or basically, young children that are struggling with Gender identity issues?

ANSWER: This is the most disturbing of all, and a great example of how the pro-homosexual lobby has been successful in indoctrinating children from birth that same-sex relationships are perfectly normal and that many boys are really girls and many girls are really boys. The fact is, children under 13 have NO CLUE about sex or sexuality other than what they have been indoctrinated with. Due to the sin of Adam, we are not just born with sin, but imperfect. There are boys who have an abundance of female traits and females with an abundance of male traits. THAT DOES NOT CHANGE THE GENDER THAT GOD CREATED THEM WITH! It is society and sadly parents who are 100% to blame for any of this confusion! It is sick, disgusting, and a byproduct of a culture that has embraced these lie from the pits of hell those who buy into such perversion has perpetrated in order to justify their own sinful and perverted CHOICES!

Anyone who is listening to, or more important, giving a DIME to Glenn Beck is a fool! Beck is the "wolf" Jesus warned about! I have exposed his lies from hell for over a decade, now and it is sad to see so many self-proclaimed Christians fall for his lies and deception! Below is the link to our Devotional archives where every Devotional I have written since we began on August 31, 1999 which is available searchable by a single keyword or date. Please type in keyword BECK to get all of the Devotionals I have written with great specificity of his anti-Christian false beliefs that he and those in his cult hold!!!

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For over a decade, long before most people even knew who he was, I have been warning you about Glenn Beck. Now that Oprah, the queen of New Age lies from hell, has given up her daily program for the obscurity of her cable network, Beck is by far the most dangerous man in the media!!!

Jesus said, "don't worry about the man who can kill your body, worry about the man who can kill your soul!" Beck says that people need to be worried about Islam that seeks to kill non-Muslims. NOBODY has warned people or exposed Islam more than I have. I currently have 12 "fatwas" for my death for the truth I have told about this false religion over the years. To my knowledge, Beck has ZERO. People who know the Lord don't need to worry about Islam, since the most they can do is kill you and send you to Glory. People who don't know the Lord by faith need to worry about a tool of satan like Beck who wants to send their eternal soul to hell via their lies and false theology!!!

Now Beck is supporting "gay marriage" since he says it is an issue of "freedom." It is GOD, not Beck, his buddy O'Reilly, or anyone else who defines marriage as between a man and a woman. This is NOT an issue of freedom, it is an issue of SCRIPTURE!

Beck also lies when he tells his listeners that his cult denounces polygamy. While his cult did renounce polygamy over 100 years ago to achieve statehood for Utah, they still teach polygamy in the afterlife when Beck, Romney, and Mormon men die to become the "god of their own planet" and have MULTIPLE wives to create "spirit babies" with!!!

Beck's main (sadly one of many) bought and paid for slave "Judas" Barton, is now endorsing a book titled, "The Covenant" which deals with end times prophecy and American history from an LDS PERSPECTIVE! Again, I have warned you since Barton sold his soul to Beck that he was nothing more than a modern day Judas who has sold out the Lord for the few pieces of silver he gets by giving undeserved credibility to this cult member.

For the record, I have reputedly invited Beck to a serious debate about what he and his cult believes. Having debated many of the top apologists of his cult over the years, I would be able to expose his false beliefs and the fact he lies to his audience daily, since what he believes is 100% INCONSISTENT with Biblical Christianity. Just like his buddy O'Reilly, Beck is a typical gutless coward who refuses to allow anyone to expose his true beliefs since it would ruin his $50 million dollar a year "business!"

It is even more sick since Beck will be doing programs on American Martyrs, using his cult's documented con-artist, polygamist, pedophile, and racist founder Joseph Smith as one of his examples! The "church" 200 years ago knew their Bible. They knew a man like Smith was a heretic preaching false doctrines and blasphemy! THAT is why he was run out of every town he tried to settle in. He was NOT a martyr as Beck and his cult members claim, he was a tool of satan as the church of his day knew he was!

He recently did a series of programs with Rabbi Lapin, a Jew who has totally rejected Jesus as the Messiah, and entertainer Penn Jillette who is an outspoken atheist. Beck wanted to have a civil discussion on relgion with people who took opposing views. Sadly, the one person missing was a true Biblcial Christian, since such a person would have looked at Beck, Lapin, and Jillette, and shared with them that they were ALL destined for an eternity in hell!

Unfortunately, those who embrace Judaism will die in their sins for rejecting Christ, just like an atheist obviously will, and just like members of a cult like Mormonism will. Beck can sit there all day long and talk about the Bible, God, and Jesus, but the God he speaks of is NOT the God of the Bible, the Jesus he speaks of is NOT the Jesus of the Bible, and the Bible is viewed by his cult as flawed and incomplete superceded by the Book of Mormon, the D&C, and the Pearl of Great Price written by teh documented con artist, polygamist, pedophile, racist founder of his cult Joseph Smith!

For everyone who has lambasted me that Beck was "such a wonderful man" who only cares about the nation despite his "beliefs," I will be awaiting your emails of apology. This tool of satan has been on a mission from day one to take advantage of the fact the better percentage of the last 2 generations have never been to church, and even those who have were mostly under gutless pastors who created a generation of Biblically illiterate followers of Christ with virtually ZERO discernment! He actively promotes to his radio, TV, and internet audiences his Mormon cult!

I find it a bit humorous that Beck was booted off of FOX, thought he lied about that break-up, since FOX was unable to get enough sponsors to advertise in his program. He lied over and over that he only wanted to be on the internet to control his content, but now, is begging his audience to try and put pressure on legitimate TV outlets to carry his program. At the end of the day, the only thing Beck does is exploit good people to fund his operations that at best bring nothing new to the marketplace of ideas others aren't also saying, and at worse, is helping to lead souls to hell through the false beliefs of his cult!


I love and care about you so much. The bottom line is that nothing Beck says isn't said by dozens of other radio talks show hosts every day. As I told you years ago, he has now taken off any pretense, openly and brazenly promoting his cult on air. For those Christians who know better, God bless you. The fact is, more than 90% of Beck's audience have NO DISCERNMENT, doesn't know better, and are either Christians ignorantly supporting a cult member leading souls to hell, or people of no faith who might buy into the lies of his cult which will lead their souls to hell!!!


In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller