Daily Devotional for Monday September 19, 2011

A Culture in Rebellion to God's Truth

(1 Samuel 17:47)

A culture in full rebellion to God and His Truth! I vividly remember my summer vacations during the '60s as I was growing up. One of the highlights each summer was the 2-week stay at my father's parents. Those two weeks with grandma and grandpa were always a special time. One of the things I will never forget was on Saturday night we always watched the Lawrence Welk Show. As an 8, 9, 10-year-old boy, it wasn't my favorite thing to watch because it was an "old people's show."

One thing I did enjoy about the Welk program was most every week they would include one of the great hymns of the Christian faith, and there were even some programs that were dedicated to the great hymns we sung in church each Sunday. I have to confess, if I am home on a Saturday night around 7 p.m., I always switch to the local PBS station, since that is the hour each week they replay those great Lawrence Welk Shows. I guess I am an "old people" now!

As you know, I have hammered PBS recently for airing the New Age lies of Dr. Wayne Dyer that are leading the souls of those who follow his false teachings to hell. That is why I was shocked last week to learn that PBS has announced it will no longer air ANY "religious programming." My guess is that they will label Dyer's programs that bring in millions of dollars to PBS each year as "spirituality," but will never even consider any program that counters his lies with the Truth of the Bible.

It will actually be very interesting to see how they handle some of the old Welk programs that are full of the great old hymns of the faith. PBS tends to have an older demographic and I am certain the Welk programs that have been used to raise lots of money for PBS over the years are a big reason many elderly people donate during their fundraising drives. The fact PBS is also supported by tax dollars makes this interesting that they can refuse to air any programming that would be geared to the Christian faith, but I doubt the ACLU will be defending Christians against PBS any time soon.

I bring this to your attention today as simply another example of what I have been telling you for years was going to happen, as the culture is slowly but surely aggressively trying to eliminate God, Jesus, and the Bible from the public arena while promoting the lies of satan. Twenty years ago PBS would have never had the guts to make a move like this, but nobody fears Christians any longer and satan is working overtime to eliminate Christ and Biblical Truth from the culture.

I have tried to share with you over and over that NOBODY fears Christians any longer. They are not afraid of us because we are so fractured, we have no real voice or presence in the secular marketplace Those who are most visible have no real impact on the culture because they either preach a watered-down feel-good message or compromise the Truth to pursue their own agenda, and the Truth has been so compromised in most churches that even those who profess to be Christians will support sin more readily than they will stand for the Truth of the Bible.

I have been told by major TV networks that air the most outrageous filth and garbage you can name, promoting every sin imaginable, that they find the content of my TV program to be "offensive and disturbing." THE WORLD IS OFFENDED AND DISTURBED BY THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!!!!

I love you and care about you so much. The fact is there is a world out there that is HUNGRY for real Truth. People are searching and looking for real hope and answers they can stake their lives on. I watch daily as people promoting a political ideology are rallying great numbers of people through their media presence. After nearly 7 years in the secular media, 10 years online, I can attest that this nation is RIPE for someone who has the guts and courage to boldly tell people there is a better way, and that better way is God's way!!!

I will remain faithful, continue to do what I do each day in reaching millions via the Internet, seeing lives impacted for Christ, and souls saved, while sitting on the vehicle that can change the spiritual course of this nation and turn our land back to God and His Truth. I am so thankful for the many people step up and sacrifice each month to keep me doing what I am doing, as I seek God for wisdom, pray daily for the Lord to send the right person or group who has the resources and vision to help me put into place the media tools we need, national TV and radio, to take this nation back for the Lord.

Satan will keep fighting with all his might to shut down Liveprayer through a lack of funding, since he knows if I can simply get my hands on the $12 million it would take to put those media pieces into place, we can immediately amass several million people around this nation who want to see this nation turn back to God and His Truth, giving us the voice and presence to battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of the masses who are simply waiting for someone to give them REAL hope and change!!!

Please be praying with me for God to lead that one person or one group who has the ability to help me. We have the proven vehicle to turn this nation back to God and Biblical Truth, to see millions souls saved, and we simply need the "fuel" to get this vehicle out there. Once that happens, there is no doubt that God's Spirit will begin to move like we have never seen and use our efforts to bring our nation back to the Lord and His Truth. As I have told you often, this is a battle for the soul of the nation and the souls of the lost masses!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller