Daily Devotional for Sunday April 7, 2013

There are Many Great and Precious Promises in the Bible

(Mark 10:27)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I have often wondered, when Christ was dying on the cross, and said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Was He referring to the Jews as a whole?

ANSWER: Specifically He was speaking in His humanity of the Romans who literally crucified Him. However, theologically, it can be argued that it was a cry for all of mankind, since His death on the cross was only necessary because of our sins.

There are many great and precious promises in the Bible. In the Book of John Chapters 14, 15, and 16 we are told by the Lord that God will give us what we ask for in the name of Jesus. In Matthew Chapter 7 we are told, "Ask, and it shall be given you." The 37th Psalm tells us that He will give us the "desires of our heart."

Today, I want to give you a promise in the Bible that will literally transform your life. They are six words spoken by Jesus that can make all the difference in your life this very moment. Individually, they are just six common words but put together as they were by our Lord, they give us one of the greatest promises we have in God's Word. This is YOUR promise today!

"All things are possible with God!" (Mark 10:27)

Jesus didn't say some things . . . He didn't say a few things . . . He didn't say a couple of things . . . He didn't say selected things . . . He didn't say certain things . . . HE SAID ALL THINGS!!!! You better be standing right now because God is about to touch your life.

That means if you are sick in your body, God can heal you! That means if you need a financial miracle, God is your source! That means if your marriage is in trouble, God can restore it! That means is you need a job, God can open the doors for employment! That means if you are in some form of bondage, God can set you free! That means if your children are away from God, God can bring them home! That means if you have lost a loved one, God can ease the pain! No matter what your need is today, God is able to meet that need!

YOUR promise today is six words from Jesus, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!"

I want you to take a moment right now and pray about the most important thing you need from God today. There is not one person who is reading this that doesn't need something from God. If you could ask God for anything, anything at all, what would it be? The fact is, you CAN ask God for anything. You have been told in His Word to ask for anything, so now it is time.

I want you to focus on the one thing that you want from God and pray this simple prayer. "Dear God, I know that your Word is true and I believe today that all things are possible with You. I want (insert here the one thing you want from God). In Jesus name. Amen!"

I love you and care about you so much. Now is the time to make your faith real and believe God's Word. There is nothing wrong in your life today that God can't fix. I want you to know that I will be standing in agreement with you for the one thing that you have asked God for today. I am believing with you for that need you prayed for to be met. Remember God's promise for you today, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!!"

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller