Daily Devotional for Friday August 27, 2010

What is Wrong with Fellowshipping with Muslims, Mormons, and Others who Part of some Cult

(John 14:10, 3:16)

What is wrong with fellowshipping with Muslims, Mormons, and others who are part of some cult, false relgion, or new age philosophy? NOTHING! As a matter of fact, we SHOULD be fellowshipping with people who have rejected the Jesus of the Bible as their personal Lord and Savior. This is exactly what Christ has COMMANDED, not suggested we do!

That is why Liveprayer has been on the internet and has aired our TV and radio programs only on secular stations. This is not just a ministry, but an evangelistic ministry! We are not just here to minister to those who know the Lord, to bring the Truth of God's Word into the marketplace, but above all, share with lost souls the hope and love of Jesus Christ and that through faith in Christ we can enjoy everlasting life!!!

Fellowshipping does not mean we EVER, EVER, compromise our faith and the Truth of the Bible. Fellowshipping does now mean we lay aside the absolutes of the Bible to "get along." Fellowshipping means that we love others who are lost and without Christ, loving them enough to tell them the truth that there is only ONE God, the God of the Bible, ONE Truth, the Bible, and ONE WAY TO BE SAVED, faith in the Jesus of the Bible!!!


Please don't be intimidated into silence by those who call you a hate monger, homophobe, islamaphobe, or any other derogatory name designed to keep you silent. I could only pray to receive one penny for every time I am told to shut up, called one of these derogatory names designed to silence me, told that I make Christians look bad because I have the audacity to tell someone who rejects Jesus they will die and end up in hell.

We have a generation of gutless pastors too afraid to simply state the Truth of the Bible, thus a generation of gutless Christians who are too afraid to simply state the Truth of the Bible, while the spokesmen of satan have no fear or shame and proudly proclaim their lies to the masses!

Sadly, fellowshipping has turned into Christians getting in bed with anyone of any belief system if it helps them in some way. Two incredible current examples of this are Glenn Beck and Islam. My first encounter with Glenn Beck came back in March of 2003, nearly 7 1/2 years ago, during the Elizabeth Smart affair. I told the Daily Devotional subscribers that she was most likely taken by a Mormon to be one of his wives, which is exactly what turned out to have happened.

I made the national press during the aftermath of the Smart incident, because I shined the light on the fact teen age girls in that area the country are often taken a child brides of Mormons who still follow the cult's teachings on polygamy, despite the fact the main headquarters of the cult outlawed the practice since it put them on the wrong side of the law and out of the mainstream where they desperately wanted to be. However, they still preach polygamy, it is still part of Mormon cult doctrine in their warped version of the afterlife, and is still very much in practice by many Mormons in western states.

During this time, Beck was just starting his climb to fame. I was invited on his radio program on the Smart issue. We spoke several times off the air prior to the interview, and he ended up canceling my appearance since after numerous lies to the contrary, he finally admitted that he was a Mormon. I remember numerous email exchanges with him in which I tried to share with him why Smith was nothing but a con man and the Bible is the only Truth there is. He dismissed me as nothing but a "Mormon bigot."

I have continually warned people about Beck, especially after Mormon Mitt Romney's company bought Clear Channel and they made Beck a star by putting him on hundreds of the best radio stations in the nation in the 3 hour slot prior to Limbaugh. He was a natural for FOX News, since they heartily endorsed Romney and took a zero tolerance stance on any guest telling the truth about the Mormon cult.

I was blackballed from most programs during the election when I was in the national news for simply asking Romney to stop lying that he is a Christian. FOX is very knowledgeable of their viewing audience, an audience that is heavily Mormon due to their conservative political stance, so they were not going to let anyone tell the truth about this satanic cult. Supposed "Christians" like Hannity and O'Reilly would call anyone telling the truth about Mormon beliefs, "bigots."

It is comical in one sense, simply disgusting in another, because innocent souls are being led to hell. Beck now uses both his radio and TV programs to lure people via his political beliefs, and than starts preaching to them. He often lectures on theology, telling his audience what Christians believe. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? There is NOTHING, ZERO, Christian about Mormon doctrine! It is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity!

The god of Beck isn't the God of the Bible, but someone who was once a human and ascended to godlike status as Beck believes he too will one day. Mormonism believes in polytheism, or NUMEROUS DEITIES, not one! Sadly, the one who they believe is NOT a deity is their version of jesus! Their jesus is the result of a sexual union between their "god" and Mary, making their jesus a created being and the brother of Lucifer.


The danger of Beck is by using his political positions, he lures in conservatives, many Christians, ALL the Mormons, with the vast majority of his followers being of NO FAITH since the better percentage of the last two generations have never even been to church. That makes this group prime candidates for Beck's "faith" as he calls it, and puts their eternal souls in peril if they end up buying the lies of Mormonism.

What makes this worse is that Beck does this with the help of high profile Christians who have sold out the faith for whatever financial and other benefits they get from being with him. If you remember, cult leader Myung Sung Moon did the same thing in the 80s, buying off top evangelicals like Dobson, Schuller, and many others. Romney did the same thing during the '08 elections in trying to win the important Christian vote.

Men like David Barton, John Haggee, the Falwell brothers, and anyone else who stands with Beck for any other reason than to tell the truth about the satanic Mormon cult and denounce it, are gutless and spineless cowards of the faith. Barton has issued numerous pathetic "damage control" statements since so many are asking him to explain why he would do this. Let me answer that for David..MONEY!!!

We are now seeing this with Islam. I have warned you in the past about men like purpose driven marketing genius Rick Warren who has been in bed with every pro-homosexual, new age, Islamic group you can name in order to further his personal agenda. You NEVER hear Warren look at a Muslim and tell them that without Jesus they will die and burn in hell.

This is the same issue with all of these ecumenical groups. The only reason a Christian, or Christian church or minsitry should be involved in one of these ecumenical groups is if they are going to take a firm stand for the truth of the Bible. You never see Islam back down form their beliefs, or any other cult or new age group. It is always the Christians who are expected to back down, and they always find the spineless men who will!

I love you and care aobut you so much. If you want to know why this world is in the spiritual mess it is, I just told you. COMPROMISE! Supposed men and women of God who compromised the Truth, refused to take a stand for God's Word. You don't stand with Muslims, Mormons, cult members, those who believe in the new age philosophies, you stand against their beliefs and share the Truth of the Bible, or you don't stand at all!!!

Beck will make tons of money at his political rally, honor rally, back to " god" rally, or whatever rally he is now calling it this weekend. Sadly, people are so spiritually lost and looking for hope, they are sucked in by con artists like Joseph Smith and his modern day prot?g? Glenn Beck! There will be at least 100,000 there to listen to his lies. Worse of all, there will be high profile Christians at his event Friday night at the Kennedy Center and Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, giving credibility to this tool of satan (accurate description of anyone who is trying to lead the souls of men to hell).

Please, take note of those "Christians" who give approval to this satanic cult member Beck by their presence and participation. They are nothing but modern day Judas' who are looking for their few sheckles of silver. Keep an eye on those "Christians" who defend the victory mosque and Islam during this current debate. Again, these are nothing but sell-outs to the faith who don't have the guts or courage to stand for the Truth of the Bible.

Over the years, I have stood face-to-face with the abortionists, the leaders of the homosexual movement, Mormons, Scientologists, Atheists, Muslims, and without batting an eye shared with them the love and hope of Jesus Christ and loved them enough to tell them that without faith in Jesus they would die and burn in hell. You either believe that or you don't, and if you do, have the courage to say it without compromise since when a man takes his last breath his eternal fate is sealed. There will be no compromise at that point!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller