Daily Devotional for Thursday September 22, 2011

Why What is Happening in the Middle East is Important to You

(Matthew 24:23-25)

Why what is happening in the Middle East is important to YOU! While the incompetent Obama administration has not been able to put the uprising in Middle East in a concise, clear to understand, dialogue, let me do that for you today. Trust me, what is happening in the Middle East has very little to do with politics, and EVERYTHING to do with the final chapters of human history.

I have been telling you for the 12+ years Liveprayer has been online, that this nation is on borrowed time with God. Many have scoffed saying that I peddle fear. Sadly, those who make such foolish accusation neither know the attributes of God nor the lessons from history recorded in the Bible.

How long do you think a nation can worship false gods and idols, legally slaughter 4,000 innocent babies a year, make a mockery of God's Holy Institution of Marriage, support the enemies of Israel, and live in complete rebellion to God's Truth before God responds? The fact is, God has been responding, and His response will only get more harsh as He runs out of patience and pours out His wrath and punishment on this wicked nation.

What God is allowing to happen in the Middle East, is an uprising of Islam which has no interest in peace or stability, only in the total domination of the world. Since most have been sound asleep, apathetic, or simply bought into the media hype, let me share with you that Islam has been about one thing during its' 1400 year existence...DOMINATION!

They are not interested in the secular Muslims who for political purposes want peace and stability. You will see in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and across the Middle East, agents for true Islam rise to power and immediately end the peace treaties with Israel and take a firm anti-American stance, despite the billions in aid we give to those nations each year.

The precursor to the coming one-world government has been in place for decades, it is called the United Nations. That satanically inspired body will soon recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, WITH THE HELP OF THE UNITED STATES! That moment will fast track the final days of human history since the byproduct of Palestinian statehood will be an all out war by Islam with Israel.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has long called for the annihilation of Israel, and as these new, pro-Islamic rulers take power, Israel will be surrounded by forceful Islamic states that will not rest until they destroy God's chosen people and their land. After that, they will turn their sites on..the United States!

Ahmadinejad and Palestinian President Abbas are currently on US soil laughing at us. They are both documented terrorists. Instead of President Obama holding meetings with these two terror leaders, he should instruct Attorney General Holder to arrest them and try them for war crimes. They are being treated like rock stars, will sleep in palatial hotel suites, dine on the best food, and laugh at us as they plot to take over this nation!

Islam already has strongholds in European countries like England, German, and France, and exerting their dominance through the introduction to Sharia Law in parts of those nations. If you haven't looked lately, there is a growing Islamic presence in this nation, with groups tied to terror like CAIR spearheading the efforts to silence any critics of Islam in the United States and help solidify their presence and power in this nation.

Listen, if you think these are jsut the words of some Islamaphobic nutcase, than please, dismiss them. For over 12 years now I have been sounding the trumpet of warning in this nation and world, and everything I have shared with you has come to pass.

Gay marriage. The advancing agenda of the radical homosexual community. The rise of satanic cults like Mormonism and New age philosophies designed to lead the souls of men to hell. The ever increasing sexual deviance. The rise of faux churches that embrace sins like abortion and homosexuality and people who deny faith in Jesus. A never ending stream of gutless pastors and supposed men of God who devise clever marketing strategies to simply fill church pews with warm bodies, not converts to the faith and buidling strong Christians.

I have taken a firm stand for these past 12 years daily, in a public forum read by millions worldwide and been threatened with death, scorned, hated, spat upon, and ridiculed for telling people the truth and warning them about the wolves that satan has sent to lead souls to the depths of hell. Instead of buying private jets by compromising, I struggle with the simply meeting the daily needs of this ministry and my life for telling the truth that most people don't want to hear.

In the background, we have the incompetence of our President, who I told you before most even knew who he was due to my work in Chicago, had never run a lemonade stand in his life. While most think he is supporting Islam in his waffling remarks regarding Israel, the fact is he hasn't got a clue what he is doing and is the perfect foil for the rise of a false relgion like Islam seeking to take hold in nations around the globe, including the United States.

I love you and care aobut you so much. The bottom line is simple. Islam is on the rise in the world. They will use these "uprisings" to secure their place of power in Middle Eastern nations. If you think what is happening in Egypt, Libya, and Syria can't happen here you are sadly mistaken. Anyone who ever tells you that they know the date and hour of the world's end is someone to shun and run from, since only God knows that fact. However, you don't need to be an end-times scholar to know the time is very short.

That is why I come to you each day, to challenge you, to help you grow in your faith, since as the final days of human history unfold, now more than ever we have the opportunity to lead the lost to everlasting life by faith in Jesus Christ. He is the only hope for each nation, and each soul. As the events in our world become even more confusing, the one clear message God is sending is that NOW IS THE TIME..THIS IS THE MOMENT!

People will be looking for hope and answers. We know the only place the answers are found is in the Bible, and the only one we can place our hope is Jesus. That is our one and only message, and a message we must boldly, without shame deliver as we live in the last moments of human history!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller