Daily Devotional for Friday February 4, 2011

In 2006 I Introduced You to a Man People Never Heard of Barak Hussein Obama

(Matthew 10:28)

Jesus said, "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

In 2006, I introduced you to a man most people had never heard of, Barak Hussein Obama. From my years in Chicago, I knew everything you needed to know about this man and warned people how dangerous he was, since he masquerades as a Christian, yet takes a stand against God and Biblical Truth on every issue. Today, I want to introduce you to another man most people don't know, but need to, Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Huntsman, Jr. is the son of billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman, Sr. He is a former governor of Utah, and recently, was the US Ambassador to China. He is also planning to run for the Republican nomination to become President in 2012.

So what is wrong with Jon Huntsman, Jr? He is part of the satanic Mormon cult. What most people don't know is that his father is Glenn Beck's chief benefactor. Beck refused to release any of the financial information from his 8/28 rally in Washington DC, but Huntsman, Sr. reportedly made huge financial contributions to make that event happen.

Huntsman, Sr. has given billions around the world to fund Mormon causes leading untold millions of people to hell who fell for the lies of Mormonism. The Bible says that man sees the outer while God sees what is inside. He is hailed as this generous grandfatherly type, but is evil personified since he has used his vast wealth to fill the bowels of hell with souls who bought into the lies of this cult!

Most people assumed Beck would back fellow Mormon cult member Mitt Romney in his bid for the Presidency, but Romney has tons of baggage from his time as Governor of Massachusetts that will make it very difficult for him to get the broad backing necessary for the Republican.

Listen, this Devotional today may be dealing with politicians, but it has NOTHING to do with politics. It has everything to do with the "White Horse" prophecy of Mormon cult founder Joseph Smith! Very few people, especially his detractors in the media, comprehend Beck's apocalyptical mindset. They can't unless you understand Mormon prophecy as Beck clearly does.

Don't take my word for it, go Google, "Mormon White Horse Prophecy." It is a prophecy from cult founder Joseph Smith that Beck and all Mormons believe which basically says that our nation will undergo incredible economic and political unrest, and a Mormon will come to the rescue to save the nation. In order to do that, the US Constitution will be suspended and we will be operated as a Mormon theocracy.

Don't think Beck believes this? Ever wonder why he is so big on storing up food and gold? Why else unless some sort of catastrophic event that would disrupt life as we know it was possibly going to occur? Please, don't take my word for anything I am saying, look it up for yourselves.

There are plenty of websites you can Google that clearly lay out what Mormon's believe about the last days, though I doubt you will be able to find anything on Beck's new propaganda, errrr, news site. When Beck talks about "what the Lord is calling him to do," it is to lead this last days Mormon revolution as Paul Revere, with a Mormon, Jon Huntsman, Jr, being George Washington!

I love you and care about you so much. I have an open challenge to Glenn Beck. My "red phone" is waiting for your call. Just as Beck taunted the White House to respond to his allegations and challenge him if anything he said was false, I have made that same challenge to him. If there is anything I have said that is not true, he has a national platform to call me out. Like all liars, he is a coward who will never put himself in a place to be openly challenged.

Beck loves to go after the liberal press who attack him daily. However, he understands they don't have a clue to what he is really about or his real agenda since they are spiritually blind! He is just as gutless as Obama when it comes to those who can properly identify his true message and motivations. Again Glenn, feel free to contact me and I will appear with you any time, any place, in any venue, if you want to challenge even one word I have said.

Remember the name Jon Huntsman, Jr. You will be hearing that name more and more in the coming months. I could care less what his politics are, I DO CARE that as part of the satanic Mormon cult, the sheer influence of the office of President will lead multitudes of lost souls who have no faith to the lies of Mormonism where they will end up forever in the flames of hell.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller