Daily Devotional for Tuesday November 22, 2011

Net Neutrality

(1 Peter 4:11)

Last December 21st, it happened. Net neutrality is simply a fancy name for the government controlling the content of the Internet! The freedom to proclaim the Truth of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is slowly being taken away . . . IN THE UNITED STATES! I really take no pleasure in saying, "I told you so." It is amazing to go back over 12+ years of Daily Devotionals, and read the warnings I have shared with you regarding our ability to freely proclaim the Truth of the Bible and the Gospel message. I vividly recall countless emails telling me I was paranoid, this was the United States and this would never happen, and others who simply thought I belonged in a straight jacket.

Well, let me take a moment and tell you where we are in the final days of 2011. Look at television. When you go back to the 50s and 60s, even into the 70s, you had incredibly powerful programs that gave a Christian perspective of life, had great moral messages, and a family could sit down and watch together. I submit to you today that NONE of those programs would ever see the light of day if they were being presented to the TV executives of today. What you get on TV today is a steady diet of sex and violence, and storylines and characters that are in blatant rebellion to God and His Word!

For 5 years, the Liveprayer TV program that is now in its 8th year, aired on a CBS affiliate in Tampa, live for an hour, 5 nights a week. It was an incredibly controversial program because it dealt with the issues of the day and in people's lives from a Biblical perspective. Two years ago, the self-appointed watchdog group of the Muslim community, CAIR, now the target of many Federal investigations for their ties to terror groups, intimidated CBS into taking the program off the air because they want to silence anyone in the media who has the audacity to tell the truth about their 1400 year-old false relgion leading the souls of 1.5 billion followers to hell.

You can still go to the Christian stations and preach to the choir, which is what 99% of Christians on TV do. After all, the lost on secular TV aren't going to buy them new jet planes or help them live like rulers of small nations. So they completely abandon the marketplace and go into the "trough" where 99% of the viewers are already Christians.

However, if you want to take the hope and love of Christ to the masses via secular TV, you have only one option. That is to come up with $1 million a month and understand you will have to find those who truly want to see God's Word spread to the lost and hurting masses to help fund it, since you will never find enough advertisers with the courage to be associated with such a program, nor can you beg for money each night since that is exactly what will turn off the very people you are trying to reach. Oh, and even with the money, you will still have a VERY HARD time finding a network who will carry the program!

Last year, the Senate passed the addition to the existing hate-crimes legislation to add gay, lesbian, and transgender people to that protected list. I have told you for many years now that it won't be long before simply preaching against the sin of homosexuality from the Bible will land you in jail. President Obama, a strong advocate for the radical homosexual lobby, signed that bill and you will see very quickly how the gay community will use it as a hammer to silence people like myself who go into the marketplace and speak out against their sinful choice. They will claim that my speech induces people to violence towards homosexuals. This is how they will use this new legislation to try and silence anyone who speaks out regarding this sinful choice.

They will be very effective because you now have a generation of "faux" churches and pastors who actually support and glorify this sin. They make a mockery of Christ by doing so, but it also makes someone like myself who speaks out, look like a crazed hate monger who wants to see homosexuals beaten and killed. The reality is, we help men and women in bondage to this sin find deliverance and freedom through Christ every month. We minister to the broken lives of so many who have been bound by this sin. Yet, because we take a Biblical stand on this issue we are castigated and will be a very real target once this new legislation becomes law.

Lastly, we are now living in a day I feared would come, and that is when the government would determine what content will be on the Internet. The million-dollar phrase is "net neutrality." You can Google it, read both sides of the argument, but let me sum it up for you. The ultimate goal is for the government to determine what content can be on the Internet. Instead of running Liveprayer from an actual office, I see a day very soon when I will be using special connections linked to servers in foreign lands, having to use creative technology to get the Daily Devotiaonl out each day. THAT DAY IS NOT FAR AWAY!

I love you and care about you so much. This is why I implore you daily to take your faith seriously. Speak out whenever you can. Don't be shy about sharing God's Truth with others. This is also why I challenge you to stand with me. God has given us a great platform to reach millions worldwide daily, and we MUST keep doing that while we still can. Will this become like China or North Korean where people like myself are put in prison for life, simply because I preach the Gospel? Not sure, but we are definitely heading in that direction. These are the last days, the time is short, our freedom to proclaim the Word of God and the love of Christ is disappearing right before our eyes.

WAKE UP!!! For the one or two people reading this today who God has richly blessed financially and who want to make a REAL impact with your life before your journey is over, contact me. You can give away millions to have a building named after you, but your only true lasting legacy are those lives you will impact for Christ for all eternity. Liveprayer has an 11 year track record of results, we have the proven pieces in place to literally turn this nation back to God and HIS truth in a matter of months if we had one person who could make a sacrifce of $1 million to help me fund the secular TV presence we need in the secular marketplace.

Preaching to the choir has proven to not change the spiritual course of this nation. However, we have proven over the years we have the way to not only impact hundreds of millions of lives, save souls, but turn our nation back to God. If you are that person God is speaking to, contact me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com and let's make our life count for God and eternity!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller