Daily Devotional for Wednesday November 16, 2011

The Anti-Christian Media

(John 8:32)

The anti-Christian media. Just last night on CNN, Jon King gave me the perfect example for the Devotional today on the anti-Christian media. King was blasting Bob Jones III, head of Bob Jones University, for not taking President Obama at his word that he was a Christian. King cleverly played clips of President Obama claiming to be a Christian and announcing that Jesus Christ was his Savior.

Jones in an interview with a conservative website that King was using to lambaste him, correctly stated that just calling yourself a Christian doesn't make you one. Sadly, Jones failed to make his case in that interview why he felt President Obama was not really a Christian, allowing King to mock and demean him for daring to question whether President Obama is a Christian.

What the typical media host like King loves to do, is to portray Bible-believing Christians as bigots and extremists. As I have made the case here for years, only God will ultimately judge President Obama's heart when he dies, as He will judge the heart of every man. However, Jesus said if you love you me you obey me, NOT live in rebellion to me!

President Obama is a strong advocate for the killing of babies, the radical homosexual agenda, and the enemies of Israel. He opposes God at every turn on every key spiritual issue. It is not what he says about being a Christian that is being called into question, it is his acts and deeds that are in rebellion to everything Christ and the Bible teaches that call his claims into question!

Of course, the entire media today is anti-Christian. You have major TV networks who openly support the killing of babies and the homosexual lifestyle, condemning anyone who opposes these sins as a bigot, an extremist, and someone who is out of touch with life. It amazes me to watch hosts who proclaim to go to church, not just advocate for sin, but lash out at and demonize those who take a Biblical view on cultural issues.

The amazing thing is that you can have openly gay hosts, but an openly Christian host would NEVER be allowed. Satan has masterfully used the media to promote every kind of sin, cult, and false relgion known to man. When is the last time you ever heard a Christian taking an uncompromised Biblical stand in the news or on any type of TV program? Even former pastor Mike Huckabee has comprised the Truth over and over to be politically correct and keep his TV program on FOX.

Years ago, I appeared several dozen times on various FOX programs, as well as on CNN, and numerous national radio programs on different issues. I was blackballed at FOX due to my speaking out aginst the Mormon cult since most Mormons are conservative and they don't want to lose any part of their audience. I was told by several producers at CNN that they don't like the fact that every time I was on, regardless the issue, I would always work in the Gospel and that wasn't acceptable.

Now you know why the media loves a gutless wonder like Joel Osteen. He is guaranteed to smile and not upset anyone, refuses to talk about any sin, and certainly would never dream of being so bigoted to tell people that Jesus is the only way to be saved!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Sadly, as I told you years ago would happen, Christians are now marginalized, mocked, demeaned, and called every hateful name you can think on TV for taking a Biblical stand on the issues of the day. Satan has done a great job using the media to demonize Bible-believing Christians.

Taking a stand for God's Word on TV now means you are a bigot and hate-monger. To bolster this claim, the TV news and entertainment programs find people who call themselves "pastors" or "Christians," who take an anti-Biblical stand on issues to bolster their claim that those who refuse to compromise the Truth of the Bible are bigoted, extremists, and dangerous.

In 2012, as part of our efforts to lead this nation back to God and His Truth, Liveprayer will once agian be back on secular TV. We have been working behind the scenes for months to make that happen. Please be in prayer as God opens the right doors, since now more than ever HIS Truth must be heard in the marketplace.

The only way to combat the lies of satan are with the Truth of the Bible. I refuse to sit back and watch the lies of satan being packaged as Truth, helping to lead this culture further away from our Creator and His Truth, and the eternal souls of men to hell! Our only hope is the Lord, and our only message is the Gospel!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller