Daily Devotional for Thursday December 8, 2011

Are You Spiritually Deaf and Blind

(2 Kings 17:23)

If you don't understand we are in a battle for the soul of this nation, you either aren't paying attention or you ARE DEAF AND BLIND!!! Just in the past 24 hours, the Obama administration's FDA is going to allow anyone of any age to buy over-the counter the abortion pill, aka the "morning after pill." Today, any girl over 17 can get this pill, but at least she has to get it from the pharmacist. After today, the most pro-death President in the history of this nation will insure anyone of any age can now walk into any drug store and buy this pill to insure if there is life, it will be MURDERED!

How about the fact that this President who is a major advocate for the radical homosexual agenda, is now going to use the US State Department to help insure other countries around the world also advocate, support, and defend the sin of homosexuality. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday that US foreign aid will now be tied to how a country deals with the sin of homosexuality. Basically, if they embrace and support this sexual perversion, they will get their US aid. If they don't embrace this sin, they may be cut off.

I find it amazing that I am demonized, lambasted, and ridiculed for standing for life and sex the way God designed it to be, yet those who promote the slaughter of innocent babies and the radical homosexual agenda are free to express their views and enact their agenda with virtually no opposition!!!

I am not done. It is only a matter of time, a very short amount of time, before Iran has nuclear capabilities. They have made it clear they seek the destruction of Israel. As I told you the first days of the uprisings in the Middle East, promoted by the media as the "Arab spring," that it would bring those who embrace the false relgion of Islam into power and the entire region would be soon be in major wars. You don't need to be a Biblical scholar to know this part of the world, Israel specifically, will be the location of the final conflicts as this world as we know it comes to a conclusion.

Several weeks ago, I was in the national press for a Devotional I wrote on the upcoming 2012 election that would most likely be "Satan versus Satan," or Mormon cult member Mitt Romney versus a true enemy of God who stands against the Almighty on every spiritual issue, President Barack Hussein Obama. The meaning of Romney vs. Obama will be that God has taken His hand off of our nation for good. If you missed this powerful message, you can access it at: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=4622

I find it amazing that now that former Speaker Newt Gingrich has risen to the top of the Republican race for the nomination, you have both the Democrats AND the Republican establishment doing everything in their power to get rid of him so the nominee is Mormon cult member Mitt Romney, which insures an election that satan wins no matter who is elected!

Than you have the most dangerous media personality since Oprah, Glenn Beck. There is NOTHING Beck speaks of that you can't here from 10 other people the same day. He uses politics to lure people into his apocalyptical fantasies, all based on the prophecies of his cult. Beck claims "the truth lives here," when in fact, everything he says is a lie from the father of lie, the true founder of his cult...SATAN! Here is a man who talks endlessly about praying to "god," when the vast majority of his followers, even Christians, have no idea the "god" of Beck's cult is NOT the God of the Bible, but a polytheistic being who was once a man like you and I. Of course, Beck, Romney, and all Mormon cult members believe that they too will one day become a "god."

I find it repulsive that Beck's media business is built largely on the support of people who call themselves Christians. WAKE UP! Beck recently said his two heroes were Gordon Hinckley and Jon Huntsman Sr. Hinckley used to be one of the elders of Beck's cult who helped untold MILLIONS worldwide burn in hell, and Huntsman has used his billion dollar fortune to fund the expansion of his cult, again, being responsible for untold MILLIONS worldwide to burn in hell. Beck brags about how much he "tithes." Aren't people smart enough to know that the money they give Beck for any of his ventures, a portion is going to lead people into the lies of his cult and to hell?

I love you and are about you so much. WAKE UP! This nation is not just unleashing its' pro-death, sexual perversion on our own people, but we are now exporting it worldwide. The final chapters of human history are going to be written very soon as the Middle East is ripe for such end-times conflicts. Satan is working hard to insure he will win the upcoming 2012 Presidential election no matter if it is won by a Republican or Democrat. Millions of people daily are following a true disciple of satan, who the Bible tells us "masquerades as an angel of light."

Sadly, most people see NONE of this for what it is because the large percentage of the last two generations have never even been to church, and the large percentage of those who do go, are mostly in churches that either deny the Truth of the Bible, or are churches built on the unBiblcial purpose driven/seeker/emerging/prosperity marketing plans. So is it any wonder this nation is in spiritual freefall, and every day countless souls die and go to hell for etenrity needlessly.

That is why Liveprayer has undertaken our final work for the Lord, to lead this nation back to God and His Truth. It is in this spritual void we are living in, that a great revival can take place. It is in this spritual void, that for a season God can withhold His wrath and punishment for a season and we can see a mighty harvest of souls. My friend, the time is short, we must act now. Please be in prayer for what the Lord is calling you to do to stand with me and help me as we lead this charge to change the spritual course or our nation and in the process, see MILLIONS of lost souls come to faith in Jesus Christ!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller