Daily Devotional for Sunday October 31, 2010

One of the Biggest Problems We have in Our Churches is Compromising the Word of God

(James 4:17)

One of the biggest problems we have in our churches, in public ministries, is compromising the Word of God to conform to this politically correct day we live in. My friend, there is no compromising the Word of God! I have taken much heat in the past from many of the subjects I deal with in my Devotionals. That is fine. However, the attacks should not be directed at me, since I am only bringing forth what God says in His Word. If someone wants to challenge whether homosexuality is a correct lifestyle choice, or honoring parents that may have abused you is proper, or eating too much is a sin, then you need to take it up with God, not me.

All I am doing is proclaiming for you what God is saying in His Word. And please, never blindly accept what I say to you. Check it out for yourself. What I share with you is coming right from His Word. The job God has given to me is not to say things to make you feel good, though I pray you will find comfort in much of what is written. But it is meant to help you stay focused on what God expects of your life, and if that is in contrast to where you are at, then you need to discuss it with Him. I believe one of the main problems we have had in our churches over the last 30 years is the liberal theology that has infested the body of Christ. The theology that is almost Unitarian saying "if you are a good person, and try hard, help some people along the way, you will make it to Heaven." Please hear me. That is straight from the pits of hell itself! It sounds nice, but it misses the one key element . . . our sin problem.

Jesus said it the best, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me." My friend, in this day of excess, easily accessible sin, an abandonment of our morals, now more than ever the church of Jesus Christ needs to be preaching a message of personal responsibility. A message of what God expects from our lives. An uncompromising message that it only works God's way. A message that you must die to self daily. A message that it is not our life any longer, but His. A message that does not compromise the precious truth of His Word!!!!

I love you and care about you. Now more than ever, we are living in a day when we are chastised for not being "politically correct." Well, they hung our Savior on a cross for not being politically correct, for not compromising. That is the example He has set for us. Now more than ever, we need to follow that example. There is no room, no place for compromise in God's Kingdom.

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In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller