Daily Devotional for Monday April 23, 2012

The Forces of Hell are Raining Down on this Nation from the All Sides

(Jonah Chapter 3) The forces of hell are raining down on this nation from the all sides! As you read these words today, don't underestimate all that I have been warning you about for years. Thomas Nelson publishers, one of the leading Christian publishers for decades, has now released a new Bible translation called, "The Voice." In this translation they don't use the words "angel," "apostle," or...ready for this...JESUS! The Bible says that there is only ONE NAME by which men are saved, and that is the name of Jesus. But in order to accommodate a Biblically illiterate and compromised culture and make money, this new version has purposely omitted the name of Jesus! Trust me, I'm not done. In addition to Liberty University having satanic Mormon cult member Mitt Romney give their commencement address, Romney will also be giving the commencement address at Pat Robertson's Regents University. That should not be a shock though, since Robertson often brings on Mormon cult members like Romney, Beck, and never challenges them when they LIE that they are a Christian. James Dobson of Focus on the Family is another who frequently gives a forum to Mormon cult members and never ONCE challenges their LIES that they are a Christian. Not done yet. As the election is starting to heat up, you have a growing number of high profile Christians like Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention saying there is nothing wrong with voting for Romney, a member of a cult leading souls to hell. Pastor Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas bravely called Mormonism a cult in the media a few months ago. Now he is now saying it is OK to vote for a cult member who will help lead thousands, possibly millions, into the lies of his satanic cult and their souls to hell. Of course, there is the other side of the spectrum from which you expect Christians to be attacked by. The Obama administration that has opposed God on every major spiritual issue of our day. Those who promote the killing of innocent babies. Thsoe who promote teh homosexual agenda. Those who promote the removal of God from all public discussion. A Godless media that has virtually silenced anyone with a Biblical worldview from even being heard, while they promote the Godless agenda of our culture. Where are the Christian leaders? They are doing what the OT priests and the religious leaders in the day of Jesus have always done. They use God for their own earthly power and riches. It wasn't the priests or religious leaders who told the truth, it was the prophets and those in the early church who had no power or position who refused to compromise God's Truth. The OT prophets, Jesus, Paul and many in the NT railed against the religious establishment that like today, was about nothing but politics, power, and money, NOT about winning souls or advancing the Kingdom of God! Nothing has changed. The leading Christian ministries who rake in tens of millions, will never go into the marketplace since they would be attacked. No, they stay in the comfort of their little fiefdoms while the culture around them crumbles and souls needlessly go to hell. In their place are false prophets like Glenn Beck, Deepak Chopra, others promoting this utopian view of life if everyone will just love each other and get along everything will be wonderful. They are taking advantage that the better percentage of two full generations who have never even been to church, and are perfect targets for the lies of these wolves that will lead souls to hell. Beck says he wants to change the nation. Yet he says that everyone can believe in whatever "god" they want. Sorry Beck, but true change can only come from the only God there is, the God of the Bible, and with His Truth that is found in the Bible. The only way to be saved is by faith in the Jesus of the Bible. Changing the hearts of man is the ONLY WAY real change can come, and that can only happen one way, faith in the Jesus of the Bible, certainly not the faux jesus of Beck's cult! In the meantime, Beck, like Osteen, preaches a motivational message of "feel good," designed to feed people a false hope since they don't preach the Gospel that requires a commitment to the Christ of the Bible to change hearts and lives. In the end, all they really care about is making their fortunes off of people seeking the truth, who sadly are being fed false hope! I love you and care about you so much. May 1st, Liveprayer will be launching some new tools to help do the one thing necessary to change the spritual course of this nation, and that is to bring the body of Christ together as ONE. Jesus prayed in the Garden just hours before his death in John 17:21 for that to happen, and to this moment that prayer remains unanswered. Liveprayer is uniquely positioned to be that vehicle to bring together true followers of Christ in one movement to turn this nation back to God and His Truth, while leading the lost to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray over this message. Share it on your Facebook page, send it to your Twitter followers, and email it to everyone you know. Difficult days are ahead as even those who know the Lord have bowed down to a culture controlled by satan. SOULS ARE AT STAKE! THIS IS NOT A GAME! THE FATE OF THIS NATION IS ON THE TABLE AS GOD REMOVES HIS HAND OF PROTECTION AND BLESSING! Jus as Jonah gave the message of warning to Nineveh and that nation repented and turned back to God, staying His hand of judgment for a season, so can this nation. Please be praying as I challenge you in the coming days to be part of this movement to save the soul of this nation with the only true hope there is, God's Truth and faith in the Jesus of the Bible!!! In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller