Daily Devotional for Friday October 28, 2011

We Are Out of Time

(John 3:16)

My friend, we are out of time. You don't need to be a prophet to see what is happening around us and know our time is very short. The entire Middle East is in transition, and not a good one regardless what the media wants you to believe. The economy around the world is fragile to the point it could easily meltdown at any moment. Here in this country, on top of the 4,000 innocent babies we slaughter every 24 hours, the gross sexual perversions now embraced as acceptable behavior, the economic challenges millions are facing, we are also witnessing pure anarchy in our streets.

The last chapters of the "Occupy" movements taking place in many of our cities have yet to be written, but let me tell you today that it will not end well. They really have only one place to go, and that is to violence. While TV personalities on major networks openly root for and promote this anarchy in the streets, most involved have extremist views and no desire to work within the current socio-economic system. Violence will be their only card left to play and people will soon start to needlessly die in the streets, not of some foreign country, but right here in the United States!

It is against this backdrop globally and here in the United States that Liveprayer will be taking a visible lead role starting Tuesday to sound the trump of real hope and change in the marketplace. True hope and change can't come from a human being or an organization, but only from the Lord Himself. People are hurting, people are starving for hope, and while there have been plenty of wolves of satan in the marketplace claiming to have the answers people are looking for, that void can only be filled with the Absolute Truth of the Bible and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Liveprayer, and those in the Liveprayer family have been uniquely positioned by God to lead this charge back to our Creator and Biblical Truth!!!


Today, I am asking you to do two things for me. First, pray about what God is going to call you to do in the coming months as part of this effort and ask Him for the strength to be obedient to His call, whatever it may be. Second, take a few minutes today and pray about helping me with a gift by the end of this month to enable us to end this month with all of our operational needs taken care of as we launch this major offensive next Tuesday.

As we head into the last 3 days of October, We finally covered the balance of our September budget, however, with only 3 days left in the month we need to bring in the $35,000 for the balance of this months operations. I have been in prayer today for the Lord to send 2 people immediately who are willing to make the sacrifce of $5,000 to help me cover $10,000 of that amount which we need immediately!

The good news is that as we move into the month of November, our efforts will expose Liveprayer to millions of people who have never even heard of us. It will also allow us to attract people who God has blessed to be able to financially support our work here. As we roll out our new efforts next Tuesday, it will soon reach millions of new people daily, and I see a byproduct of our efforts being a large infusion of funds that will enable us to be able to stand boldly and visibly in the marketplace through the secular media and reach millions of people with the Truth of the Bible who are currently only hearing the lies of satan!

These last 3 yrs have been very difficult here at Liveprayer. I have shared with you often the only way satan could slow us down is by choking off the funds we need to operate. Funds not to buy buildings, hire huge staffs, buy the newest private jet, pay me a huge salary so I could live like the ruler of a small nation, but simply the funds we need to operate to get His Truth out to the masses in the marketplace most churches and the Christian media have abandoned.

I have had to come to you more often than I like and ask you to pray about supporting His work here over these past three years. During the first 9 years of Liveprayer, we only had to share our needs 3-4 times a month. With the economic downturn in the nation, we now have to share our needs 11-12 times each month, though it is still less than 3% of the content we produce each month. However, when I see the BILLIONS squandered on failed political efforts, BILLIONS donated to support the works of satan, I don't apologize for sharing our need and asking you to pray about helping me impact lives for Christ and saved souls!

All we have done has only been possible by dear friends like you who have prayed for me, and sacrificed to support me financially. In these 12 years, I have never asked for anything for myself, and despite sacrificing the vast bulk of what little personal compensation I took for several years, leaving me over $50,000 in current debts, my only goal today is to cover the $35,000 I need to simply have our operations needs current by the end of this month.

My friend, I am counting on you today. I need to hear from you today. This is critical, and I desperately need your help. We are so close to seeing the fulfillment of all Liveprayer has been raised up to be. I don't want to be slowed down at this critical time over a few thousand dollars, Somebody will lose 10x what we need tonight in Vegas. Will you reach down, make the sacrifce, and help me today??? I desperately need you and will be in prayer for the Lord to move on your heart to help me!

Please don't think that just because there are 2.4 million subscribers, someone else will take care of this. It has been friends like YOU over the years who God has spoken to, who have responded, who has made Liveprayer available to bring hope and salvation to so many. It will take someone like YOU today.

To make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail it to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I love you and care about you so much. STAND WITH ME!!! I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE!!! I am asking you today to simply pray about what God may be calling you to do to help me with this effort. At the end of this life, I will stand before God our Creator like each person will. I will give an account for my life. The one thing I can honestly say when I die is that I never wavered, I never backed down from telling people the raw Truth of His Word, and that I never hesitated to boldly declare the only hope for each man is faith in Jesus Christ. That my friend, will be my lasting testimony!!!

Your lasting legacy will be those things you did for the Lord in this life. I have taken my stand and will proclaim His truth with my dying breath. Today, I am asking you to pray about joining me and let's turn this nation back to God and His Truth!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller