Daily Devotional for Tuesday June 21, 2011

Newsweek Proclaims that Gay Marriage is Biblical

(Luke 19:40)

"I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Luke 19:40

A few years ago, Newsweek, one of the secular print organs for the "religious left" that was sold for $1, proclaimed that gay marriage is Biblical. I could spend this time today taking apart point by point the Lisa Miller cover story in that edition of Newsweek, that makes the claim gay marriage is 'Biblical." For those who have been part of the Liveprayer family for a while, I told you years ago people would be killing themselves live on TV and on the Internet. That is now happening. I told you that it would soon be against the law to speak out against the sin of homosexuality. That is now the law in many European countries and Canada, and will be the law in this nation very soon. I have also told you that if you tell the lie loud enough and long enough, people will believe it to be the Truth.

Just in the past week, you now have the most pro-homosexual President in history, Barack Hussein Obama, stating that he is now planning on supporting gay marriage. Many United Methodist Church pastors are now open to defying the denomination by performing marriages of same-sex couple. An openly lesbian United Methodist "pastor" in Wisconsin is on trial by the denomination for performing same-sex marriages, despite the fact the denomination has been very open to homosexuality. The President of the Southern Baptist University, Albert Mohler, last week said that those in his denomination need to repent of homophobia, now parroting the lie from hell that homosexuality is not a choice. How sad that one of the last solid Biblically-based denominations has also bought into the lies of the homosexual movement!

Because the better percentage of 2 full generations have never been to church, because over 90% of those who are in church are Biblically illiterate, because so many churches have not brought in people by getting the saved, but by clever seeker/purpose driven/emerging church marketing strategies, because so many "pastors" aren't even saved and deny the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of the Bible, you have a major national publication using its cover to promote the LIE that gay marriage is Biblical and most people, even people in church, believe it!!!

As a side note, I would LOVE, just once, for any of these major national publications to try and make the case the Qu'ran supports gay marriage! I find it sad that they can pervert the Christian faith, make false claims about the Christian faith, but would never dare make such ridiculous claims about the false religion of hate and death that is Islam!!!

By the way, former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham is the epitome of this new and emerging group of heretics identified as the "Christian left." He loves to write books about the Christian faith, go on TV claiming to be a "Christian," yet he embraces positions on the key spiritual issues of our day that are in 100% opposition to God and His Word because he does NOT hold the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant Word of God, representing Absolute Truth, and our final authority on all matters. He is part of this most dangerous group I have been warning you about for some time now, those who call themselves "Christians," yet take positions in complete opposition to God and His Word.

Let me cut straight to the chase on this issue of gay marriage and the Bible. There is NOTHING in the Bible that supports this perversion of God's Holy Institution of Marriage, NOTHING! In Genesis we get God Himself instituting this wonderful bond as He performed the first marriage between Adam and Eve. All throughout the Bible, marriage is clearly defined as one man, one woman, for one lifetime. NOTHING ELSE! Jesus Himself not only taught and supported marriage between a man and a women, but clearly stated that if you love Him, you will OBEY HIM! THAT MEANS THE BIBLE!!!

The tortured logic and ramblings of Miller are very effective as she cleverly misleads people what the Bible does and doesn't say about this issue, knowing that very few people, even 90% of professing Christians, have ever read the Bible cover to cover. She is also banking on the emerging and growing number of "churches" in these last days who have abandoned the Truth and are actually preaching these same heretical lies. So she has done a great job of feeding into the current watered down preaching and teaching found in a vast majority of today's churches as she makes her case that the Bible supports gay marriage.

What infuriates me more than anything is not what Miller has done. She is simply a tool of satan being used to prorogate His lies. What infuriates me more than anything are the gutless, spineless "men of God" who have a platform and have said NOTHING on this issue. The ONLY people speaking out are those who are preaching to the choir and using this issue to raise money from their followers. NONE OF THESE SO CALLED CHRISTIAN LEADERS HAVE HAD THE GUTS TO GO INTO THE SECULAR MEDIA AND DENOUNCE THESE LIES OF NEWSWEEK! Why? It is bad for their "business."

Most of the secular media has now blackballed me, because they view me as some sort of radical, narrow minded, Bible thumping evangelist because I have the audacity to take a stand for Biblical Truth. For the record, those at FOX News don't like that I attacked Romney, Beck, and the Mormons for being a satanic cult. They clearly only want people like religious left icon Rick Warren who will not upset their viewers and speak in politically correct language. PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING AND GOING TO HELL DON'T NEED PC TALK, THEY NEED THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!

I have been amused at how pure religious con artists like Peter Popoff, Robert Tilton, Don Stewart, and others can buy time on major national secular cable networks to deceive people into giving them money, but those same networks won't touch me with a 10 foot pole. Over this past year, we have built a big following for the Liveprayer TV program on the Internet, the broadcasting vehicle of the future, but I will keep looking for opportunities to get back into the mainstream secular TV and radio markets to bring the uncompromised Truth of His Word to the lost and hurting masses.


I love you and care about you so much. My word for you today is this. God needs YOU more than ever. If you don't speak up on these issue at work, at school, with your friends, in various settings, who will??? Why is the world so quick to take a stand for the lie, and God's people so shy and timid about taking a stand for His Truth? The only way the lie is allowed to stand is when those who know the Truth are silent! YOU MUST DENOUNCE THESE LIES AND NOT LET THEM GO UNCHALLENGED!!!

Sadly, those who people view as "leaders," are quick to share with their constituency God's Truth, use issues like this to raise money, but refuse to go into the public arena and speak out on those critical issues putting people in bondage and leading their souls to hell. Why should they? What do they have to gain? It is bad for their "business," it causes people to lash out at them, so they are content with simply staying in their own little kingdoms they have built. In the meantime, those who oppose the things of God continue to use the secular media to share their lies with the masses, helping people to believe things the Bible NEVER says, to help justify their rejection of God and His Word.

The bottom line is that the Bible ONLY teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise, is a liar and clearly being used by satan to propagate his lies to destroy lives. It is critical in these last days that those who know God's Truth speak out! As you have seen, very few "Christian leaders" are willing to. If people like Miller and national publications are so bold with a lie, how much more bold should we be with the Truth! My Bible proclaims that if the people are silent, the very rocks will cry out!!!

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