Daily Devotional for Friday January 27, 2012

A Prophet is a Spiritual Office like a Pastor, Teacher, or Evangelist

(2 Timothy 3:1)

*This is a Devotional I wrote Feb 28th, 2002....nearly 10 years ago. The words I wrote on that day were true than, and still true today. Sadly, the things I have been writing about and warning you about over the nearly 13 years of Liveprayer have or are coming to pass. I can only pray people will wake up and realize that our time is very short, and God's wrath and judgment on this wicked nation is imminent. May he who has ears to hear and eyes to see stand with me!

(from 2/28/02)

A prophet is a spiritual office like a pastor, teacher, or evangelist. A prophet is a person who declares the oracles of God to the people of his or her day. An interesting side note for those in the ministry who have this idea they are here to be served. The Bible says the meal of the prophet was cow dung, not cow meat! There is also the gift of prophecy. It is a spiritual gift. Like all spiritual gifts, every child of God has some but not all.

There is great controversy within the body of Christ regarding gifts, but let me say that the Bible clearly says God gives people spiritual gifts to accomplish His plan and purpose. He gives someone the gift of prophecy to tell people about future events. It is NOT fortune telling or being a psychic. A prophetic word will ALWAYS be supported by scripture.

Of course, since it is something that will happen in the future, the prophetic passages of the Bible can be interpreted many different ways and are highly subjective. I think we should go to the Biblical standard for a prophetic word. Those who gave prophetic words were never given the chance to be wrong twice, since they were stoned to death after their first miss! I wonder how many "prophets" would be out in our churches today under those conditions? Quite a few would not have made it past the Y2K crisis they foretold. My purpose today is not to debate end-times events, but share a word God has for you.

We have two very real events in the world today that God has shown me will play a major role in the last days. Both concern the United States. Even though we are relatively young as a nation, because this is a nation that was founded on the Word of God and has seen so much of God's blessings, we will play a role in the last days. The first event on the horizon is our relationship with China. The issue of Taiwan could be the trigger to put us in a full-blown adversarial relationship with China. With the incredible advances they have made in the last 10 years in their nuclear program, and having now almost 1.3 billion people, they have the ability to be the dominant force on our planet in these last days.

The second event is the energy crisis we are not only facing in our country, but in the world. World energy consumption is at an all time high, and increasing daily. Not only is China demanding incredible amounts of energy, but many African and South American countries have vastly increased their energy consumption over the last 10 years as well. These two factors are part of the very world we live in today, this minute. The emergence of China as the dominant global power, and the worldwide energy shortage, will be playing significant roles in the last days.

So, putting it in perspective to your daily life, what does it mean? This. Time is short. Read the words of Christ in Matthew Chapters 24 and 25, read 2 Timothy 3:1-5, just for starters. You don't have to be a biblical scholar to know that


That is why each day I do my best to encourage you, challenge you, and push you in your daily walk with Christ. God needs every one of His children, now more than ever, working hard for the Kingdom. As a child of God, we have the power and ability to turn from sin. The reason I focus so much on sin is because it is the weapon the enemy uses to keep you from being a productive member of God's army. He gets you so consumed in your own problems, in your own situations, that you are not able to be part of fighting the larger war for the eternal souls of people.

God gives us glimpses of the future, of the last days, so that we can be motivated to get busy and work while we still have an opportunity to make a difference. There is no time to sleep or rest, because time is quickly running out!

I love you, and care about you so very much. Now more than ever God needs you, needs each one of His children on the battlefield each day. Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are immediately drafted into God's army. It is not an option, but a responsibility. It is not something we should even hesitate wanting to do. After all, we know that those who die in their sin are destined to eternal separation. If we can help even one person avoid eternal damnation, how can we say no?

God has strategically placed you exactly where you are supposed to be. It is no accident you live where you live, work where you work, go to school where you go to school. That is your battle station. As we watch the last days unfold, as we anticipate the return of Christ at any moment, let us get serious about serving Him. He will guide you, equip you, and make you adequate for the job He has given you to do. All He needs is your obedience and surrender to His plan for your life. I will pray for you today to open your heart and ask God how you can be the best soldier possible.

"Thus sayeth the Lord God of Hosts, I have called you forth in these last days to be my people, to show the lost of this world that I am the hope they seek. Go share that message."

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller