Daily Devotional for Tuesday November 1, 2011

Battling for the Soul of Our Nation

(I Corinthians 15:57)

Battling for the soul of our nation and leading our land back to God and His Truth while saving the lost! Are you ready to help me lead this nation back to God and His Truth? Our time is NOW! After 146 months online, allowing God to use our work to impact tens of millions of lives worldwide over those many years, it is time for Liveprayer and those in the Liveprayer family to begin our final work for the Lord, leading this nation back to God and His Truth, while guiding the lost to faith in Jesus Christ!!!

Over these past 12+ years, God has given us the vision to create a bold and visible outreach like none other via our interactive internet ministry, the TV program for secular television stations and networks, the Jonah Project, the Remnant, and the Liveprayer Church. All of these ministry tools have been used to reach the lost and hurting for Christ and bring Biblical Truth into the marketplace. The Liveprayer family, who has made it all possible, are people from all different denominations and churches coming together as one Body. Our goals have never been earthly, only heavenly.

Today, we are introducing our final two minsitry tools that will enable us to boldly, visibly, and without shame, begin to lead this nation back to God and His Truth, while guiding the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The first of those tools is the debut today of our new "Liveprayer Daily Video Message." This will be a daily 3-6 minute personal video message from me that will be available on Liveprayer.com, as well as accessible on any cellphone, tablet, or other portable device.

Each day, my personal and unscripted video message will deal with a specific topic, have an action step, and end with prayer. This will allow you to start each day with a word of encouragement, a challenge for the day, and a prayer to strengthen and guide you throughout that day. As I mentioned, these personal video messages will be unscripted so that it will be exactly what the Holy Spirit wants to me to share with you that day, an action step for you to perform, and closing with a word of prayer.

The purpose of this special daily video message is so that I can challenge you, encourage you, as we work together to help lead our nation back to God and His Truth, while helping to lead the lost and hurting into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It will be a daily few minutes with the Lord as He strengthens you and gudies you in our efforts for Him. You will be able to access the new Liveprayer Daily Video Message on the Liveprayer.com homepage or directly at:

Also today, I am excited to announce that December 3rd, we will begin shipping out my new book, "Battling for a Nation's Soul, A Jonah Warning for Today!" subtitled, "How satan is using President Barack Hussein Obama, Mormon cult member Glenn Beck, the false relgion of Islam, the anti-Christian media, and a large percentage of churches to destroy the soul of this nation while leading the eternal souls of men and women to hell!"

The book will deal with the fact we are quickly losing the soul of this nation. I will talk about with the contributions President Barack Hussein Obama has made to the spritual decline in our nation, the influence of satanic cult members like Mormon Glenn Beck, the rise of the false relgion of Islam, how the media is an effective tool of satan, and the failure of the church. It is a powerful book that is a modern day Jonah call for this nation to turn back to God and His Truth, bring together into one unified body and motivate to action true followers of Jesus Christ, as well as an incredible evangelistic tool to lead the lost into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am not writing this book to make money, it will be FREE! That is right, I am going to give it away! There will be a page in the back to give whoever reads the book an opportunity to send a donation to the ministry if they are led to do so. My plan to get the book out to millions across the country is to encourage people to get the book in quantities of 10, 50, 100, 500, or 1,000 for a donation of $3/ea so we can cover the cost of printing and shipping, and give them out for free to everyone they know.

We have a special website for the book that you can access on the Liveprayer.com homepage, ( http://www.liveprayer.com/book ). On that special site you will be able to get the book for FREE as an e-book that we will start emailing to those who order it on December 3rd. Also, as of today, you can order quantities of the book that we will begin shipping out on December 3rd. This is going to be the key to getting the book into as many hands as possible. I am sure most everyone can make a $30 donation to get 10 books to give out. I encourage you to pray about getting this book into the hands of everyone in your church, your pastor, your Bible study, prayer group, as well as for your family, friends, and neighbors.

I love you and care about you so much. The Spirit has shown me that our window of opportunity is very short and closing rapidly. It is only a matter of time before God unleashes His wrath and judgment on this once Godly nation for turning our backs on Him and worshipping every fasle god and idol man has created in his rebellious mind, for slaughtering 4,000 innocent babies every 24 hours, for our gross sexual perversions, and embracing every sin imaginable.

I believe in my heart we can see one more great revival in this land before we face God's judgment, and millions, tens of millions of souls can be saved. In the end, that has always been what Liveprayer is about..SOULS! You know me well enough by now to know I am not interested in money, or fame, or power, or any of the things of this temporal world. At 53, my life is winding down. In spite of the incredible impact Liveprayer has had on millions of people worldwide over these many years now, our work is still not complete.

We don't have to continue living in a nation that mocks and demeans God and our Lord. We don't have to live in a land that kills babies without conscience. We don't have to live in a land that makes a mockery of God's Holy Institution of Marriage. We don't have to live in a land that is waiting for the judgment of God when we could be enjoying the blessings of God.

My friend, as of today, we are going on the offensive in battling for the soul of this nation. I am asking you to stand with me and help me as we start today to lead this nation back to God and His Truth while leading the lost and hurting to faith in Jesus Christ. Our time is up, we must act decisively, and we must act now. God has always had a people, a remnant, those who refused to bow their knee to baal. It is time for the remnant to rise up and call this nation to repentance, call this nation to turn back to God and Biblcial Truth, and tell the lost and hurting their hope now and for all eternity is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller