Daily Devotional for Friday February 17, 2012

A False Messiah in these Last Days Exactly as Jesus Predicted

(Matthew 7:21-23, 24:23-25, 2 Corinthians 11:14)

"At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Messiah!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time." Matthew 24:23-25

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' Matthew 7:21-23

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14

A false messiah in these last days exactly as Jesus predicted. Ever since the time of Jesus, there have been false messiah's on the scene. For 13 years here at Liveprayer, I have warned people about the true beliefs of the satanically inspired Mormon cult that is the most dangerous and deceptive cult today because they claim to be Christians, claim to believe in God and Jesus, use the Bible, speak in "Christianese, and have copied much of traditional Christianity, even though a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is!

*You can go to the Daily Devotional archives on the Liveprayer.com homepage and type in keyword MORMON to pull up all of the Devotionals I have written over the years about this cult and high profile members of this cult like Beck and Romney.

It is only when you study what they actually believe that you come to understand their "god" and "jesus" are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible, and their final theological authority is NOT the Bible, a book they view as incomplete and flawed, but the writings of their cult's founder Joseph Smith that includes the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrines and Covenants.

There is perhaps not a more dangerous man alive today than Mormon cult member Glenn Beck. Jesus said don't worry about the man who can kill your body, worry about the man who can kill your soul! Beck is a man I first started warning people about a decade ago during the Elizabeth Smart affair, LONG before most people even knew who he was. I was all alone in the national media during the Smart affair, helping people understand that at the center of that tragic story was the Mormon cult.

Smart's father was a bishop in the Mormon cult. She was most likely kidnapped to be a "bride" by a someone who followed the true teachings of Mormonism, something that happens often in the western states though is rarely reported on, where pure Mormonism (including polygamy) is adhered to. I was attacked by Beck and the Mormon cult just like they attack and try to intimidate into silence anyone who dares to tell the truth about their true beliefs and teachings, the same thing the baby killers, homosexuals, Muslims, and other anti-Biblical groups do.

Beck, through his national radio program (that became nationally syndicated years ago through Premiere which is the syndication arm of Clear Channel that happens to be owned by Mitt Romney's former company Bain Capital whose top leadership is almost exclusively made up of Mormons), his TV programs, his internet sites, has used his conservative political ideology as a backdrop to amass a large following that he "preaches" to.

The vast majority of Beck's audience are Christians. Sadly, in this day of watered down, gutless, politically correct preaching, most people who still go to church are Biblically illiterate. They become a perfect target for a false messiah like Beck to lie to that he is also a Christian, confirming that through his use of the word God and Jesus, though once agian, the "god" and "jesus" of Beck's cult are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible, and quoting from the Bible, despite believing it to be a flawed and incomplete book thus requiring the writings of his cult that he NEVER reads from.

In this day when there is an incredible void of true spritual leadership, a day where men of God have compromised and cashed in on their leadership to build their own kingdoms, it is a perfect atmosphere for a false messiah like Beck to emerge. Beck feeds a hunger people have to hear the spritual side of the issues of the day addressed, something few Christians will do since their first concern is money, not the Truth or souls.

Like others cult members, for Beck to have credulity within the Christian community he had to find high profile Christians he could "buy" in order for his deception to work. Just like the founder of the Unification Church cult, Sun Myung Moon bought and paid off the top evangelical leaders of the 80s to gain credibly, Beck has followed the same tried and true gameplan. Sadly, supposed men of God have fallen over themselves to kiss Beck's ring and help him sell his lie of being a Christian.

If you remember, another Mormon cult member Mitt Romney also bought off high profile Christians in his bid to be President in 2008, and is doing the same thing in his current bid for the White House. High profile Christians like Jay Sekulow, Ralph Reed, Mark DeMoss, and host of others have been quick to sell out the faith to give Romney credibly within the Christian community without regard for the souls he may help end up in hell!

For Beck, it was Wallbuilders founder David Barton, Jim and Betty Robison, John Hagee, disgraced televangelist Mike Evans, and a long list of others, including many Christian churches who support Beck and his various efforts of "good works," which is a belief by members of Beck's cult that is required for salvation. Is the discernment in the church so lacking, or are a few extra dollars so important, that these supposed men of God will expose their followers to a man who represents satan?

For the record, I have put in numerous calls to Barton and Hagee to chat with them about their affiliation with Beck, but they refuse to be held accountable on this issue. How can these men stand on Christian TV and preach hellfire and damnation, yet when face to face with a tool of satan leading souls to hell, never ONCE confronts him for his false beliefs? Instead, they support and advocate all that Beck says since they have found a man who can help them raise tons of money through his audience! How sad it is to see supposed men of God stand with satan for a few sheckles that will one day mean nothing, while innocent souls they help influence with burn in hell for all eternity

As one of the few who has been brave enough to exposed these modern day Judas' who obviously could care less about the souls of men, it has been encouraging to see the number of people now lambasting them for associating with a cult member like Beck. Some of these ministries have put out damage control statements that in short say Beck produces good fruit, so he is OK.

Others associated with Beck have put out the false claim that is now a Christian since he has spoken at and attended a few services at Gateway Church in Dallas, Tx. If you see this lie being circulated, know that it is NOT TRUE! According to transcripts of his radio program in just the past few days, Beck continues to proudly proclaim he is a Mormon and attends a Mormon church in the Dallas area.

I recently had an email exchange with Gateway Senior Pastor Tom Lane and asked him why he would allow the member of a satanic cult to preach to his congregation, and if he had ever spoken to Beck to explain to him why he has bought into a false theology that he must renounce or die and go to hell. Of course he has never had that conversation with Beck, nor in checking, has his church had any teachings in the past year about the true beliefs of Beck's cult.

I had a similar email exchange the other day with Randy Robison, the son of James Robison. Again, just the same standard damage control while accusing me of having a "deeply religious spirit" for daring to question why his father was publicly giving credibility to a cult member, and by not challenging Beck's claim to be a Christian, supporting his lie! Of course there is no answer other than the publicity they get from appearing in Beck's various media platforms, while in turn, Beck gets the undeserved credibility he needs to perpetuate the lie that he is a Christian.

So it is clear, my only concern about Beck and those who support him is one thing...SOULS! At the end of the day, we will all die. At that moment, the only thing that will matter is if you have accepted the Jesus of the Bible by faith or not. IT MATTERS WHAT JESUS YOU PUT YOUR FAITH IN!!! The Bible is full of warnings about those who promote a false gospel and preach a false Jesus!

To comprehend where Beck is coming from, you must first comprehend the false beliefs of the Mormon cult. Mormonism is a polytheistic cult. Their "god" is not the God of the Bible, but was once a man like you and I who evolved into god-like status and was given this planet to rule over. The satanic Mormon cult teaches that if you live according to their false beliefs, any man can become a god and have his own planet to rule over upon death.

Mormonism is steeped in apocalyptic beliefs, thus explaining Beck's preoccupation with the end times. Like all Mormons, Beck believes the "White Horse Prophecy" of Joseph Smith, the murdering, polygamist, pedophile, racist founder of the Mormon cult that states our nation will undergo incredible economic and political unrest (sound familiar?), and a Mormon (Romney? Huntsman?) will be elected President to save the nation. In order to do that, the U.S. Constitution will be suspended and this country will be operated as a Mormon theocracy.

Don't think Beck believes this? Ever wonder why he is so big on storing up food and gold? Why else unless he believes some sort of catastrophic event will disrupt life as we know it is going to occur? Please, don't take my word for anything I am saying, look it up for yourselves. There are plenty of websites you can Google that clearly lay out what Mormons believe. When Beck talks about "what the Lord is calling him to do," it is to lead this last days Mormon revolution as Paul Revere, with Mitt Romney being George Washington!

Of course, Beck, like all Mormons (and I have debated dozens of their top apologists over the years) is a masterful liar, just like the founder of his cult, SATAN (John 8:44). He will never admit to what he truly believes, since that would destroy the $30 million a year business he has built, mostly money coming from Christians! Beck brags about tithing over 10%.


I love you and care about you so much. Pray that Glenn Beck will renounce the lies of his cult and come to faith in the Jesus of the Bible. In the meantime, it is my duty to warn you of wolves seeking to ravage the flock. In the passages from the Bible today, Jesus was very clear in His warning of those who would come in His name in the last days. We have a classic example of that in Glenn Beck.

Beck is now using the tens of millions he has amassed, mostly from the Christian community, to start his own online new service, a propaganda mill that will only put out news from his viewpoint. He has his own publishing company to promote books he believes in. After being removed from FOX (make no mistake, he was not given the choice to stay), his TV show is now online, for a fee.

Please hear this clear. At the end of the day, Glenn Beck is about one thing, and that is leading souls to hell through the false teachings of his satanic Mormon cult. Only God knows how many souls will burn for all eternity due to his efforts. Worse yet, how many will burn in hell for all eternity due to the Christians, churches, and supposed Christian leaders who supported the efforts of this cult member.


Sadly, the overall message of Beck is a correct one. As I have been preaching for over the last decade, there is only one hope for this nation, this world, and each person. That is faith in the Jesus of the Bible. The jesus of the Mormon cult is not even a deity, but a creation of a sexual union between Mary and their "god" who was once a man. That is why no matter how much they claim to love and worship Jesus, claiming to give their life to Him, the jesus of Smith is NOT the Jesus of the Bible and they are still lost in their sins and will burn in hell upon their death.

The better percentage of two full generations have never even been to church. Even those who do go, are for the most part Biblically illiterate, or in some liberal, or watered down church that has abandoned the Absolute Truth of the Bible That is why the climate is perfect for a revival, but also perfect for the cults, false religions, and new age movements to be very successful in leading searching and unsuspecting souls to hell through their lies from satan.

Beck is a smart man. I have no doubt he knows EXACTLY what his cult believes. That is why you will never hear him read from the Book of Mormon, only the Bible. If Beck has decided that he wants to believe in the fantasies of Smith, that he will die and inherit his own planet, that is fine. But it is not fine for him to use the incredible influence he has gained through his commentary on politics, to use the Christian community, to help him make tens of millions each year while leading the eternal souls of suspecting people to hell!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller