Daily Devotional for Wednesday August 24, 2011

No Jesus No Nothing

(Luke 12:4,5)

"My friends, listen to me. Don't be afraid of those who kill the body but can't do any more than that. I will show you whom you should be afraid of. Be afraid of the One who can kill the body and also has the power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, be afraid of him." Luke 12:4,5

No JESUS, no NOTHING! How can you have any sort of meaningful spiritual gathering without mentioning the name of Jesus? How can anything really change unless it is through sinners regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit as they give their lives by faith to Jesus Christ? The answers are you can't, and it won't!!!

I have come under lots of criticism in the past few days for going into the national media and telling people that if you are a true Christian you should boycott in every way the Christian TV network TBN, the pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas John Hagee, and Wallbuilder founder David Barton. Why? They are currently in Israel as is Pastor Tom Mullin of the 30,000 member Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, disgraced televangelist Mike Evans, and many others to support and appear in Glenn Beck's "standing with Israel" rallies.

Why would the largest Christian TV network and many high profile Christian pastors be involved with and supporting a member of the satanic Mormon cult? For those who aren't familiar with the heretical beliefs of the Mormon cult, on of their fantasies is that they are part of the House of Israel. So Beck's cult supports Israel, making this a natural opportunity for him to make millions through donations, product sales, and subscriptions to his new GBTV web programs that became necessary after he was pressured to leave his daily FOX News programm, exploiting the love Christians have for Israel and the Jewish people.

If you watched any of the events (Unfortunately I had no choice in order to accurately report on them.), there was one person who was incredibly missing. There was one name you never heard any of these high profile Christian sell-outs mention, and that name was..JESUS! How can you have any meaningful spiritual event and never once mention Jesus? Of course, due to the fact these events were in Israel, they didn't want to offend the Jewish people by mentioning what is to most, the repugnant name of JESUS!!!

Beck's propaganda is that he is going to change the world through these events. That is comical, since first, the only way the member of a satanic cult can change the world is for the worse, but without people coming to know the Jesus Christ of the Bible as their personal Savior by faith, there can be ZERO real change. (The only "change" Beck is looking to make is making millions through his new internet TV show, and further his Mormon cult!!!)

Worse of all you had these supposed men of God on a highly visible platform, with a large audience in Israel and on TBN. Could there ever be a greater opportunity to share the Gospel? Could there ever be a greater opportunity to tell people that there is only ONE Truth, the Bible, and only ONE way to be saved, faith in the Jesus of the Bible? What a time to look into the cameras and remind all of the Jewish people watching that as a people, they were, are, and always will be God's chosen people. However, each person is still responsible for their sin, and God's answer to our sin is faith in the Messiah...Jesus!

If these were true men of God, a modern day Stephen instead of modern day Judas, they would have looked at Beck and told him that he and all of those in his cult were following the lies of a confirmed con artist, polygamist, pedophile, racist, and murderer. That the "god" and "jesus" of Smith are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible, and that God loves them enough that if they renounce the beliefs of their cult and give their lives to the one true Jesus of the Bible, they too can be saved and escape the eternal flames of hell.

Did anyone do that? Of course not. They followed Beck's script and did nothing but help a member of the satanic Mormon cult advance his financial and spritual agenda that will lead many of those who follow him to hell. God WILL hold them accountable for the blood of the innocent people who fall into the lies of Beck's cult and end up in hell for all eternity!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Of course, on Beck's radio program he called me evil for telling people to boycott TBN, Hagee, and Barton, and labeling him as an abomination. He is no different than the hosts on MSNBC who have lambasted me over the years for taking a Biblcial stand for Christ in the marketplace, but would never have the guts to have me on the air.

Beck, like the leader of his cult satan, is a coward. If a true man of God ever stood up to him in a public forum and forced him to acknowledge the true beliefs of his cult, he would be finished. He would lose a large percentage of his audience, ignorant Christians, who have bought the lie he is a Christian. His financial empire and ability to lead the ignorant to the lies of his Mormon cult would be greatly damaged.

Like all true Christians, I love the Jewish people. I love them enough to tell them the TRUTH about their eternal soul. I could do what Hagee did and lie to them that they are going to heaven without Jesus by virtue of being Jewish. That is the damnable dual-covenant lie Hagee spews since he makes a ton of money from the Jewish people that would dry up if he ever told them the truth about their eternal souls.

Beck is simply exploiting the Jewish people for his own purposes. Sadly, so were the so-called Christians who sold out to Beck, since they didn't have enough courage or love for the Jewish people to tell them that without Jesus, when they die they will stand beofre the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and be cast into hell for their sins.

In the end, TBN could care less. They will go on raking in hundreds of millions for more private jets, more real estate, more homes for the Crouch family. Barton is making more money than ever since he was bought off by Beck to give him credibility within the Christian community a few years ago. Hagee compromised years ago with his lie of the dual covenant doctrine in order to make millions off of the Jewish people, so he was a natural for Beck to use. Beck will continue using his conservative political rants to lure in the unsuspecting masses, many searching for answers, to the lies of his cult meaning they will die and burn in hell for all eternity.

No matter what the consequences, no matter how many people stop donating to Liveprayer, no matter how many times Beck and his cult members call me a religious bigot and hate monger for exposing their lies, BILL KELLER WILL KEEP CRYING OUT AS A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS TO WARM THE PEOPLE OF THESE FASLE PROPHETS! WITH SO MANY LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE, THEY ARE SITTING DUCKS FOR WOLVES LIKE BECK! I REFUSE TO SIT BACK IN SILENCE AND WATCH THEM PERISH!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller