Daily Devotional for Tuesday March 12, 2013

The Price of Compromise

(Ecclesiastes 10:1; Song of Solomon 2:15; 1 Corinthians 5:6)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, the man who buried his talents. I'm not sure what is meant by that?

ANSWER: It means that ALL we have is from God and is to be used for His Glory. That includes our time, our treasure, and our TALENT! God gives each of us different talents in order to serve Him. To NOT use what the Lord has bestowed upon us is a sin since we are not fulfilling our ultimate purpose to serve and glorify Him with our life.

The price of compromise! A few weeks ago in an "Ask Bill" question, I dealt with high-profile NFL QB Tim Tebow canceling a commitment to appear to speak at First Baptist Dallas due to pressure his handlers received from pro-homosexual groups because First Baptist Dallas takes a Biblical stand against this sin, as well as on false religions like Islam Tebow's "people" felt it would hurt his image to be in such a venue.

Listen, I have tons of respect for Tebow. His father and family have given their lives to missions work and sharing the Gospel around the world. He has been highly criticized for his outward expression of his Christian faith. But sadly, in a moment when he had to choose between his faith and his "image," he chose him image!

The result? Now that the pro-homosexual groups have caused him to back down once, they are aggressively coming after him to actually come out and condone the sin of homosexuality...or pay the price. That is the problem. Once you compromise, when does it stop? IT DOESN'T!!!

I have told you for years that compromise is the greatest reason for today's weak, ineffective, and Biblically illiterate church. Compromise is now part of the landscape of the church world. Because of compromise we now have supposed churches embracing gross sins like homosexuality and abortion. Because of compromise, we have people sitting in pews who actually think that members of a cult like Mormonism, false religions like Islam, and people of no faith at all will somehow get into heaven.

The vast majority of pastors today compromise the Truth of the Bible so they don't offend anyone. They compromise the Truth of the Bible so people like them. They compromise the Truth of the Bible to be liked by those who lead the cults and false religions. They compromise the Truth of the Bible to raise MONEY!!!


This is not only true in the church, but it is true in your life as well. There is no such thing as a little sin. Sin, by its very definition, is rebellion against God. You either obey God or you don't. There is no middle ground. You are either living in accordance with His Word, or you are living in rebellion to His Word. There is no room for compromise! Many of you are facing the problems you have in your life today because you chose to compromise God's Word. The fact is, our way doesn't work and God's way does!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for Tim Tebow. God has given him a great platform to proclaim the faith, and it is in those difficult times of testing he MUST stand tall as an example to others. I want to encourage you today. Whenever we choose to compromise the truth of God's Word, there is always a price to pay.

Never forget that satan is a liar. He is the great justifier. Satan will always give you great reasons why it is okay to compromise in a certain situation or circumstance. But remember, Jesus told us in John Chapter 10 that it is satan's goal to kill, steal, and destroy....you! God on the other hand loves you, cares about you, and wants to bless you. Don't listen to the one who wants to destroy your life, listen to the one who wants to bless your life!

My word for you today is to hold firm to the truth of God's Word. It will guide you and sustain you through the good times and bad. Don't ever let the enemy deceive you into believing that you have a better plan than God does. When you compromise what God has said, you are telling your Creator that you know more than He does. Never forget that compromise is a trap from satan himself that will only bring heartache and pain. Follow God's way, that is where you will find the blessings! NEVER COMPROMISE!!!

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Will you please take a few minutes today and pray for this need to be met and what God is calling you to do to help me? I will be in prayer today for God to move on the hearts of 3 friends who can send a special one-time gift of $5,000 to clear up the February shortfall so we can begin to work on the $40,000 for our March operations. Everyone can pray, everyone can sacrifice a coffee of lunch and send $5 or $10 to insure we are current by the last day of March!!!

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In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller