Daily Devotional for Monday November 5, 2012

The Post-Election Story

(Psalms 20:7)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I've heard people say that the Bible speaks of a one world religion & government in the future. Where is that in the Bible?

ANSWER: It is in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, along with some prophetic passages in Daniel, it is clear that in the final days the Anti-Christ will come on the scene and enact a one-world government, one-world economy, and a one-world religion. With the chaos currently around the world, it is not hard to see how one individual could come up with an economic system for the world. That would require a one-world government. Once those two pieces are in place, instituting a one-world religion when there is a huge spiritual void in all of the nations of the world that are being controlled economically and politically will not be hard to bring about.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." Psalms 20:7

The post-election story you won't be hearing on Wednesday! In the aftermath of the election on Tuesday, the media will not be telling you the real story of what happened. The bottom line is that God, who allows men to rise to power and takes men out of power, will allow either President Obama or Mitt Romney to rule this nation for the next four years. As I shared with you last November, if this was to be our choice, no matter which man prevails it is a furtherance of God's judgment on this nation. Whichever form of evil ends up in power, it will be an acceleration of God's judgment for our sins and wickedness.

The saddest thing for me personally over these last 6 months has been to hear the tortured logic and arguments wonderful men and women of God have made to support President Obama, despite the fact he has proven to be (as I warned people 4 yrs ago would be the case) the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-enemy of Israel President in history.

However, equally as sad has been listening to the flawed logic and specious arguments why it is perfectly acceptable for a Christian to support a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult that leads souls to hell through a false Gospel, and whose cult will become mainstream without Mitt Romney having to say one word. They have been intimidated into supporting a satan worshipper who believes when he dies he will be the god of his own planet by those who challenge their love of country and lying about what a Romney Presidency will accomplish.

Politically, no matter which man God allows to rule the next four years, NOTHING WILL GET DONE! The Republicans will maintain control of the House and the Democrats the Senate. SIX BILLION DOLLARS has been spent on this election and absolutely NOTHING will be changed!!! Just like over the last 2 yrs President Obama has not been able to get anything of significance accomplished, so it will be after this election. If President Obama stays in power, the next two years will see continued gridlock as the House prevents him from initiating any of his flawed policies.

Likewise, if Mitt Romney is allowed to rise to power, the Senate will block anything he has promised to do. Those who support him speak of his stand on abortion and gay marriage. Just a reminder, it was Mitt Romney who instituted $50 co-pay abortions as Gov. of Mass. as a compromise to get his "Romneycare" passed. How do you compromise on an issue like killing babies? He was also at the helm when Mass. became the first state to institute gay marriage.

The bottom line is despite their promises to those who support them, NEITHER man will be able to accomplish much of anything, and there will be NO political fixes to the problems in our nation. More important, the REAL problems in this nation are NOT political..they are SPIRITUAL!!! In all of the noise over the past few months, the one thing I have always focused on and tried to help you stay focused on, was this fact! In the end, my only concern is the spiritual state of this nation and the eternal souls of men.

Unlike so many I have watched do over the past months, I will never compromise or sell out God's Truth for the temporal things of this world when the eternal souls of men are at stake!!!!!

As I have been sharing with you for these past 13+ years, hitting it hard since I warned you in 2007, God's judgment is upon this nation. I told you it was coming just weeks before the economic collapse occurred that has affected every man and women in this nation. I told you it would accelerate if the nation elected Obama in 2008, and I have warned you that it really doesn't matter which of satan's sons is allowed to rise to power for the next 4 years..this nation is under the judgment of God for our sins and turning our back on God an worshipping false gods and idols!!!

I love you and care about you so much. There is only ONE hope and ONE answer for this nation. It is not in a politician, or in a political ideology, it is in getting on our knees, repenting of our sins, asking God's forgiveness for our sins, and turning our hearts back to Him and His Truth!!!

My word for you is simply this. After the election tomorrow, don't let yourself continue to be distracted no matter who God allows to rise to power. As true followers of Jesus Christ, we KNOW that it really doesn't matter who sits in the Oval Office. No man can rise to that office without selling their soul to the institution of politics. You can't raise the BILLION dollars now necessary without selling your soul to those who bought you. Politics has been, is, and always will be a totally corrupt institution and those in office are often little more than puppets of those who put them their.

That is why as Christians we have to do our best to help affect the spiritual issues our nation faces through the political process, but never forget, REAL change only comes one heart at a time. Revival will only come one heart at a time. It is time for those in the Body of Christ to rise up, quit allowing satan to distract us, and do the work we need to in order to spark a true revival, to lead our nation back to God and His Truth. No matter what the headlines are this coming Wednesday, the real story you won't hear is that we are under the judgment of God and time is so short. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!!!

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God bless you as we take our stand for HIM!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller