Daily Devotional for Wednesday February 23, 2011

The Latest Sell-Outs are James and Betty Robison

(1 Timothy 3:1)

***SPECIAL COMMENTARY: Is it any wonder why our culture is in the spritual freefall it is, when our "Christian leaders" sell-out the faith to partner with a member of a satanic cult simply to sell books. Glenn Beck continues to find high profile Christians like David Barton, willing to compromise the faith for whatever benefit they get from his media platform, in order to bolster the lie from hell that Mormons are Christians.

The latest sell-outs are James and Betty Robison. What a great opportunity to take a stand for the Gospel and on-air, share with Beck and his audience that Mormonism is a lie from hell, that he is following a "faux jesus" and not the Jesus of the Bible. Instead, they pitch their book and allowed Beck to get away with talking like he is a Christian without saying a word to confront that lie.

Also, this past weekend, Beck met with Billy Graham for several hours. Sadly, Graham has never taken a real stand against the Mormon cult. Many years ago, he actually preached at the Mormon funeral of Bill Marriott. Billy Graham had nothing to gain from meeting with Beck. Beck pursued this meeting for his own selfish purposes. He preyed on Graham's kindness to continue facilitating the lie he is a Christian, since a big percentage of his radio/TV audience he draws in with his conservative political views, those who buy his books, pay to see his performances, making him tens of millions annually that he tithes to the Mormon cult...are Christians!

Let me add, during his Washington rally Beck contacted most of the top Christian leaders in our nation. Thankfully, many refused to compromise the faith and be used for credibility by this cult member. It is funny, Beck loves to drop the names of the high profile Christians he has used. I wish I had a dime every time he has said the name Billy Graham this week. However, you never hear Beck talk about the real men of God who refuse to be used by him to help further the lie that Mormons are Christians.

Please save your emails telling me that these Christians Beck uses are only getting involved with Beck in order to help save his soul. I hear that tortured answer all the time. Show me ONE TIME, when any high profile Mormon, or any cult member who was using a high profile Christian to legitimize their cult, EVER renounced the lies of their cult and accepted the Jesus of the Bible. Finding high profile Christian sell-outs for credibility is one of the oldest games cult members have played. Beck has no desire to change his false beliefs, only in advancing his cult!

Please, never forget Beck's end game. He truly believes he is "Paul Revere" and is the "John the Baptist" of the Mormon cult. He believes Mormon cult founder Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophecy" as all Mormon's do, that says the nation will be in complete disarray, and a Mormon President will be elected who will set aside the US Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy.


Churches who rent space in their church to Muslims. Are you kidding me? Christian churches desecrating their altar by allowing Muslims to preach the lies of Islam from their pulpit! And we wonder why God's wrath and judgment on this nation is imminent? I wonder how the people who sacrificed and gave to build these churches, these temples to the Lord Jesus Christ, feel about the church they helped build being used to promote a 1400 year old like from hell that is about hatred, violence, and death. Islam is a false relgion that calls for the death to all infidels. An infidel is anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. THAT MEANS CHRISTIANS!

Satan must get a great belly laugh at the foolishness and stupidity of many Christians. I wonder how many mosques would allow a Christian group to use their facility? If you are a non-Muslim, you can't even enter their holy cities! As I have shared over and over, these ecumenical opportunities sound wonderful, but they simply do not work. Why? Because it is always the Christian who is supposed to lay aside the absolutes of the Bible in order to "get along."

If a church wants to be friends with their "Muslim neighbors," that is great. I suggest that they strike up these friendships in order to witness to them. They will find out very quickly that most Muslims, have NO DESIRE to hear the Gospel. They will say they love everyone, have no problem with Christians, but that is only because they don't have the numbers or Sharia law in this country...yet! In countries where they do, they only want to see Christians dead. That is their true attitude towards Believers in Jesus Christ and will never change.

Hearing about churches renting their buildings to Muslims is actually not a surprise. Why not? We have openly homosexual clergy in some churches. We have churches that embrace and glorify the sin of homosexuality. We have churches who support the killing of innocent babies. We have pastors who preach everything but the Gospel. We have pastors who aren't even saved. We have pastors who don't even believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. So why not rent God's house to a false relgion leading souls to hell? Chances are very good nobody has been saved in these churches in a long time, if ever!

I love you and care about you so much. Listen, I realize that only a few churches are renting out their building to Muslims. I imagine they are doing so with pure, but very misguided motives. The reason I am addressing this today is to once again, try and wake you up what is coming. Sadly, as the spiritual decay in this nation continues, I am certain we will see more of this.

The time is short my friend. The soul of this nation is hanging by a thread. The only hope and answer is to repent and turn back to the God of the Bible and to His Truth. In the past months, we have seen some brave politicians not compromising, and taking real stands for what they believe. People are shocked since that is not how politicians normally operate.

I say it is time for Christian leaders to rise up. Quit compromising. Grow a spine. Now more than ever the people in this nation need to hear the Truth of the Bible. People are dying for someone to rise up and lead them who has no personal agenda and isn't looking for personal gain. While the "Christian stars" are all on the Daystar network this week, twisting Scripture, lying to people that if they send money all of their problems will go away, all in order so they can fly around in their private jets, live in mansions, drive $300,000 cars, while the lost masses outside the church are hurting, dying, and going to hell!

God will pour out His wrath and punishment on this land for our sins, gross wickedness, and worshipping every false god and idol we have created, unless get on our knees, cry out for forgiveness, repent, and turn back to God, the Creator of the universe, and the Truth of the Bible!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller