Daily Devotional for Saturday November 27, 2010

Hearing What God has to Say Can be One of the Most Difficult Things We Do Each Day

(Ecclesiastes 5:1)

Hearing what God Has to Say can be One of the Most Difficult Things we do Each Day In some cases, we "just know" and in others we just aren't really sure. When we "just know," we need to boldly move ahead. When we aren't really sure, we need to be patient, because He will always send us confirmation.

When God gave me the vision for Liveprayer.com over 11 years ago, it was one of those "just know" messages. Having enjoyed great success over many years prior to starting Liveprayer.com, my life and ministry was going very well. But despite things going so smooth, I knew deep down I was on cruise control and God wanted more from my life. I have to be honest with you and share that I originally put God on hold about Liveprayer.com. After doing the initial research, doing what God was asking me to do was going to require several hundred thousand dollars to launch and sustain AND a huge commitment of my time. For both reasons, I started to find excuses not to move forward.

Then one night, I was reading about Jesus calling His disciples from their lives to follow Him. The Holy Spirit told me that what I was reading about were the ones that responded to the call. What was NOT in the Bible were the ones who did not answer the call to follow Jesus. No doubt there were some who Jesus called who did not respond just like the rich young ruler in Matthew 19 who "went away sorrowful" because he did not want to pay the cost of discipleship. Talk about missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Under great conviction, I asked God to forgive me, and quickly turned my entire focus to preparing and launching Liveprayer.com to reach people on the Internet for God. When I signed on the website on August 30, 1999 at noon EDT, Liveprayer. com was the only nonadult website, and still is today, to literally broadcast LIVE video 24/7 over the Internet.

In just over 11 years, we have had tens of millions of visitors to the website from around the world, have prayed over and responded to just over 70 million prayer requests, and now send the Daily Devotional to over 2.4 million email accounts worldwideeach morning. More important, we know of at least 500,000 people that have professed Jesus Christ as their personal savior and have seen countless miracles in people's marriages, health, and finances. God is still in the miracle business in the year 2010!

I love you and care about you so much. I share this to encourage you today, that when God is speaking to you-LISTEN and OBEY. It is unlimited what He can do with a life totally yielded to Him. He took a few totally sold-out men after the death and resurrection of Jesus, and not only turned the world of that day upside down, but changed the course of human history forever as untold millions, maybe even billions have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior because of their obedience.

Remember, God uses our obedience and faithfulness to accomplish His plan and purpose, and nothing we do for Him is in vain, though we will never fully see the fruits of our labors!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller