Daily Devotional for Sunday April 22, 2012

Everyone Faces the Hurts and Pains of This Life

(Psalms 91:5)

From the thousands of email requests that come into Liveprayer.com each and every day...from men and women of all ages, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, professions....there is one common element. That common element is that everyone faces the hurts and pains of this life. It is inescapable. Family and friends die. You or people you know battle health issues. Parents have conflicts with their children. Children have conflicts with their parents. There are issues at school or on the job. People have problems in their marriages and relationships with other people. Everyone has financial issues at some level. We all have battles we fight in our life with different things that put us in bondage.

You see my friends, the common bond all men face in this life are the hurts and pains of a world ravished and saturated with sin. Being a Christian does not make you immune. Jesus, just hours before going to the cross, told his disciples that in this world they would have tribulation. You see, He did not want them to think that just because they had a personal relationship with Him, that they would be immune from the hurts and pains of this life. Then, after warning them, our Lord spoke these wonderful words, "be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world." AMEN!!!

The good news today is that you can have the assurance and knowledge that no matter what your circumstances are, however difficult your life may be today, the trials and tribulations of this world do not win if you have Jesus as your personal Savior. The pain from losing a loved one, those health issues, problems with your parents or kids, situations at school or work, problems in your marriage, financial concerns, battles with addictions....in the end, you overcome all of the hurts and pains of this world because of Jesus.

For those who have chosen to live without Christ in their life, it can be an unbearable existence. Going to sleep at night only brings the expectation of another day without hope. There are more questions than answers, more problems than energy to handle them. This doesn't get better because someone may have money either. When you don't have Christ in your life, you can have all the money in the world, and you still have no security because the hurts and pains of life are such that money can't make them go away.

The ONLY answer to the hurts and pains of this life is a real, vibrant, intimate daily relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

I love you and care about you so very much. For those reading this today who know Christ as your Savior, take with you the security that Jesus has overcome this world and all of the problems this world can offer. I don't care what things may look like in the natural, because God will always have the final word. It is time to make your faith real..trust God today!

Whatever battles you are fighting, meet them head on with the confidence that the Lord has already won. You can lay your head down tonight with the security of knowing God is working for you while you rest. For those reading this today who do not have a personal relationship with Christ, who do not have that assurance, you can. The Bible proclaims today is the day of salvation. You can go to my website, www.liveprayer.com and click on "Salvation". Pray, listen, and let the Holy Spirit guide you. It is the most important decision you will make in this life. Link: http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm

Becoming a Christian is NOT going to make your problems go away. It will NOT mean your life will be a bed of roses. It DOES mean you no longer have to fight alone. It DOES mean you now have a power and strength that is greater than any other in the universe. It WILL give you the assurance and security that nothing else in this world can give you as you deal with the pains and hurts of life.

I will be praying for you today. Jesus loves you. While we get so focused on our own daily struggles, we often forget in the light of eternity, this life is very brief. That means whatever the problems are, whatever the struggles are, they are only for a short time. The hope is one day all those who profess their faith in Christ will be with Him for eternity. Knowing that gives us the security of living this life despite the hurts and pains, knowing where our eternal home will be. It also lets us serve the Lord and bear fruit with our life, despite whatever problems life may throw our way.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller