Daily Devotional for Friday September 24, 2010

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Terminated $7.5 Million in Public Funding for Planned Parenthood Clinics in the State

(Exodus 20:13; Psalm 106:38; Jeremiah 1:5)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie terminated $7.5 million in public funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state. Democrats in the NJ legislature countered with a bill that cleared the Senate with a 30-10 vote, sufficient to override a veto. But when that veto came from Gov. Christie and the Democrats scheduled an override vote, Republicans in the legislature backed down and the measure failed 23-17. Now, Planned Parenthood facilities in NJ are shuttering their doors!!!

AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Sadly this state governor has more guts than most pastors! Do you know how many so called "churches" now support killing babies??? It is sickening. Not to mention we have the most pro-death baby-killing President in the history of the nation sitting in the Oval Office! Hey President Obama, ARE YOU LISTENING???

The leading baby killing organization in the world is Planned "how to kill your baby" Parenthood, recently released their financial data for fiscal 2005-2006 and here are the numbers. They brag that they performed a record 264,943 murders during the year. During that time they received $345.1 million in clinic income, $212.2 million in donations, and $305.3 MILLION DOLLARS FROM US TAX PAYERS!!! Their total income was $902.8 million with expenses of $847 million, leaving them a profit of $55.8 million dollars!!! What a great business they have!!!

Want a good contrast. Based on the actual ministry results we have generated over 11 years through the Internet and on TV, FOR A FRACTION OF WHAT PLANNED "how to kill your baby" PARENTHOOD GENERATED JUST IN THEIR DONATIONS, WE COULD SEE ALMOST AS MANY SOULS LED TO CHRIST AS BABIES THEY SLAUGHTERED!!!

The fact that our Federal Government makes the practice of infanticide legal in this nation is sickening to me, and I can only imagine how it sickens God. The fact that the Federal Government takes $300 MILLION TAX DOLLARS and gives it to this organization to slaughter babies disgusts me more than I can even begin to put into words. The government not only make killing babies legal, they actually take our tax dollars and give them to the leading organization whose sole purpose is to slaughter innocent babies.

My friend, we not only are long overdue God's wrath, but we deserve God's wrath! Forget the fact we have turned from God to worship the false gods and idols of the world. Forget the fact that we live in total rebellion to God and His Truth. Simply the fact that we slaughter over 4,000 innocent babies every single day in this nation is enough for us to suffer whatever punishment God metes out!

I keep asking myself when will this nation wake up? I am afraid like the children of Israel so many times in the Old Testament, we have become so lost in our sin, so blinded by our rejection of and rebellion to God, that we no longer possess a conscience. Our hearts are so hardened and our soul is seared that we no longer care. Knowing that it is only a matter of moments before God says enough is enough and pours out His wrath upon this nation, it would be easy for hopelessness to set in and do nothing. That is the mindset satan wants us to have. Instead, now is the time to do more! We are the victors, it is satan who is defeated!

I believe in my heart of hearts that we can see a real spiritual revival in this nation, and more importantly, see millions of lost souls turn from their sins and to faith in Jesus. The time has never been more ripe. I look at the fact this one organization whose sole goal is the slaughtering of innocent babies raised nearly ONE BILLION dollars last year. With just ONE PERCENT of that, Liveprayer can lead as many souls to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ as babies Planned "how to kill your baby" Parenthood can murder in a year!

I love you and care about you so much. Can we ever take the Federal Government out of the business of slaughtering innocent babies? I pray daily for that moment to come. We have to do all we can to at least get them to stop funding this private organization whose only business is killing innocent babies. In the meantime, as we fight those political battles, we have to keep fighting this issue on the ground by changing hearts and lives.

In just over a year since I put up the video of an actual abortion being performed on the Liveprayer website ( http://www.liveprayer.com/abortion.cfm ), we have received emails from over 1,000 women who were planning on killing their baby, watched that video, and decided to let their baby live. I have no doubt many more babies are alive today because of that one video clip. We have to continue to speak out and not be silent, to let women know there are options to killing their baby, to educate young people on God's plan for sex and relationships, and most important, lead people to faith in Christ and the Truth of His Word!

Planned "how to kill your baby" Parenthood is a sick and disgusting organization. How would you like to go to work each day at a place where their business is slaughtering innocent babies? They make their money by charging women to kill their baby. What a wonderful way to use some of what God has entrusted to you. They make their money through donations. How fulfilling it must be to go to sleep at night knowing that you sacrificed some of your hard earned dollars to help kill an innocent baby. They also are given hundreds of millions a year by the Federal Government to finance their baby killing business.

If people want to pay someone to kill their baby that is their choice. If someone wants to give their money to an organization whose business is killing babies, that is their choice. TO TAKE TAX DOLLARS AND GIVE THEM TO A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION SO THEY CAN SLAUGHTER INNOCENT BABIES IS UNCONSCIONABLE AND HAS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY!

***As I come to you today, we have some very critical financial needs. As you know, we accrued over $100,000 in shortfalls during 2009 due to the downturn in the economy and a drop of nearly 37% in donations from the previous year. We have been blessed, since over the past 2 years of this economic downturn, thousands of churches and over 10,000 non-profits have closed due to a lack of funding. We have pressed hard this year and because of some special large gifts, have covered $80,000 of those shortfalls. I have been asking 4 people to make a special one-time gift of $5,000 to help me clear this up.

Due to cutting everything possible to continue effective operations, we have held our own so far this year, despite an additional 8% drop in donations from last year. It took until the middle of this month to pay off the shortfall from our August budget, so we still have to cover the last $25,000 for this month. Lastly, yesterday we had one dear family cover the $7,000 for last weeks expenses at the new "9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero." I still need to cover the $7,000 for this week, and $7,000 for the last week of this month. So by the end of the month in 6 days, we need to bring in $59,000 to end the month at zero, and that is all I have ever asked the Lord for from day one. Not one penny more, just what we need for that months operations.

The time is short, the spiritual state of this nation hangs in the balance, the souls of hundreds of millions of people are at stake. It is time to act!!! THE ONLY WAY SATAN CAN KEEP ME DOWN IS BY LIMITING OUR FINANCES!!!

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I have but one life, and when it was over, I want to be able to stand before God and know that I gave everything I had for the Kingdom. I want to take my last breath knowing my life's work is complete and I held nothing back in my service for the Lord. I have only been able to fight this fight these past 2 decades because of dear friends like you. Now more than ever I need you to stand with me. Pray, give as you are able in accordance with what the Bible teaches, and take your stand with me.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller