Daily Devotional for Friday April 13, 2012

Oprah is Depressed and TD Jakes is Gutless

(Deuteronomy 13:5; Isaiah 9:15)

Oprah is "depressed," and not happy. For years, I was one of the very few to warn people about how dangerous Oprah was. Over many years, she evolved to become the queen of spiritual crack, making tens of millions helping to lead souls to hell with her new age garbage. One of Christian TV's leading prosperity pimps who denies the Biblical teachings of the trinity, TD Jakes, proved once again his number one agenda is building his kingdom, NOT God's!

Jakes recently appeared in a long interview with Oprah on her cable network. Rather than speak out against the anti-God policies of President Obama, he praised the President. Rather than confront Oprah for her false beliefs and challenge her for peddling new age lies from hell to millions of gullible followers, he said nothing. It is no wonder why this nation is in the spiritual abyss it is, when supposed "men of God" like Jakes are more worried about their bank account than the eternal souls of men!

As her new cable network continues to struggle and she loses over $140 million dollars, Oprah says she is "depressed." In the past year, she has gained over 80 pounds and was once again over 200 lbs. There were a variety of reasons given such as a potential thyroid problem, her hectic schedule and a lack of balance in her life, and that she was simply not happy. Here is a woman worth over 1 billion dollars, one of the most famous people on the entire planet, has everything anyone could ever dream of by the standards of this world, and she is not happy and "depresses?" Of course she isn't and here is why!

Oprah is not happy and never will be as long as she keep chasing the temporal things of this world. All the good deeds can't take the place of a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Sadly, Oprah has rejected that relationship for a perverted smorgasbord of Christian-light and new age teachings that allows HER to decide what she wants to believe. Over the past few years she has actually devoted a large portion of her fame and media infrastructure to selling people "spiritual crack" that is leading souls to hell.


I've taken tons of heat these past 13 years for exposing Oprah as the most dangerous woman on the planet. Jesus said don't be afraid of those who can kill your body, but those who can lead your soul to hell. Oprah would never give a strong man or woman of God a forum on her program to share the Truth of His Word or look into the cameras and share the pure Gospel. However, she will interview a "gay pastor" who tried to make the case that God approves of his choice to engage in perverted sex with other men.

I have continually exposed this New Age false-hope merchant and warned people of how dangerous she is. If Oprah Winfrey was simply another Hollywood entertainer I could care less about her. What makes her so dangerous is that while her program normally deals with the same subject matter the raunchy Jerry Springer program does, Oprah also deals with the very real day-to-day issues of life and uses her television programs to tell people how to live. The authority she speaks from? Herself, OPRAH WINFREY!

We are living in a time where the better percentage of two full generations don't go to church. People still hit those difficult places in life and at those moments they are looking for help and for hope. Sadly, the Christian leaders of our day have abandoned the marketplace and secular television for the safety and prosperity of the "Christian trough." In so doing, they have left the lost and hurting masses looking for a savior, someone to come along and help them through the difficult moments of life, tell them how to live, and give them hope. To fill this void in people's spiritual lives, along comes Oprah!

People defend her by saying she is not a theologian or a preacher, she is a talk-show host and entertainer. I agree. However, that is not how she portrays herself or positions herself. She has eagerly cashed in to the tune of over $1 BILLION DOLLARS on being the spiritual guru to millions of people a week! The authority she speaks from is what she has determined truth to be, her views on right and wrong, her values and morals, as opposed to the only Truth and authority there is...God's Word!

It has been clearly documented from transcripts that Oprah Winfrey may use the name of "God," and very rarely "Jesus," and use many "Christian" expressions, but so does the Mormon cult! While she was raised in the Baptist church, she has been a long-time member (though rarely attends) of a very liberal church in Chicago that mixes Christian faith with New Age spirituality, that also happens to be the church for 20 yrs of President-elect Obama pastored by the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

Because she has never been married, choosing instead of live for decades outside the bonds of God's Holy Institution with a man who is not her husband, Oprah has a jaundiced view on this most sacred bond between a man and woman. Oprah embraces the New Age philosophy that there are "many roads that lead to God," a lie from the pits of hell itself. On her program she promotes and endorses cults like Scientology, Kaballah, those who speak to the dead, psychics, and people of ANY "spirituality." There is only ONE GOD, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to promote the false gods of this world makes Oprah an enemy of God!

As for the social issues, Oprah condones and supports those who choose to engage in the sin of homosexuality. Oprah is on the record supporting a "woman's right to choose," code for slaughtering innocent babies. While she gives lip service to being pro-family, Oprah's definition of the family is whatever men want it to be, not what God says it is! Again, the truth Oprah espouses comes from her own imagination, not from the only authority and source of Truth there is, the Bible.

I could go on, but there is no reason to. Simply denying the Bible as the only Truth there is, God as the one and only God there is, and faith in Jesus Chris as the one and ONLY WAY to be saved, makes this woman dangerous and a false prophet in every sense of the word. What makes a person a false prophet is that they lead you AWAY from God, Biblical Truth and Jesus Christ. Sadly, those who follow this false prophet, this merchant of false hope, put their eternal souls in peril. That is why I have warned people for years about her and will continue to.

I love you and care about you so much. I know all the Oprah disciples who spend hundreds of dollars to go hear her preach the "gospel of Oprah" at her seminars, buy her books and magazine, watch her faithfully every day, hang on her every word, will run to her defense by pointing out all the good she does. I don't doubt for a second that Oprah uses some of her billions to help others. That is not the issue. The Mormon cult feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and visits the prisoners, yet they are still lost and going to hell for rejecting Jesus Christ. The Mafia gives millions to worthwhile causes that help those in need, but that doesn't make them good people. God's Word teaches you can't buy your way into heaven!

As one of the most powerful women in the entertainment business, she is not going away. The answer is to take on Oprah just like Elijah took on the prophets of Baal, head-on! In the end, the TRUTH will always win out over the lie. False hope will always give way to true hope. The false prophet will always be exposed when confronted by a true prophet of God. I have told you many times that what we are dealing with is a battle for the souls of men. This is why I am so passionate about the work we do literally 24/7 here at Liveprayer. It is a beacon of light in the darkness of this world for Biblical Truth and lead people to the only answer there is..Jesus Christ!

The world has always had false prophets, merchants of false hope. Oprah, her creation "Dr. Phil," Montel, and Barack Hussein Obama, are simply some of the more notable ones of our day. I expose them for who they are, talk about them, because they are leading people AWAY from the only Truth there is and AWAY from the only hope there is. Pray for Oprah today. The fact is, Oprah could become a powerful woman of God if she would humble herself before the Almighty, get on her knees and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and stop preaching the gospel of Oprah but the Gospel of Jesus Christ, stop selling people "spiritual crack," but give them the Truth of God's Word!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller