Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 1, 2012

The Time to Create a Nineveh Moment is Now

(Luke 11:32)

"The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now one greater than Jonah is here." Luke 11;32

The time to create a "Nineveh moment" is NOW! The hope of this nation now rests solely on the shoulders of those true followers of Jesus Christ. Men and women who have put their hands on the plough and refuse to look back. My cry to you today is the same as Elijah's cry on Mt. Carmel. Choose today who you will serve. If baal is your god, serve him. However, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ and worship the God of the Bible, serve Him!

Sitting on the fence is no longer an option! The soul of this nation is at stake. Over the past 40 years while men and women of God have been building their own kingdoms, the nation has spiraled into a spritual abyss. Men and women of God no longer care about the lost or saving souls, only in building bigger buildings, buying bigger mansions, driving more luxurious cars, and flying around in the latest private jet. Like Eli and many of the OT priests, they have compromised the Truth for ear-tickling motivational messages bringing people false hope. In return, they gather large crowds, take in tens of millions, and help insure that satan's desire to kill, steal, and destroy is not challenged.

Is it any wonder we are in the spiritual state we are today? 4,000 innocent babies are slaughtered every 24 hours on our soil. The radical homosexual agenda is now mainstream and anyone who dares to speak up is labeled a hate monger. God's Holy Institution of Marriage and the family has been mocked and decimated. A false religion like Islam and a cult like Mormonism are now more acceptable the Christianity. We have bowed down and worshipped every false god and idol man has created in his evil imagination. We are not due the wrath and judgment of God, we DESERVE the wrath and punishment of God!

I read about the prophets in the OT. They were mocked, demeaned, ridiculed, and scorned. They were thrown into prison. They were beaten. They wore rags, lived in caves, and ate cow dung. Yet, they never wavered from the work God had called them to. They faithfully told the people the things nobody wanted to hear because it made them uncomfortable. They challenged those who led the people politically as well as those who were supposed to be leading the people spiritually for their corruption.

Nineveh had a moment. Despite first running from God's calling, Jonah did finally deliver the message God called him to deliver, and the people repented, turned from their sins, turned to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For a season, God spared them His judgment. My Bible teaches that God is no respecter of person, and what God did for Nineveh he will do for the United States. The only question is, are we willing to repent, turn from our sins, and back to God and His Truth as the men of Nineveh did?

After nearly 13 years online, Liveprayer still has one job left before I can leave the public stage and live out whatever days God gives me in peace. That is to help lead this nation back to the Almighty and His Truth, while leading the lost and hurting to faith in Jesus Christ. The key is to finally see an answer to the prayer of our Lord in the Garden just hours before His death found in John 17:21. His yet unanswered prayer was that His followers, the Body of Christ, becomes ONE!

The reason cults like Mormonism, Scientology, false religions like Islam, the Deepak Chopra's and new age gurus are thriving, is because the better percentage of two full generations have never even been to church. However, people still have a spiritual hunger. That "hole" created by our sin separating us from God our Creator yearns to be filled. The only thing that can permanently quench that thirst is a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Over these years, Liveprayer has brought together followers of Christ from all Christian denominations as well as those who have no faith background. We have labored together to bring His Truth to the masses in the marketplace abandoned by most ministries and churches, and the hope of the Gospel to the lost looking for true answers in their life. We have minsitered to tens of millions in their time of need. All of that has been possible because the BODY has come together in this work to make a difference for Christ with their lives.

At the end of May, my new book that will be available for FREE online as well as in regular book form will be out. His timing is perfect. That book, along with the Liveprayer Daily Video Message, the Daily Devotional, are resources that we will be using to bring the Body together as ONE. A few years ago God gave me the perfect vehicle to unify the Body through The Jonah Project ( http://www.liveprayer.com/jonah/ ). There is an introductory video that lays out the vision. This is not about building another fiefdom, or a one time event that fades in the hours after it is over, but an ONGOING WORK TO LEAD THE NATION BACK TO GOD, HIS TRUTH, AND LEAD THE LOST TO FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!!!

I love you and care about you so much! I knew last November if God allowed two true tools of satan to vie for the Presidency, it meant He was done with this nation. That does NOT MEAN that God is every done with His people! We have no more time to play games, entertain people, preach motivational message to make people feel good. If we are to have a "Nineveh moment" and see this nation turn back to God and His Truth, we MUST act now, and we must act as ONE.

Sadly, many God has richly blessed are more interested in politics than souls, in building their own kingdom than His Kingdom. That was exactly the case when God allowed His children to go into captivity. The "religious leaders" were too busy making money and living like kings, than ministering to the needs of the people and calling the masses to righteousness. However, God always had a remnant, always had a few faithful not afraid to tell the truth no matter how unpopular that truth was. We will all take our last breath one day, sooner than we think, and at that moment the ONLY THING that will matter is if we were faithful in our service to Jesus.

Please help me by making it a routine to forward the Devotional each day to everyone you know. We post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages daily. Share the Devotional and Daily Video Message each day and ask your Facebook friends to do the same. Tweet the link to your Twitter followers and ask them to do the same. Revival isn't coming from Christian TV, it isn't coming from the church, but it will come from God's people who will not bow their knee to baal as they come together as ONE! We have the numbers, as ONE, we will have the voice and have the ability to call this nation to repentance and the lost to faith in Jesus!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller