Daily Devotional for Monday February 11, 2013

The National Prayer Breakfast

(Isaiah 1:1-31)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I recently was attacked by a dog and a human I fought off the dog and that is when the human attacked me twice clawing my neck the second time. Now I know it is wrong to strike back against a human but am I suppose to allow a dog to use me for its chew toy? The human has gone and told others that I did the attacking while she is the one who clawed my neck and I pushed her away. Does the bible say I am to let the dog have his way and try for a meal?

ANSWER: NO! You have every right to defend yourself from being harmed, whether it be an animal or another human being whose intention is to hurt you.

Last week was the annual National Prayer Breakfast. This is one of those damnable ecumenical functions where "all the religions of the world" come together. It is also an opportunity for the sitting President to make spiritual comments. I am all for any gathering of members of the cults and false religions of the world. What sickens me are those high profile Christians at these events NEVER use the opportunity to share the simple Gospel message and challenge those who have bought the lies of satan to repent and accept the Lord by faith. (I guess this is why I never have, or ever will, be asked to speak at one of these events!)

What better time than at this dark hour to challenge a nation that promotes, celebrates, and glorifies everything God is against. Yes we have serious fiscal issues, but our most pressing issue is the rapid deteriorating spiritual condition of this nation. Unless we address that issue, unless we get on our knees and repent of our sins and seek the Lord's forgiveness, we will be doomed as many nations before us have been.

It was encouraging to see at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, an event that is for Christians on the morning of the inauguration, those who spoke like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, did address the spiritual state of the nation. The problem is we do a great job at preaching to each other and a horrible job at getting our message to the lost masses! It is this "trough" mentality, the Christian subculture we have erected over the past 50 years, that has led to our message being shut out of the marketplace while Christians are openly mocked, demeaned, ridiculed, vilified, and demonized!

Much was made of keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast last week delivered by Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital who is a Seventh-day Adventist. Dr. Carson, with President Obama seated only a few feet away, gave a wonderful defense of a conservative approach to the economy. You could tell that President Obama was not happy with what was a very public rebuke of his economic policies. Once again, the fiscal challenges facing our nation need to be addressed, but unless we get our spiritual house in order it won't matter!

As a highly respected doctor, the rebuke I was praying to hear wasn't about the economy, but about the 4,000 innocent babies we slaughter in this nation every 24 hours. What a better man to deliver such remarks? I continue to hear and read daily about the 20 children tragically murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary, usually in the context of those who are pushing for more restrictive gun laws. I concur it was a horrific event, but while those 20 children were being mourned, what about the 4,000 innocent babies we slaughter EVERY 24 HOURS???

Nobody has exploited the Sandy Hook massacre more than President Obama. If there was ever a time to deal with a nation that promotes, celebrates, and glorifies infanticide...it was by Dr. Carson at that moment. People want a national debate on guns. What about a national debate on the 50+ million innocent babies murdered since Roe was enacted in 1973? What we have done in these last 40 years makes Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Genghis Khan all together not look so bad!

Just this last week, a woman lost her life in a Maryland abortion mill that specializes in late-term abortions. With the incredible advancement in dealing with premature babies over the past decade, she could have easily given birth to the child and they both would be alive today! Instead, she chose death, and in the process of killing her baby she also died!!!

I love you and care about you so much! There is an awakening that the soul of this nation is in serious peril. A message that I have been preaching for the past 13+ years, emphatically since my dire warning in late 2007, is being heard and some people are waking up. Now it is simply a matter of implementing the final piece to the Jonah Project/Remnant, and have that voice in the mainstream marketplace that we currently don't have! Please be in prayer today as we are working around the clock to finalize the deal on the national re-launch of the Liveprayer TV program.

Sadly, events like the National Prayer Breakfast are nothing but mockery of the God of the Bible. God will not share His glory with anyone. To have an event that promotes the false gods of this world is an insult. A true tool of satan, Mormon cult member Glenn Beck, parrots the satanic lie that it doesn't matter what God you worship. Of course when you're a member of a cult that promotes polytheism, that believes when you die you will become a god, they have no respect for the Absolute Truth of God's Word. Muslims worship a non-existent god called "allah."

My friend, there is only ONE God...the God of the Bible! All others are nothing but man-made fictional characters leading those who follow their lies to hell!!! ONLY TURNING BACK TO THE GOD OF THE BIBLE AND HIS TRUTH FOUND IN THE BIBLE ALONE WILL SAVE THE SOUL OF THIS NATION THAT PROMOTES, CELEBRATES, AND GLORIFIES EVERYTHING GOD OPPOSES!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller