Daily Devotional for Friday September 30, 2011

The Time for Action is Now

(Matthew 28:19)

The time for action is NOW!!! After 12 years of faithfully serving the Lord, being used to help impact tens of millions of lives worldwide, seeing over 600,000 souls we know of come to faith in Jesus Christ, it is time for Liveprayer to make our move in leading this nation back to the God of the Bible and HIS Truth, while leading lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ!

Over these past 12 years, we have developed proven and successful ministry tools to accomplish this task the Lord has given us. Over the past 4 years, God has showed me that this ministry was not just here to perpetuate ourselves year after year while the world around us gets further from God, and people die and needlessly end up in hell for all eternity.

Over the past few years, in addition to our daily 24/7 ministry, Liveprayer has put together the Jonah Project, the Remnant, and the Liveprayer Church. Thousands have become part of these groups, with the ultimate goal of working in harmony to save the soul of this nation and lead the hurting and lost into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the coming months, we will be introducing two new instruments to begin driving the masses to Liveprayer, and add to the ranks of those who are already part of the Jonah Project, the Remnant, and the Liveprayer Church.

On November 1st, Liveprayer will unveil a new 6 min. daily video message available on Liveprayer.com, as well as on any cellphone, tablet, or other portable device. This video will be a daily message from myself on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, but also a call to action for that day.

No one man has been responsible for the spiritual decline in this nation, and no one man can salvage the soul of this nation. However, it only took a few sold out men and women after our Lord's crucifixion to impact the world of their day for Christ, and by mobilizing Christians in one group, with one voice, we can have a similar impact on this nation and the world of our day!!!

The second new instrument will be a book available on December 1st. The title of the book is, "Battling for a Nation's Soul," subtitled, "How satan is using President Barack Hussein Obama, Mormon cult member Glenn Beck, the false relgion of Islam, the anti-Christian media, and a large percentage of churches to destroy the soul of this nation while leading the eternal souls of men and women to hell!"

The book will be available for FREE...NO CHARGE! It will be given away for free at Barnes and Noble, Christian bookstores, as well as online thru Amazon and other outlets. The incentive for these commercial outlets is the traffic that will be generated from people looking for our free book, and the opportunity to sell them something else.

We will also be setting up a special section of the Liveprayer.com website for the book, making it available in E-book form so people can get it online as well. The book will also include action steps to mobilize those true followers of Jesus Christ to help lead our nation back to the God of the Bible, His truth, and lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ.

In the back of the book will be an opportunity for the person to buy a quantity of books at cost to give out. That is how we will underwrite the cost of printing the book. We will also give people the opportunity in the book to make a donation to Liveprayer.

I have had numerous opportunities over the years to write books, sell them, and make lots of money. However, all we have done at Liveprayer has been done for FREE, and I will not change now. Those who have followed Liveprayer for any length of time know that I could care less about money.

Yes it takes money to operate, but that has NEVER been what drives me. Unlike those who write books and hope to make tons of money, for me this about creating an instrument to get the Truth out to the masses and mobilize true followers of Jesus Christ in order to lead our nation back to God and His Truth and save souls!!!

I love you and care about you so much. The time for this grassroots effort to take our nation back for the God of the Bible and Biblcial Truth is upon us. Please be praying for me and for the Lord's blessings as we move out to take our stand. No doubt satan will be there to attack us each step of the way, since He knows the impact Liveprayer has had on tens of millions of lives and that I will never compromise the Truth or be bought off. My only goal is to fulfill God's plan for my life, and that is satan's worst nightmare!

I will be praying for you as well and the role God will be calling YOU to play in the coming months as part of this great effort. At the end of the day, we know satan will be in the Lake of Fire for eternity. Only God will be standing. We also have the promise from God Himself that those who put their faith in the Jesus of the Bible will be forever with Him in Glory.

The only thing left to be determined is how many will join us in Heaven? To have this nation, even for a season, be a God fearing, God honoring, land living in accordance to Biblical Truth will insure tens of millions of souls will escape the eternal flames of hell and be forever with our Lord. We only get a few real opportunities to make our life count. This is one of those times. When this life is over, your only real legacy will be what you did for the Lord. It is time for us to leave our mark on eternity!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller