Daily Devotional for Monday July 25, 2011

The Top News Stories All have a Spiritual Component to Them

(1 Samuel 4:10,11)

What does the fight in Washington to raise the debt ceiling, the implementation of "don't ask, don't tell" in the military, and the start of same sex marraige in New York mean to you and to this nation, and why they are important. I could talk about any number of pressing issues in the news today, but I wanted to deal with what appears to be a financial issue, a military issue, and a civil rights issue, and why each one is actually a spiritual issue that affects the spiritual course of this nation and why you should be paying close attention to each one.

Unlike the thousands of radio and TV pundits, newspaper columnists, and internet bloggers, I am going to give you insight on the current fight in Washington to raise the debt ceiling that you haven't and won't hear. As a matter of fact, it is the most important commentary on this financial crisis you will ever hear. Up front, I could care less about the politics of this debate. That is what the politicians do, fight this crisis at that level. I am sharing with you today that this fight over raising the debt ceiling is really not a political issue it is a spiritual issue!

I submit to you today that the debt crisis this nation is facing is not a financial problem but a spiritual problem. This nation long ago abandoned any resemblance to Biblcial principles in the stewardship of the finances of this nation, and we are now in a fiscal crisis that could easily bring this nation to its' knees. I told you back in 2008 as the financial crisis in this nation began to unfold and felt by millions of people, that God was allowing this to happen as a form of His judgment on our sinful and wicked nation that has turned its' back on Him and Biblcial Truth.

Let me reiterate the critical point I just made so you fully comprehend it. The debt crisis we are facing as a nation, that is being highlighted by this debate to raise the debt ceiling, is more than capable of destroying this once great nation. Even if the politicians come up with a quick fix to raise the debt ceiling, it means nothing. You will soon see the financial markets respond negatively, and you will see the credit rating of this nation lowered, affecting every person who uses a credit card, buys a car, gets a mortgage, or purchases anyhting on credit. It is inevitable since the debt we are carrying, along with our current and future obligations to entitlement programs is unsustainable.

Let me also reiterate that this is NOT a financial crisis, it is a spritual crisis! We have abandoned God and His Truth for the false gods and idols and lies of this fallen world. As I have told you many times over the past 3 years, God is using the economy as a form of His wrath and judgment on our nation!!!

In the past, I have written about the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy that will allow men and women who CHOOSE to engage in homosexual acts to openly serve. This is not a military issue, or a social issue, it is a spiritual issue! Since the revolutionary war and founding of this country, the United States has had the greatest military in human history. As our nation's military allows men and women who have chosen to engage in unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted sexual acts to openly serve, that will no longer be the case.

As I type these words today, I can assure you that the hand of God's protection on this nation's military will be lifted. In the future, we will go into battle, not with the sword of the Lord before us, but on our own without His protection. In the Old Testament, we read about the great military Israel had. We also read that when the nation became lost in sin, had turned against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God took His hand off of their great armies and allowed the enemies of Israel to defeat them.

Don't ever forget, it was a homosexual private named Bradley Manning who committed possibly the greatest act of treason against this nation in history by giving hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, simply because he was mad he couldn't engage in openly homosexual activity! In the coming years, you will remember these words as the moment God took His hand off our military and allowed our enemies to prevail against us!

Lastly, you have the start of same sex marriage in New York state Sunday. As much as this has been falsely presented as a civil rights issue, it is really a spiritual issue. With New York now allowing homosexual couples to marry, you have 7 states plus the District of Columbia, that have legalized same sex marriage. I will never forget doing Devotionals 10 years ago, telling people this day was coming, and being lambasted as a fear monger, paranoid, or jsut crazy.

I told you 10 years ago there was a very strategic effort underway by the pro homosexual community to force society to validate legally and ethically their choice of unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted sexual behavior and relationships, and to enact laws that allow them to promote this sinful choice to society, even to our children, as normal and desirable behavior. They have succeeded!!!

The disgusting thing to me over the past few years, especially during the run up to New York voting to legalize same sex marriage, was the cheerleading for this perversion of God's Holy Institution of Marriage on virtually every TV program you turned on. From the hosts on MSNBC, led by radical lesbian Rachel Maddow, to the hosts on CNN, led by openly homosexuals like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, to the major broadcast network newscasts, to the daily talk shows like "The View," you had a daily diet of commentary blasting anyone who opposed traditional marriage. Even FOX News, the supposed bastion of the right, refused to take a meaningful stand against same sex marriage!

If you think God is going to sit back while this nation makes a mockery of His Holy Institution of Marriage the family, you need to go back and read your Bible! God will not be mocked!!! He will not be silent. I have a word for the pro homosexual forces in this nation, "GOD...NOT YOU..WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD!!!"

I love you and care about you so much. As the events of our day surround us, I pray that you will keep your eyes open and see them for what they are. As the Bible says, "he that has eyes let him see." While I pray for and support the "one-day" efforts like Texas Gov. Rick Perry's AFA sponsored day of prayer, along with the various other one-time events the church is so good at putting on, they are not the answer. Haven't we proven over the last 40 yrs, with thousands of crusades, revival meetings, and every type of event you can name, that what is needed is an ongoing, nationwide, daily response to satan's lies? Satan never sleeps, and is busy 24/7/365 ensnaring people in his traps and helping to lead their souls to hell!

That is why Liveprayer launched the ambitious plan to bring together the remnant. God says, "I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal." It is our attempt to bring together into one unified and visible group, with one bold and loud daily voice that can't be ignored, this group who has refused to bow their knee to the gods of this world. If you missed that critical message, you can read it at the following link, and please share it with every Believer you know. http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=4498

As people go to the new page we have set-up and become part of the remnant, we will be emailing each one very soon to pray with them and based on their gifts and talents, share some thoughts how they may best allow the Lord to use their life to make the maximum impact for His Kingdom. Again, this is not about building Liveprayer, or another church or ministry, but building God's Kingdom!

What the remnant in the Bible never had was a real voice. The closest they had was the prophet, God's spokesman. Sadly, that message never reached the masses for several reasons. They didn't have the modern communications networks we have today. Today, we have tools like the internet, the social networking sites, TV, and radio, to reach millions worldwide daily with His Truth and the fact Jesus is the only hope and the only ansswer for each nation and each person! I am also asking those in the remnant to pray about making a special one-time special sacrifce of $300 that will be used for us to secure the TV and radio contracts we have available starting in October, to have that bold, daily, national voice for the Lord and Biblical Truth on secular TV and radio that NOBODY else has.

In the meantime, our nation is under God's judgment due to our crushing debt that could by itself, be the downfall of this once great land. We have sacrificed the greatest military in human history in order to appease a small percentage of people who have chosen to live in rebellion to God by committing unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted sexual acts. Sunday, New York becomes the latest state to mock God's Holy Institution of Marriage by allowing same sex couple to legally marry.

My friend, these are not financial, or military, or civil rights issues, these are spritual issues that has already begun to bring down the wrath and punishment of Almighty God upon this nation. Unless we repent, and turn back to God and His Truth our time is very short. It will soon be too late to act. Will you continue to sit back and watch the soul of this nation be destroyed, or will you rise up and stand with me?

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller