Daily Devotional for Wednesday April 6, 2011

Is Burning a Qu'ran Justification to Slaughter over 20 Innocent People

(Numbers 33:55; Exodus 34:12; Ezra 9:14)

Is burning a Qu'ran justification to slaughter over 20 innocent people? Last September an obscure Florida pastor threatened to burn a copy of the Qu'ran, and rather than ignore this stunt, the media gave him his 15 minutes of fame. A month ago, this pastor finally did burn a copy of the Qu'ran, and no media outlets covered it. This past weekend, a mob of 20,000 Muslims in Afghanistan killed 21 UN workers, beheading two of them, as a response to the burning of the Qu'ran.

Since the media didn't cover the burning of the Qu'ran at a church with less than a half dozen members, how did they know? Hamid Karzi, the man we put in as the head of Afghanistan, in order to bolster his political standing with the Afghani people, found out about the burning of the Qu'ran and shared this information in a speech. After that, it was easy for the imams in the mosques to whip their people into a murderous frenzy.

Does that mean what this pastor did was OK? Last September when this controversy was initially raised, I did numerous interviews where I was asked about the burning of the Qu'ran. I clearly stated that I didn't agree with it for the simple fact there was nothing Biblical about what he was attempting to do, but more important, it did nothing to further the cause of Christ. I continue to take that stand on this issue.

The key to this sad story isn't the pastor who burned a copy of the Qu'ran, it is how the Muslim's responded, and just as critical, the deafening silence from Muslim leaders in this nation about how their Muslim brother responded. I have been trying to illustrate for you over these past 12 years that Islam has not changed in its' 1400 year history. Islam is a false religion that was founded and has been perpetuated for 14 centuries by war, violence, hatred, and death! NOTHING HAS CHANGED FROM DAY ONE TO THIS DAY!

The recent examples are almost endless. The riots and deaths stemming from the Dutch cartoon of Mohammed. the riots and deaths after the Pope properly said Islam was a violent religion. The worldwide terror attacks on the United States, Spain, England, and dozens of other nations. This is how Islam has always responded to anyhting they perceive as an attack on their false religion. Violence. Killing.

If there was ever a great opportunity for these so-called "peace loving" Muslim leaders in this nation to speak up, this was it. Instead, the only ones I have seen in the media are the ones denouncing what the Florida pastor did. NOT A WORD OF CONDEMNATION TO THEIR MUSLIM BROTHERS FOR KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR NO REASON!

As a matter of fact, one Muslim apologist I saw, stated that for Muslims, the Qu'ran is the exact word of God, unlike the Bible that was written by men. So that justified these murders! First, the Qu'ran is a poorly plagiarized copy of part so the Old Testament, along with the satanically inspired writings of this false religions murdering, pedophile founder Mohammed. The inspiration for the Qu'ran didn't come from God, but from satan. It is the Bible that is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, representing absolute Truth and our final authority in all matters!

I love you and care about you so much. What this pastor did has NO Biblical support and does nothing to advance the cause of Christ. It was nothing but a stupid stunt. The real story however is that this stunt would never have been known by Muslims in Afghanistan without President Hamid Karzi using this to advance his own political agenda, knowing that most likely innocent people would be killed in the process.

The part of this story that the press has ignored is that NOT ONE major Muslim figure in this nation has gone on camera to condemn the murderous rampage of innocence people by brother Muslims. The reality is, this is exactly how Muslims in this nation would respond if they had the numbers and were able to. As I have told you many time, Islam in Afghanistan is no different than Islam in the United States.

All Muslims believe the lie that the Qu'ran is the inspired word of God. So who has the audacity to change anything God said? Do you get it now? The only thing that prevents the racial actions of Muslims in this nation is the fact the simply don't have the numbers or political strength in this nation as they do in other nations. Even that fact has not stopped an unknown growing number of Muslims on US soil from looking for opportunities to kill innocent people as they did on 9/11, as they did at Ft. Hood, as they did at the recruiting station in Arkansas, as they have attempted to do unsuccessfully over 100 times since 9/11!

Please don't be fooled and think for a second that is not their ultimate goal, since it is the stated goal of Islam in EVERY nation they occupy! While the burning of the Qu'ran was a stupid stunt, it was very instructive in how Muslims respond to anyhting they perceive to be an attack on their fasle relgion, while how at the end of the day, a Muslim in the US is supportive of and no different than a Muslim in Afghanistan!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller