Daily Devotional for Thursday August 19, 2010

What God and Jesus You Believe does Matter

(2 Corinthians 6:14)

What God and Jesus you believe does MATTER!!! Our nation is in spritual freefall. The evidence is all around us. The better percentage of two full generations have NEVER even been inside of a church in their life. The Christian church is so fragmented its message has virtually ZERO influence on our society. The mainline denominations have compromised the Truth of the Bible to the point most aren't even worthy of being called a church.

We have a generation of gutless pastors who don't even believe the Bible, so it is no wonder why we have a generation of sheep who call themselves Christians yet support everything God stands against like homosexuality, killing babies, to name a few. Churches in 2010 are more interested in building their numbers through modern seeker/purpose driven/emerging church marketing strategies designed to put warm bodies in their multi-million dollar entertainment facilities as opposed to the simple preaching of the Gospel!

Next weekend, satanic cult member Glenn Beck will make millions (despite the fact he has joined himself with several vets groups who will get some of the funds for crediblity) hosting apx 300,000 people in Washington DC where he will call the nation to turn to "god." Of course, Beck waffles and is ambiguous about WHAT GOD!

Are people so ignorant that they don't know when Beck speaks of "god," he is speaking of a polytheistic being who was once a human and ascended to god status as satanic Mormon cult members believe they too will achieve one day? When Beck speaks of "jesus," he is not speaking of the Savior of the world, but a created being through the sexual union of his polytheistic god and Mary, resulting in a CREATED BEING, the brother of Lucifer, NOT A DEITY!

Beck has used his radio and TV media platforms to make a personal fortune and attract a large following due to his political ideology, while slowly beginning to speak more and more on "spiritual issues." He speaks openly of his "faith in Jesus Christ." He sees himself as a modern day Moses, leading the people. If there has ever been an example of how spiritually bankrupt this nation is, it is the large following this cult member has amassed with his outright lie that he is a "Christian," when the doctrines of the Mormon cult have NOTHING to do with Biblical Christianity.


Beck, like Romney and other Mormon cult members, have benefited from weak Christians who have sold out the faith in order to gain whatever fame and MONEY they can gain from being associated with them. He has used people like David Barton of Wallbuilders, John Haggee, Jonathan Falwell of Liberty University, Sarah Palin, and many others, who have given this CULT MEMBER credibility and helped weak Christians and non-believers fall for Beck's Mormon lies.

He has preyed on the weakness and ignorance of most Christians who think Mormons are Christians and what he says is wonderful, when in fact, they are supporting a satanic cult member who will die and go to hell (Yes Glenn, hell is a real, literal place!) unless he renounces the lies of his cult and accepts the Jesus of the Bible as his Savior as all Mormon cult members will!

Of course, Beck is clever at being inclusive to everyone, no matter what they believe in. He said gay marraige isn't harmful, nor does he speak much about abortion, since these issues are too divisive. Division is bad for his business. People are hungry for something to believe in. People are looking for answers! That is why cults like his and the false religions of the world are flourishing! Beck presents nothing but the universalistic lie from hell that everyone will get to heaven no matter what "god" or "jesus" you believe in. Hell, a place he says doesn't exist, will be populated with hundreds of millions of lost souls who buy into this lie Beck is peddling.

We do need to turn back to God, but not Beck's false god of Joseph Smith, or the non-existent god of Islam, "allah," but the God of the Bible!!!

---IT DOES MATTER...FOR ETERNITY... WHAT AND WHO YOU BELIEVE IN!!! I ask you this Biblcial question, "What fellowship does the light have with darkness?" If Beck wants to rally people around his political ideology, that is great. If Beck wants to rally people around his satanic cult beliefs, guised as Christianity, that is straight from the pits of hell!!!

(Beck often calls out his detractors on his programs. Since I know his staff spends their day looking for anything negative being said about their boss, let Mr. Beck know that unlike housewives he can intimidate, I welcome the opportunity to talk to him about these issues on the air. Of course, he doesn't have the guts, since I would reveal to his vast audience what his cult really believes and it would not be good for his business. All I have ever asked is for Beck, Romney, and other Mormons to quit lying to people and simply admit they are NOT Christians and that the god and jesus they believe in are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible! Just in case you get a flash of courage Glenn, my "red phone" is waiting for your call.)

While this pied piper of satan's lies helps lead innocent souls to hell, we are also embroiled in a national debate about the building of a victory mosque by the hallowed ground where their Muslim brothers committed the greatest act of terror on US soil. You don't think this is a victory mosque? Why did they choose the 10th anniversary of 9-11 to open this temple to satan?

Liveprayer is the only Christian group that has taken a real stand by opening our 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero two weeks from Sunday as an ongoing answer to the lies of Islam that will be propagated at their victory mosque, as they train a new generation of Muslims who will seek to turn the United States into a Muslim nation, which is their ultimate goal everywhere in the world. I call out Imam Feisal Rauf just like Elijah called out the prophets of baal on Mt. Carmel. We will see what God answers by fire!!!

I know I will get tons of harsh emails today because I dared to properly identify Beck and Islam for what they are, straight from the pits of hell. Many will unsubscribe. Many more will stop donating. If that was what I cared about, I would play the same politically correct games all other ministries play and smile and tell you everything is wonderful. I would rake in millions and never worry about funding since everyone would love me.

But one day I will die and stand before God like we all will, and answer for my life. I have to tell you the truth since clearly most won't! I am reviled by most in this politically correct society, and even by many who call themselves Christians. BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHY OUR NATION IS IN THE SPIRITUAL FREEFALL IT IS!!! MEN OF GOD NO LONGER HAVE THE GUTS TO STAND FOR THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I refuse to let a true tool of satan like Beck lie to millions of people and help lead their souls to hell. I refuse to let the Muslims take over this great nation. There is only ONE GOD, and ONE JESUS, and ONE TRUTH. Our only hope is to turn to the God of the Bible, His Truth found in the Bible, and find everlasting life through faith in His Son Jesus. That is the ONLY message that can save our nation and save the souls of men.

Did you know that now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, has called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque? Now more than ever I need my friends to stand with me, as we take our stand for Christ in this nation and at ground zero, against the lies of tools like Beck, Islam, and now against our own government!!! I can't do this alone and I need YOUR help today!!! Are there people today who love the Lord, love the uncompromised Truth of the Bible who will stand with me? Time has run out! We must act now!

***As we head into these last 12 days of August, I really need your prayers and financial support more than ever. We have just finished paying off the July shortfall, meaning we now have to cover the last $38,000 of our operational budget for this month. One more family made the commitment to send a one-time gift of $5,000, so we just need 4 more people to make a special one-time gift of $5,000 to finish paying off our 2009 shortfalls. *Lastly, I need one person to send a gift of $7,000 in order for us to cover our first week of the new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. That is $65,000 that we need over the next 12 days!

--->I desperately need $20,000 of that immediately! Please pray about allowing God to use you to help me during this critical time!

You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail a gift to: Liveprayer 6660 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 *For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

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Thank you my friend. How things became so spiritually upside down so fast is sad. Those of us who are 50 and older remember when this nation held a firm belief in the God of the Bible and the Truth of His Word. Cult sand false religions were on the fringe. People correctly identified them for what they were and denounced them. Because the church left the culture 40 years ago, we now find ourselves in the spiritual nightmare we are in. But we can still turn things around, and save millions of souls in the process.

What fellowship does light have with darkness? NONE!!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller