Daily Devotional for Monday June 11, 2012

Our Enemy is Satan

(1 Samuel 8:7)

God speaking to his prophet Samuel, "And the Lord told him: "Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king." 1 Samuel 8:7

"Reject EVERY kind of evil" 1 Thessalonians 5:22

"When faced with a choice of two evils choose neither." Charles Spurgeon

"The lesser of two evils is still..EVIL! Bill Keller, Founder of Liveprayer.com

Our enemy is SATAN! Over the last month, I have been inundated with some sincere concerns over this upcoming election in November for who will become our next President. Most have been very kind, thoughtful, and reasoned cases why everything possible must be done to insure President Barack Obama is defeated, no matter what the cost. Of course there are others who have accused me of being paid by the Obama campaign to keep Christians from voting for Romney, which if anyone knows me even a tiny bit, is laughable since I can not be bought for any amount of money! I have heard from at least 20 donors to Liveprayer, 1 family who has given an average of $6,000 a year for many years now, telling me that unless I supported Romney they would never donate again.

Again, anyone who has been part of Liveprayer for any length of time, knows that Bill Keller CAN NOT be bought and will never stop telling the Truth because people stop giving. If I cared about money, I would be doing what the gutless motivational speaker Osteen and others who are in the national spotlight do each day, and that is to tickle ears, never talk about difficult subjects, and simply make people feel good so they will give me money.

Over the years, Liveprayer has lost thousands of donors because I had the audacity to tell people the truth about abortion, homosexuality, cults like Mormonism and Freemasonry, among other issues that people didn't want to be confronted with the Truth from God's Word. However, God has always replaced those people with new people to support His work here at Liveprayer in honor of the fact I can't be bought or silenced and never forget that I have to answer to God, not man! If people are upset because I only care about the Truth and souls, and not about some politician or political ideology, so be it. The reason our nation is in the spiritual state it is in is because there are so few true men of God left who can't be bought and care only about God's Kingdom and not their own!!!

I fully understand the pain and frustration of the Old Testament prophets who lamented to God that they had been faithful to deliver His message to the people, and in return they were mocked, spat upon, demeaned, hated, left to walk around in rags, sleep in caves, and eat cow dung. Meanwhile the priests of the day who sold out the Truth and fed the people the words they desired to hear, lived in regal palaces, wore the finest robes, dined on the most sumptuous food, and were loved and respected. Worse of all, the prophets knew in their hearts that the people were heading for the wrath and judgment of God and the priests could care less!

In spite of it all, God always gives us a sign to help our week flesh that we are right where HE wants us to be and sharing the message HE wants us to share! In the 2008 Presidential election, 9 million registered "evangelicals" did not vote, and there is a large percentage of Christians who are not planning to vote this November because they refuse to be part of voting for either of satan's options.

Let me remind you that many people in the Liveprayer family heard about Barack Hussein Obama for the first time right here, in 2007, long before most even knew who this man was. Due to the fact I started my ministry in Chicago in 1992, the same time Obama began a community organizer, I knew who he was, what he was all about, and detailed his anti-Biblical beliefs as well as his relationship with the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright who preached a perversion of Biblical Truth known as "black liberation theology."

Nobody over these past 4 years have been publicly more critical of this President than I have. I have shared over and over with people how this man is a true enemy of God on every major spiritual issue of the day. I have taken more heat than you will ever know for my bold stand against the anti-Biblical policies of this tool of satan currently in the White House. A public stand very few men of God would take because they are cowards!

However, I refuse to let my hatred for the Godless policies of the current President lead me to support in any way a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult since the eternal souls of men are at stake, and that is more important than ANY political acts. The fact this is the choice should be a LOUD and CLEAR message from God that He is done with this nation, and our ONLY hope is to turn back to Him and His Truth as I have preached for the last 5 years now!

It was Bill Keller who told people in 2008 that if God allowed Obama to become President, it would be another part of his judgment on this nation that began in 2007 with the economy. As I shared last November, if God allowed it to be Obama vs. Romney this November, it would be a furtherance of His judgment on this nation, since it is God who allows men to rise to power. It was God who allowed Hitler, Stalin, the Caesars', and other wicked men to rise to power for a season, and this November, it will be God's continued judgment on this nation by allowing either of satan's tools, President Obama or Mitt Romney, to become our next President.

The vast majority of the 100,000 people who have already joined our effort to write in the name of Jesus for President this November ( www.votingforjesus.com ), and the thousands joining each day, are Christians who are excited they now have the opportunity to not just vote, but make a real statement for their faith. They have utterly REJECTED this satanically inspired logic so many have bought into that the since President Obama is a true enemy of God, it is OK to vote for a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult. Romney's Mormon cult has been gearing up for several years for a member of their cult to become President, giving them the mainstream acceptance they have desired since Smith started this cult 200 years ago.

The Mormon cult will conservatively add 1 million plus people to their membership in this nation alone without Romney every having to say a word. That means 1 million plus souls who will burn in hell for all eternity. I understand that politicians and political pundits don't care about souls, but when supposed men of God and followers of Christ stop caring about the eternal souls of men, is it any wonder why God's judgment is falling on our nation???

So rather than playing satan's game and voting for either of his minions, knowing no 3rd party candidate will ever get elected under our current two party system, what an opportunity to make a bold statement of unity by taking our stand for Christ with a symbolic write in vote for Jesus. I believe it could be an incredible unifying agent, something we have always lacked, especially knowing that our problems are NOT political but spiritual! No politician could even begin to address the real issues. Certainly not the current President, and certainly not a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult!

I love you and care about you so much. I have found it strange that people who correctly denounced Christians for voting for President Obama, somehow justify voting for a 5th generation high priest in a satanic cult leading souls to hell. Really? What kind of logic is that? It is also faulty logic to say if you don't vote for the cult member that you are voting for President Obama! Satan is laughing at people who have bought into such thoughts!

Many say we are not voting for a pastor, and that is true, and an argument those who don't know the Lord can buy into. But those who do know Jesus, how can they in conscience vote for a satanic cult member whose very election will insure souls burning in hell? Shouldn't that be our first and most critical concern? The fact is, by not voting for either Obama or Romney you are not responsible for which one God, not man, eventually allows to win the election!

What has been so sad and horrifying is to watch high profile Christians, pastors, supporting a man would help to lead untold numbers of souls to hell with the fallacious argument about choosing the lesser of two evils. The great preacher Charles Spurgeon stated, "When faced with a choice of two evils choose neither!" I expect politicians, those men and women who make their fortunes promoting a political ideology, not caring about the spritual issues of the day and putting politics over souls, but certainly not supposed men of God! They will each have to answer to God one day for being a modern day Judas, since the motivation of Judas to betray Christ was because he was looking for a political solution to the problems of their day, when like now, the problems were SPIRITUAL!

Liveprayer will continue to take a bold and uncompromised stand for God's Truth. We will not be bought, threatened, or intimidated into silence while souls needlessly perish! All I can do is encourage you to pray and seek the Lord about this matter. Our only hope for this nation is to have a "Nineveh moment," since God's judgment is raining down upon us, and no matter who the next President is, that judgment will be intensified since neither man is about God's business, but the business of our real enemy...SATAN!

***Thank you so much for everyone who has been praying and making the sacrifce to help me during May! We still have a $12,000 shortfall to make up as quickly as possible so we can begin to work on the $40,000 we need for our basic June operations. Please take a moment and pray today about sending a special gift to help Liveprayer today to help me clear up this shortfall. I am asking the Lord to send 2 people who can send a special one-time gift of $6,000 to cover that immediate shortfall. Please take a moment and pray today about what God is calling you to do to help me today, whether it is a gift of $10, $20, $50, $100, $1,00, or more, every dollar counts!

For 153 months now, the Lord has moved on the hearts of dear friends who made the sacrifce at a critical time to allow us to be here literally 24/7/365 to bring God's Truth to the marketplace and the hope and love of Jesus to the lost and hurting. Please pray and send the most generous gift you can to help me insure our operational costs are met. Thank you and God bless!

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In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller