Daily Devotional for Wednesday September 5, 2012

Secret or Sacred

(Galatians 1:1-6)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, My question is this, the church is against cremation and stresses that you should have a regular burial, casket etc. Is there any scripture in the Bible that states one should not be cremated?

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY NOT! How people dispose of the dead is more a cultural issue. There is NOTHING in the Bible that says you must be buried. What the Bible DOES say, is that from dust you came, and to dust you will return. Burial is the slow process of that happening, cremation makes it happen quickly. Here is a link to a Devotional on that very issue: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=1025

Secret or sacred? Over the last 10 years, I have debated some of the top apologists from the Mormon cult, always in a broadcast forum. One of the issues that I always raise is what they do in "secret," with their marraige ceremonies and when a man becomes a "temple Mormon." They hide behind the word "sacred," in order not to have to explain what happens in these temple ceremonies. Today I will expose the "marriage ceremony," and one day next week, the ceremony when a man becomes a "temple Mormon."

Today, I am going to reveal for you what really happens in a Mormon marriage ceremony, that non-Mormons are not allowed to attend. Once you read this description, you will understand why. This is not something I wrote, but the account of a very brave woman, the daughter of a Mormon bishop, who was 19 at the time. This is a Devotional that you need to forward to everyone you know. In my vast study of the Mormon cult, I already knew these facts, but it is important that you read this account from someone who experienced it!

What I am sharing with you today is EXACTLY what Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and ALL Mormons believe. As much as they want to candy-coat their beliefs, lie to people that they are just another type of Christian, please WAKE UP! This is not something you can just dismiss. As a 5th generation high priest of his cult, a cult propagating a false Gospel leading souls to hell, people need to fully understand what Mitt Romney, his wife, as well as Beck and ALL Mormons believe.

What I am sharing with you is a bit graphic, but it is necessary so you fully understand that this is not anything you could even argue is Christian. It is sick. It is literally SATAN WORSHIP! Once you read this, you will understand why they try to hide this under the guise of being "sacred," when the fact is, it is sick, perverted, and not anything that you could confuse with Biblical Christianity!

"This is my personal experience of what I endured in the Mormon Temple Secret Endowment Ceremony and Sealing of my first marriage; though I'm not supposed to be alive to reveal this, due to the outrageous oaths that a 19 year old bride had to take and endure on what was supposed to be an enchanted day:

When my future husband and I entered the Mormon temple lobby, I was instructed to walk through an entrance for only women. My fiancé, whom we'll refer to as Ted, was led through a separate entrance for men.

Once inside the temple, two "temple worker" women led me to a private locker room. One of the women pointed to a locker and instructed me to hang my beautiful white velvet wedding dress in it. I did as directed while looking around with curiosity. Due to the secretive nature of the temple, my parents had given no instruction or warning of what was about to take place.

As I stood by my locker, the women brought out a bowl of scented water and placed it on the ground at my feet.

"You need to remove all your clothing." I was instructed, not asked. For a few seconds I wondered if they were serious.

They were! In spite of my embarrassment, questions, shock and discomfort, I stripped down to my bra, panties and slip. One of the ladies said again, you will need to take everything completely off. My hands were trembling so badly I had some difficulty. The onlookers just watched with what seemed to me a bit of impatience.

As soon as I was completely stripped, the women began to wash my entire body from the bowl of water on the floor.

Though I felt very uncomfortable and even violated, I didn't dare to speak up. After all, who was I? What did I know? Surely these people knew more than I. Besides, in Mormonism, it's drilled into your head not to question, no matter how ridiculous things seem.

If this was not distressing enough, as they were washing my nude body, they touched each breast, naval and one knee while praying over these parts of my body. Lord only knows what whispering prayers they may have cursed me with.

I should state here that Temple Mormons no longer have to be stripped down and be washed by strangers, though they still touch parts of the body with anointing oil. With the advent of the internet, the secret ceremonies "came out" and became a PR problem for the church, forcing them to cover up many of their strange and occult practices.

Once they were finished with this washing ritual, one of the women left the room for a moment and returned with an item of clothing she proudly held up for my inspection. The attire reminded me of long johns with short sleeves and was cut off at the knees. I recognized it because I had seen my Mormon Bishop father and mother in these bizarre garments since I was old enough to remember.

"Put these sacred temple garments on and wear them during the ceremony; you are to wear them at all times. Only take them off to shower" I was instructed.

I took the special underwear and slipped into them quickly so that I would no longer be standing nude in front of these strangers. The garments were made of a thin nylon type of material and had four markings on them, one over each breast, one at the navel and another on one knee. These markings were located at the same places where they had touched my body and prayed over. There was an opening at the bottom that would enable me to go to the bathroom without taking them off. These garments are supposed to magically protect a person from all harm.

After the traumatic anguish of this intrusive process, I was finally allowed to put my wedding dress on and join my husband-to-be. The wedding ceremony was short. A man, I don't really know who he was or what position he held, performed the wedding and sealing ceremony. Only temple Mormons were allowed to attend so just my mother and father were there.

"I seal you together as husband and wife for time and all eternity", he proclaimed.

According to Mormon belief, this meant that upon passing on to our next life, we would live together as husband and wife. We were "sealed" together. Not just 'til death do us part', but forever!

After we were sealed, for time and all eternity, we were led out of this room and in to an auditorium where the men sat on the right and the women sat across the aisle on the left. .

We were given silly looking green leaf aprons to tie around our waists, representing the leaves that covered Adam and Eve. We were also given a green sash to place over our shoulders. So here I was, in my beautiful wedding gown with these silly green things tied over it. The men wore what looked like Pillsbury Dough Boy chef hats and the women were given silly looking veils to place on our heads. We were being dressed for the endowment ceremony, which represented scenes in the Garden of Eden. I can't express to you how utterly ridiculous I, and everyone else, looked in these foolish looking clothes.

A man and someone who was supposed to represent Lucifer came to the front of the auditorium.

"Please stand and repeat after me and do what I tell you to do." He ordered.

We all stood, as instructed, and began chanting the words he told us to say while making signs with our arms and hands.

"If you reveal any of these oaths and covenants you will pay with your life." The man said in a solemn voice and I swallowed the lump in my throat. I can't remember all of the covenants and oaths because I was so stunned by it all.

I do, however, remember that the revealing of these secrets was demonstrated in the ceremony as being punishable by death. We were led to make signs that meant that if we ever spoke of the ceremony, we would be killed. Here is the exact oath taken in the temple ceremony by participants:

"I will now explain the covenant and obligation of secrecy which are associated with this token, its name, sign and penalty, and which you will be required to take upon yourselves. If I were receiving my own Endowment today, and had been given the name of "John" as my New Name, I would repeat in my mind these words, after making the sign, at the same time representing the execution of the penalty: I, John, covenant that I will never reveal the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its accompanying name, sign, and penalty. Rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken."

I, along with everyone else, followed the leader in making a sign with our thumbs that were drawn from the left ear across our necks to the right ear, symbolizing the slashing of our throats.

Next, we mimicked the motions of tearing our tongues out of our mouths. I wondered if they would really kill me. Would I die if ever I spoke of these things? Is that why the whole temple thing was so hush-hush and my mom had not explained any of it to me?

Next, we had to symbolize that we were holding a knife up in the air in our right hand, which we then lowered and acted as if were cutting our hearts out of our chests. We then positioned the imaginary knife at our left lower abdominal area. While repeating the oaths led by the puppet master, we were directed to symbolically and violently jerk the imaginary knife from its place at our lower left abdomen up and diagonally across our body to our right shoulder. This signified the slashing of our abdomens.

To make certain we understood the seriousness of the oath if we ever spoke of these secrets, we were told to raise our arms out to the side and bend forward, symbolic of our guts falling out on the ground. Over and over we repeated the words, "suffering our lives to death". The entire ceremony continued with threatening, horrifying and mind controlling rituals.

After what seemed like hours of these absolutely outlandish dramas, instructions and death oaths, I was given a secret name, Augusta, and told "Only your husband can know your name." I've since learned that many of the secret names are the same and in no way unique.

While both men and women are given secret names, the wife is not permitted to know her husband's given name. However, she has to confide to him her secret name. The purpose for this is that only "he" has the power to summon the wife into heaven and this must be done by his calling her by her secret name. This further demonstrates the power given to the priesthood (men) of the Mormon Church. Since, according to Mormon doctrine, men will become gods, they are in control of their wives salvation. Not only does this give them complete authority over the women, it negates the salvation of Jesus Christ which is all the Bible plainly tells us is needed to enter heaven.

In other words, Ann Romney will not be allowed to enter the Mitt's Celestial Kingdom/planet unless he calls her in by her secret name that only he knows. Therefore, she cannot be saved by the grace of Jesus Christ; she will be saved by her Mormon husband and the Mormon religion. It's sad that most Mormon women are so caught up in to this bizarre and blasphemous religion that they don't dare question the doctrine that mandates that the "man" has complete control over their eternal destiny, instead of the one and only God.

Mitt and Ann have gone through these same death oath ceremonies .Because they have made symbolic blood oaths to follow the Mormon Church and the Prophets and doctrines FIRST, BEFORE ANY EARTHLY GOAL, this means that our country takes a back seat to the Mormon Church. In the book, "Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?" (Author- Tricia Erickson), it is explained why Mitt's goals must supersede his Presidency..His eternal exaltation to Godhood depends on it."

I love and care about you so much. Can you understand now why Paul warned people about following "another gospel?" In the end, this is about the ETERNAL SOULS OF MEN! This is about the soul of our nation. Just like 4 years ago I warned people that if God gave them what they wanted, King Obama, they would rue the day. Now, millions are clamoring for King Romney, and if God gives them what they want, they have NO CLUE the irreparable spiritual damage of having a cult member whose allegiance is literally to satan as our nation's leader!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller