Daily Devotional for Friday March 23, 2012

Satan vs. Satan

(2 Kings 17:23)

Satan vs. Satan. Most likely, the 2012 Presidential election just under a year from now, will pit satan vs. satan, a clear sign God has finally removed His hand of blessing and protection from this nation! As the Republicans vie to see who will face President Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, the majority of the experts see the eventual winner being former Massachusetts Governor and member of the satanic Mormon cult Mitt Romney.

*Imagine satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides!!!

If indeed Romney does become the Republican nominee, remember that you heard it here first that not only will that election pit satan vs. satan, but it means God has clearly had enough of our sins and wickedness and is through with this nation!

Many will see my characterizing a Romney/Obama election as satan vs. satan, as being too extreme. Actually, it is not and that is exactly what it will be. President Obama during his nearly 3 years in office has proven by his words and deeds to be a true enemy of God as I warned you he would be if elected President. We know from Scripture that it is God who allows men to rise to power, though we may never fully comprehend why. I knew once Obama was elected, that at least part of the reason God allowed his victory was to try and wake this nation up to our sin and rebellion against God Almighty.

President Obama, as I warned a year leading up to the 2008 election, has been the most pro death President in history. His very first act as President was to sign an Executive Order allowing US tax dollars to pay for killing babies in other countries. He has continued to be a staunch supporter and advocate for the legalized slaughter of innocent babies.

I also warned you that he would help advance the radical homosexual agenda in this nation and he has. From the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" in the military, to supporting gay marriage and gay adoption, Obama has been a true friend and staunch ally of the radical homosexual agenda. I also told you that he would support the enemies of Israel. Since taking office, he has time and time again stood with and supported the enemies of Israel.

These are FACTS that have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with why we have seen the spiritual decay of this nation accelerated under President Barack Hussein Obama, a man who has proven on every major spiritual issue of our day to be a true enemy of God!

Since these are the facts about our current President, the logical question is why would Romney be equally as bad and simply another enemy of God? While this month Romney claims to be pro life, against the homosexual agenda, and a friend of Israel, it wasn't that long ago he was on the opposite side of each issue. It was Romney just a few years ago as Governor Romney who supported the killing of innocent babies and made it virtually free to do so in Massachusetts under his healthcare plan that Obamacare was crafted from. Romney was also a fierce advocate for gay marriage and soft on the enemies of Israel while he was governor.

The fact that he is willing to change his core beliefs on these critical spritual issues is bad enough, but much worse is the FACT that Mitt Romney is a lifetime member of the satanic Mormon cult. I am sick and tired of hearing Sean Hannity, Bill Bennett, Ann Coulter, and other political commentators who claim to be Christians, along with so-called Christian leaders like Jay Sekulow, Ralph Reed, Mark DeMoss, the gutless Joel Osteen, and anyone else, giving credence to Romney's lie that he is a Christian and demonize anyone who dares tell the truth about his cult as a "bigot!"

Of course all of these people are more concerned about politics instead of souls, since that is what this issue is really about..THE ETERNAL SOULS OF MEN! Never forget it is the goal of satan to take as many souls to hell as he can. We have the better percentage of two full generations who have never even been to church. We have tens of millions in this nation who have no real faith background.

An aggressive cult like Mormonism is having a field day, along with other cults, false religions, and new age movements, in leading millions of lost souls to their satanic lies that will ultimately damn their soul to hell for all eternity! As aggressive as the Mormon cult is in "evangelizing," can you imagine their efforts with Romney in the White House? They will introduce themselves as "from the church of your President!"

Just as critical however is Romney's true beliefs. People can't figure out why he seems a bit "off" from most people. The reason he acts differently is because of what he believes! As a "Temple Mormon," Romney not only wears the magical underwear bearing satanic markings, but has taken a blood oath to the Mormon cult over anything else, INCLUDING THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!

Romney, like Beck and all in his cult, believes he will die and become the god of his own planet and have sex with an endless supply of women to create millions of spirit babies, in addition to other ridiculous fantasies. Romney also believes in the "White Horse Prophecy" of his cult's founder Joseph Smith that claims the U.S. will be in total chaos, a Mormon will become President, and to "save the nation," suspend the Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy.

I am not crazy, this is what Romney, Beck, and all Mormons truly believe! Can you now understand Beck's apocalyptical rantings to buy gold, store food, how the "occupy" movement and the progressives want to take over this nation? Once you put Beck's rantings in the context of what he, Romney, and members of their cult believes, it all makes perfect sense doesn't it? My question is do you really want a President with the full power and might of the U.S. armed forces and the still unmatched financial power of our economy who believes to his core in these fantasies? Romney may have flip-flopped on the critical spritual issues of our day for political expediency, but he has never, nor ever will, denounce the beliefs of his satanic Mormon cult!!!

I love you and care about you so much. The fact is, as this Romney/Obama match-up becomes more likely each day, the real story is that it means God has finally had enough. He has finally had enough of our nation killing 4,000 innocent babies each day in the greatest act of infanticide in human history. He has finally had enough of our embracing the unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted choice of homosexuality by making it part of our culture. He has finally had enough of our destruction of His Holy Institution of Marriage and the family. He has finally had enough of our worshipping every false god and idol man has created in his evil imagination. My friend, GOD HAS FINALLY HAD ENOUGH!

That is why I am so concerned and so focused with every ounce of my being on helping to lead this nation back to God and His Truth while leading lost souls to faith in Jesus. I clearly see what is ahead, and while so many people are focused on politics and politicians to save the day, the ONLY answer and ONLY hope for our nation is to repent and turn back to God and His Truth. The reality is, we have the numbers to do that and we have the ability to do that. The problem is that we are so fragmented. Men for power and money have fallen into satan's trap of division, which is why we don't have a unified, clear, and powerful voice in the marketplace. Satan and his minions speak with one voice, while we speak with so many that none have any real effect on our culture!

This is the reason Liveprayer has taken on the task as our final work for the Lord to call this nation back to God and His Truth. This is not something that can happen with our churches, since the church has been plagued with internal politics, the fight for money, and every other trap satan has laid to weaken it. No, this has got to come from those who know Jesus as their Savior, who refuse to bow their knee to baal, coming together not as a church or a ministry, but as the Body of Christ.

My goal has never been the earthly things of this temporal world. That is why Liveprayer has no building, though we could have. That is why Liveprayer doesn't have a huge staff of people, though we could have. That is why I have always taken a nominal salary and live a modest lifestyle, though I could have lived extravagantly like so many others in a national position. No, my only goal each day has been to minister to the hurting and lost while encouraging those who know the Lord. I seek nothing else from this life but to serve the Lord and fulfill His plan for my life!

Today, I am simply asking you to pray over this message today and share it with those you know. What we are working towards for the Lord is not anyhting I can do alone. If you love the Lord and love this nation, pray about how you can help me as we boldly, and without shame take our stand for Christ in this nation that is spiraling into the spiritual abyss before our very eyes.

I know if the people of God come together as one, bound only by the shed blood of our Savior and the Truth of His Word, we can see a season of repentance and a great harvest of souls just like Nineveh. Will you pray today how God wants you to help me as together, we lead our once great nation back to our Creator, His Truth, while leading lost souls to everlasting life through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller