Daily Devotional for Thursday March 21, 2013

God is Great . . . Liveprayer TV is Back

(John 3:16)

GOD IS GREAT!!! The last piece of our plan to lead this nation back to God and His Truth for the last 4 yrs has been having the Liveprayer TV program, that we pioneered from 2003-2008 on major secular stations and networks, back on the air. We will be "live" every Mon-Fri from Midnight to 2 a.m. EDT as of Monday, May 6th! It was not the first plan we had worked on, or the second, or even the third. However, in the end, it was God's plan! GOD IS GREAT!!!

In mid April we will be releasing all of the various ways you can watch the program, from your TV, computer, smart phone, or tablet . . . ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! Also, the program will be archived so that you can access the program any time of the day at your convenience!!!


First, thank you to all who have been praying, and those who have been sacrificing to support God's work here at Liveprayer. Liveprayer has always been on the cutting edge, the first non-porn website to have "live" 24/7 video, to use the internet as an interactive tool long before anyone saw it as anything but a place for static information.

Only God knows the personal price I have paid these past 14 years in this walk of faith, trusting in the Lord to guide and provide no matter what obstacles the enemy put in front of us! It was only possible because of YOUR prayers and YOUR gifts, and I can only humbly say . . . Thank You!

As I have been sharing with you, this nation is on borrowed time. It is only God's grace that has prevented Him from unleashing His full wrath and judgment on this wicked land. I believe in my heart of hearts that Liveprayer was raised up to change the spiritual course of this nation, and for a season, lead us back to God and His Truth while saving souls!!!

Let me give you a clear look at where we are as a nation at this moment. The radical gay agenda I warned you about 10 years ago is now mainstream. Gay marriage is now accepted by a majority of the people, and this has all happened with more churches, more ministries, more Christian media, than at any time in the history of Christendom.

This nation has embraced the practice of infanticide, as we slaughter apx. 4,000 babies every 24 hours. It is celebrated, supported, and glorified by a major political party and the vast majority of the major news outlets!!! Those who dare to speak out against killing babies or the radical homosexual agenda are now labeled as hate mongers, intolerant, and other pejoratives designed to marginalize and silence them!

Two of the biggest criminal cases in the news today are of several high school football players convicted of brutally raping a 16-year-old girl. The spin from the media was to feel sorry for the young men who perpetrated this barbaric act, NOT for the victim whose live has been forever altered. In Arizona, a young woman is on trial for her life for the brutal slaughter of her boyfriend. At the forefront of this sad story are people who were engaging in premarital sex of all kinds, in accordance with a culture that glorifies and celebrates sex of any kind, at any time, with anyone! These and other news stories each day only magnify how far from God and His Truth we as a nation.

Oprah used to be the most dangerous person on the planet for years due to her rejection of the Bible and faith in Jesus alone for salvation, while promoting cults and false religions and making millions of dollars pushing new age garbage on her tens of millions of followers. Now that she has stopped her daily program, languishing in obscurity on a failed cable network nobody watches, her place as the most dangerous person on the planet belongs to Glenn Beck.

Beck was groomed by the Mormon cult to have a place of national prominence. It is no accident that this local radio host was given the prime 9am-Noon slot on over 600 stations by Premiere, the syndication arm of Clear Channel radio that is owned by the Romney-founded Bain Capital! He has used conservative political views to suck in millions while creating a media empire of radio, TV, and the internet, that is being used to advance the Mormon cult! He talks often of his "Mormon faith" and his internet "news site" is nothing but a propaganda arm for people who share his political views, that is also used to promote his Mormon cult.

NOTHING Beck says or reports politically is unique and isn't said by dozens of others on the radio and internet every day! He begs people to give money to his charity that he in turn gives to people to advance his stature in his cult that holds the unBiblical position of a "works based salvation." Beck does NOTHING for free! His ultimate goal is making millions off of those he and his cult view as "ignorant" Biblical Christians! Not ONE soul has found faith in Jesus through Beck, since he and his cult propagates a false gospel leading souls to hell! He is the "wolf" Jesus warned about in the last days!

I find it amusing that Beck who lied about being leaving FOX News when the fact was no advertisers would place their ads on his program, scammed people into paying for his internet TV program, and is now begging people to help him get on major TV outlets. These are the same outlets that just a year ago he lied he was abandoning in order to scam people into paying him for his internet feed! Beck is nothing but a modern day huckster who has no shame or conscience as he plays on people's fears and presenting himself as a Godly man in order to make millions of dollars!

The masses have been lured in by this "angel of light," even though he is a proud and unapologetic member of the satanic Mormon cult that propagates a false gospel leading souls to hell! Jesus said don't worry about the man who can kill your body, worry about the man who can kill your soul! Beck has lured people in with his apocalyptical rants and fear mongering over the politics or our day.

Beck claims to be a man of truth, but can't even tell the truth about what he believes! Sadly, most of Beck's tens of millions of dollars annually come from Biblical Christians who are ignorant enough to buy his lie that he is a Christian, the same lie all in his satanic cult tell for mainstream acceptance. Those lies give him undeserved credibility amongst the ignorant in the Christian community, and are supported by modern day Judas' like David Barton, John Hagee, Ralph Reed, James Robison, Franklin Graham, and many others who NEVER ONCE publicly challenge Beck on his false beliefs, because they have sold out the faith for the few pieces of silver they get from Beck's audience.

Beck talks of "god," "jesus," and the "Bible," even though the "god" of Mormonism is not the God of the Bible, nor is their "jesus" the Jesus of the Bible, and the Bible is superceded by the writings of the pedophile, polygamist, racist, and murdering founder of their 200 year old cult, Joseph Smith. Based on their false doctrines and beliefs, a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is!

This is the sad state of our nation today. Why and how could this be? As I have shared with you, your old mainline denominations have become little more than political entities, with many "pastors" who aren't even saved, who have compromised the Scriptures by accepting, even condoning and supporting sins like homosexuality and abortion. The church of the last 10 years has been primarily man-made marketing schemes like seeker/purpose driven/emerging church/prosperity designed to put warm bodies in their entertainment centers, not converts, creating a generation of weak, ineffective, and Biblically illiterate church goes (many who aren't even saved), due to a generation of weak, gutless, Biblically illiterate pastors!!!

I love and care about you so much. God has blessed the faithfulness of this work of His over the past 14 years. The fact is, there is NOBODY in the mainstream media daily speaking out on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview. NOBODY! Despite the tens of millions major ministries generate, they find it more profitable to simply preach to and fleece the choir through the Christian media, rather than take on satan head to head and battle Him for Truth and souls!

Since day one, Liveprayer has been here to be that voice in the marketplace. Your prayers and your faithfulness to help me financially has made that happen. I am simply asking you to be praying for God's favor and blessings, as we embark on this last work God has given us to perform. I see a nation, like Nineveh, hungry for Truth. A nation, like Nineveh who will repent and stay God's hand of judgment for a season, while seeing a great last harvest of souls won to the Lord!

Liveprayer, from day one, has never sought the riches of the world, only the funds necessary to get God's Truth to the masses outside the four walls of the church and give lost souls the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Savior by faith. We have been tested, we have been in the fire, we have faced more adversity than people will ever know. But through it all, we have never wavered, we have never compromised, we have never sold out, and we have NEVER backed down no matter what the consequences. WE HAVE BEEN, ARE, AND WILL BE, SATAN'S WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

It is our time, it is our moment, it is our opportunity. Let me just end by saying agian, GOD IS GREAT!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller