Daily Devotional for Thursday November 8, 2012

Will God's People Wake Up Now

(Jonah Chapter 3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, since we only have one Holy Bible how can so many denominations claim different meanings? You can take the same verse and each group says it means a different thing.

ANSWER: That is why it is CRITICAL for people to read and study the Bible, so they can spot bad doctrine, or man-made traditions that have no Biblical support. On all of the main issues of faith, who is God, who is Jesus, the Holy Spirit, what is sin, our purpose, and most important, salvation, are not disputed. They are clear enough for a 3rd grader to understand. Sadly, it is on many non-critical issues that men have fallen into satan's trap of division, mainly in order to create their own separate churches. The motivation is usually to have earthly power and wealth. The good news, when a person dies, it won't matter the name of the building you chose to worship in, only if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior by faith or have rejected Him.

Will God's people wake up now??? I told you one year ago that the story of this election if it was Obama and Romney would be a furtherance of God's judgment on this nation. Now that the distraction of the last 6 months is behind us, it is time to get to the real work that is before us, turning this nation back to God and His Truth.

For those in the Liveprayer family, you were prepared through the Monday Daily Devotional for what happened last night. If you missed that special message, you can access it at: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=4980

First, let me say that Bill Keller is NOT responsible for Barack Obama being the President for the next four years. I have received over 20,000 emails, mostly from "Christians," who have said the most hateful things I have ever seen. That is saying something since I regularly get hateful emails from abortionists, homosexual activists, atheists, Muslims, and a host of others who oppose God and try to intimidate me into silence.

President Obama beat Mitt Romney by HUGE margins. If I am responsible, it means that I had more power than FOX News, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Ingraham, The Republican Party, Freedom Works, countless religious organizations, the Mormon cult, and everyone else who worked to get Romney elected...all put together! That is simply foolish. The aftermath of superstorm Sandy was given as a reason for President Obama being re-elected. I suppose I made that happen as well? As always, it was GOD who ultimately decided who would rise to power as the Bible teaches!

The fact is, nobody has been more visible and vocal in warning people who Barack Obama was and the fact he is a true enemy of God than I have. People have no clue the personal price I have paid for being in the media taking on this President and his Godless policies. Simply go to the Daily Devotional archives on the Liveprayer.com website (http://www.liveprayer.com/darchive.cfm) and type in keyword OBAMA. They go back to 2007 when most people had no clue who he was!

I am proud of so many in the Liveprayer family and true Believers outside of Liveprayer, who made the courageous choice to write in the name of Jesus for President. Sadly, it is rare to see people today with real conviction, real purpose, actually taking a principled stand for their faith. I know God was proud. In the dozen or so interviews I did with various media outlets in different states Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, they mentioned the write-in votes for Jesus in their state.

There are several lessons I pray people learn from this experience. First, stop allowing people to lie to you and use you for their temporal and monetary purposes. Everyone knows the mainstream media has a liberal, anti-God agenda. However, it turned out that FOX News and their supposed experts like Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, and others spent months lying to people about this election. There is no way you could be an "expert" and be so wrong.

The conservative talk radio world of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham, Levine, and many others, the Drudge Report and other conservative websites, organizations created to profit off the Tea Party like Freedom Works, spent the last few months lying and intimidating people through fear tactics no different than those on the Democratic side use. It was all designed for one thing, book sales, advertising revenues, speaking fees, subscriptions, and any other way they can make money off of those who listen to them.

Our ability to share the Gospel will not change in any way. Those who used this fear tactic are sad people. I have been telling you for 13 yrs that there will come a day in this nation when the church will come under great persecution. I told you that speaking out against sins like homosexuality, abortion, false religions like Islam, will soon be considered hate speech. All of this is already happening to some extent. But unless the US Constitution is set aside, and that is not going to happen no matter what the fear mongers tell you, we will continue to be able to share the Gospel openly and without any restrictions.

It turns out that Mormon cult member Glenn Beck had been secretly working with Mitt Romney for the past 4 years to help him gain support within the Christians community through sell-outs like Barton, Reed, Robison, Haggee and others he has bought and paid for. Beck, as all in his cult are, is a great LIAR. He used conservative politics and fear mongering to build his audience over the years, while his true intentions has been the furtherance of his cult and to make millions of dollars personally. He deceived those who listen to him that he wanted Rick Santorum to win, when he knew there was NO WAY Santorum would ever get the nomination.

Beck always downplayed his support for Romney until the last couple of weeks. In actuality, he was holding private million dollar fundraisers and using his entire media platform to help elect the first Mormon President. I told people for months Beck saw himself as a "Paul Revere" for his cult. For over 7 years I have told you who Beck was and his true motivations, and anyone who pays attention to him any longer, let alone gives him a dime (that he brags about tithing to his cult which helps them lead souls to hell), simply doesn't care they are being used. (By the way, Beck's answer in the aftermath of the election today was for people to give him MORE money!)

Second and most important is how many supposed Christian leaders embarrassed themselves. Four years ago Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily did a great article on not voting for the lesser of two evils, yet this year he said it was now OK in order to support Romney. His post-election article today was on God's judgment. He should have read my Daily Devotional that stated that fact...A YEAR AGO! Ralph Reed has always been for sale, using the Christian community to help him advance the cause of whoever he was being paid by at that moment. This time it was satanic cult member Romney buying off Reed.

Worst of all were so many local pastors who compromised and bought into the tortured logic and irrational, unBiblical arguments necessary in order to support a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult leading souls to hell with a false gospel. Is it any wonder why God is done with this nation when those who are supposed to be His spokesmen are so easily swayed to sell out the faith? I have always told you, compromise kills!!!

I love and care about you so much. The GREAT NEWS is that the distraction is behind us and we need to get out focus on the real issue, the spiritual state of this nation. There is a much larger remnant who refused to bow their knee to baal than most people thought existed. For all of the pastors who did compromise, many did not! It is times like this that true men of God rise up and are counted and many would not buckle even under incredible pressure to do so!

As I shared would happen in the Monday Daily Devotional, $6 BILLION was spent on this election and in the end we have the same President, the Republicans still control the House, and the Democrats still control the Senate. NOTHING HAS CHANGED except the furtherance of God's judgment on this nation for our sins which I told you a year ago would be the end result.

What should really wake people up is that for the first time gay marriage passed in FOUR states! Washington state, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota are the first states where gay marriage was actually passed in an election after 32 prior attempts were defeated. Several states also passed bills legalizing marijuana even though it is still a Federal crime. The number of those who reject God, Jesus, and Biblical Truth is growing daily as I have been trying to warn you over these many years.

A wonderful byproduct just in the first day was many Mormons who are openly questioning their cult's beliefs. I was personally HAMMERED over the last several months in Mormon sponsored websites and various LDS publications. I was called a hate monger, bigot, other unpleasant names, the exact same tactics the baby killers, homosexuals, Muslims, and others who oppose God use to try and intimidate those who speak the truth into silence.

However, those in the Mormon cult were told Mitt Romney was the fulfillment of the Mormon's White Horse Prophecy, and once he lost, many have been emailing Liveprayer asking lots of questions. So please pray that the Lord will lead them out satan's lies and to the TRUTH of the Bible and a personal relationship with the Jesus of the Bible!

It is now time for true followers of Jesus Christ to wake up, stand up, and get to work. God's judgment has been raining down on this nation in earnest since 2008. It accelerated last night. Our ONLY hope and only answer will NEVER be found in a politician or political ideology, but in turning this nation back to God and HIS Truth!

That is the final work God has for me, for His ministry here at Liveprayer, and if we take our stand together and don't compromise, don't back down, He will honor our hearts and bless our efforts. We can see a true revival in this nation. We can see the hand of God's judgment stayed for a season like He stayed His judgment on the people of Nineveh for a season.

We know how the final chapter of human history plays out, we know where our eternal home is, so we have nothing to lose and nothing to fear. God is on our side. The time is now to leave our mark on history and honor those brave men and women of God who have gone on before us by laying down our eternal legacy for Christ and the Kingdom of God!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller