Daily Devotional for Monday March 28, 2011

Feeding the Sheep, Not Fleecing the Sheep

(Deuteronomy 16:17)

Feeding the sheep, not fleecing the sheep. For many years prior to starting Liveprayer, in addition to preaching in churches around the country, I was heavily involved in the Christian television world. I produced programming, consulted with most of the networks and stations, as well as many of the top TV ministries in the area of fundraising.

What I saw during those years were huge infrastructures of buildings and people that had to be fed, and heads of networks and TV ministries that lived extravagant and opulent lifestyles. Of course, the money for all this came from the people they were there to minister to. The focus of the planning meetings I sat in on were not about how to minister to people, but how to get them to give! It was not about feeding the sheep, but fleecing the sheep!!!

Listen, nobody understands the need to raise money to spread the Gospel like I do. That is why I don't have a building, but still operate out of the back of the same used car lot owned by one of my board members we started in almost 12 years ago. That is why I don't have a huge staff of people, but have managed to use technology to streamline the operations and depend on several key people to perform multiple jobs.

That is why I don't live in a million dollar home and drive brand new luxury cars or fly around in private jets. I have done everything humanly possible to bring God's Word to this lost world and share the hope and love of Christ with the lost masses in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible!


Many people have asked why we struggle so much just to meet our budget each month. Simple! Despite knowing every trick there is to raise money, I refuse to prostitute the people we minister to by selling their information to marketing companies or trying to get them to buy every kind of product and service known to man. Everything we do at Liveprayer is FREE! I am not here to sell people anything, but to GIVE them the Word of God and the hope we have in Jesus! I am not trying to reach people to generate money from them, but to bring God's truth into their lives.

People know if you really care about them, or if you only care about how much money they can give you! I refuse to look at people as "giving units," but as souls to challenge and encourage, to help along life's journey. The day I begin to look at the people we minister to as nothing but a group of people to generate money from, I'll leave the ministry.

From day one, God told me to share our need and let Him move on the hearts of people to give. For 101 months now I have watched Him do just that. We literally operate month to month and I only ask people to give what we need to get through that month. Each month is a testimony in and of itself of how God provides. People ask me how I sleep when we need tens of thousands in a few days to pay the bills. I tell them one advantage to only sleeping 4 hours a day is you sleep real good for those 4 hours!

But seriously, I know I have to do my part and share the need, contact people who I know who have the ability to help, and then trust God to move on hearts. God has honored our faith and commitment to trust Him, and as we start each month, I know His Spirit is guiding us since He is the one who sustains what we do each month.

So much of the fund-raising and financial pleas I see take God's Word totally out of context. Giving to a ministry does NOT guarantee that you will get back that money plus so many times more. God blesses our obedience in MANY ways, not just financially. Our health is a GREAT blessing. The health and safety of our family and friends is a GREAT blessing. Our old car starting and getting us from place to place each day is a GREAT blessing. God moving in a situation at work or school is a GREAT blessing.

The point is that God DOES bless us for our obedience and faithfulness, God DOES bless us when we are faithful and obedient in our giving. But His blessings come in many forms, NOT just financial!!!

From day one in my ministry, I have done my best to follow the Biblical formula for giving. First, giving is an act of worship. It is a way to honor God for His provision in our life. Second, ALL that we have belongs to Him. When we give, we are simply giving back to God a portion of what He has entrusted to us. Third, the Bible says to "give according to your ability to give." You can't give what you don't have, nor does God expect you to pledge money you don't have!

And yes, we are told to give God a portion of what He gives us right off the top, but God also expects you to take care of your day to day living needs as well. It makes no sense to give God $30 when you have no more money and you have an electric bill for $30. PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL. DON'T EVER SEND TO LIVEPRAYER THE MONEY YOU NEED TO PAY YOUR BILLS OR TO FEED YOUR FAMILY! TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS FIRST!

When you are faithful in tithing to God each week, you will be amazed how God will bless your finances. God WILL bless you for your obedience in this area. Giving IS important, but giving for the right reasons is just as important.

I love you and care about you so much. I am sure that I probably greatly upset some people in the ministry today. But God never intended people to give out of guilt, or give because they have been manipulated or tricked. We are to give because of our love for God. We give because God has entrusted each of us with a certain amount of provision during our life, and it is an act of obedience when we give a portion of that to Him.

The Bible teaches that we give our tithe to the place where we are fed, which in most cases is our home church. Our gifts are what we give to those additional works of God outside of the church that the Lord uses to feed us spiritually and gives us a burden for.

When God directed Moses to build the Tabernacle, when God directed David to build the Temple, He told them both the same thing. Share the exact need with the people and challenge them to give. THAT my friend is the Biblical example of how to fund God's work. Go to God's people, share the exact need, and challenge them to pray and give as God leads them to give.

We are to give out of our love for God, we are to give because all that we have belongs to God, we are to give with a joyful heart . . . NOT out of guilt!!! I count it a great honor to come into your life each day and share God's Truth and Christ's love with you. I am not here to fleece you but to FEED you!!!

***MARCH FINANCIAL UPDATE: With just 4 days left in March, we are facing some serious financial challenges. Due to attacks on our servers early Thursday morning, we have had to spend $10,000 we didn't have on a new server and dozens of hard drives. One dear friend sent $2,000 yesterday to help us with this emergency need. So we still need $8,000 to pay the balance of that emergency equipment purchase, plus the last $38,000 of our March operational budget. I refuse to be intimidated by these needs, since every month for 12 yrs now, the Lord has called on several key people to send a significant gift, and hundreds of others sending what they are able. HE IS FAITHFUL! Please take a few minutes today and pray about what the Lord is asking you to do today to help me insure we get the $46,000 we need over the next few days. Everyone can pray, most can send something, even if it is $5, and there are 3-4 people who God has richly blessed and can make a sacrifce of $5,000 or more. Thank you for being obedient and giving as the Lord purposes in your heart to give to help me. God bless you!!!

To make a special gift to Liveprayer, you can send your gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail it to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller