Daily Devotional for Monday June 21, 2010

Why Putting Your Faith in a Politician or Political Commentator will always Disappoint You

(Ecclesiastes 10:1; Song of Solomon 2:15; 1 Corinthians 5:6)

Why putting your faith in a politician or POLITICAL COMMENTATOR will always end up disappointing you. Sadly, tens of millions of people have turned to politicians and political commentators for hope and answers. Politicians and political commentators may claim to have the answers you are looking for, and when it comes to politics they may, but due to the fact the better percentage of two full generations have never been to church, they are also influencing people on the spiritual issues of our day as well. The people do not base their positions on the Truth of the Bible, but on polls and how to generate a larger audience.

A few weekends ago, political commentator and entertainer Rush Limbaugh got married for the 4th time. His 4th wife requested that Elton John perform at their wedding, and Limbaugh paid $1 million to make that happen. The fact that I have had hundreds of emails defending Limbaugh's decision BEFORE I even wrote the Devotional was all the proof I needed regarding how important this message today is.

Rush Limbaugh is a political commentator and entertainer, he is NOT a theologian even though like all politicians and political commentators he often speaks on spiritual issues. One reason he has such a large following is not just because of his political views, but his very vocal stand for God on the social/spiritual issues of our day. I applaud Limbaugh for his stance on life. Despite his own failures, he has stood for traditional marraige in light of the attacks on God's Holy Institution from those who want to legalize perverted same-sex marriages. He has also spoken out over the two decades plus he has been on the radio against the radical homosexual agenda.

Sadly, Rush COMPROMISED his beliefs to accommodate his 4th wife's wishes by paying ONE MILLION DOLLARS to one of the world's leading activists for the radical homosexual agenda and gay marriage, Sir Elton John. Listen, I grew up listening to Elton John's music, he is a musical genius and one of the world's leading entertainers. However, I would never compromise my beliefs by paying him 1 million dollars for a private performance since it goes against all I believe and stand for.

Just as sad, was the participation by Rev. Ken Hutcherson, the former NFL player who now pastors a church in Washington state. Hutcherson is a solid man of God who has done great things through his church, and has become friends with Limbaugh. Sadly, rather than counsel Limbaugh about why he should not have Elton John perform at his wedding, he chose to compromise his beliefs and officiate the ceremony.

Before the nasty emails start coming in, let me save you the time. I know Limbaugh is a political commentator and not a theologian, that the money he spent was his to spend, and that to most this is no big deal. That is the exact problem. In the scheme of things it may be no big deal, but it is simply another classic example how people are willing to compromise their beliefs to do the things they want to do. I realize those many who are part of the Liveprayer family are strong enough in their faith to not allow the people they get news and information from influence their views on issues, but the reality is, the bulk of the masses they reach have no real faith and ARE influenced by what politicians and political commentators say.

In his first show back from his honeymoon, Limbaugh was masterful at trying to blame those on the political left who hammered Elton John for performing at Limbaugh's wedding. He justified having John perform by saying that what people choose to do in their private lives is not his business. This plays into the culture shaped by the radical homosexual movement to legitimize their choice of perverted sex. The fact is, Limbaugh has made his fortune by commenting on what people do in their private lives, and prior to this, has often spoken out against gay marriage and the radical homosexual agenda. Memo to Rush, Elton John is "married" to a man and he is a strong advocate for the radical homosexual agenda!

This is why I warn you often from putting any faith or hope in a politician or political commentator. We have already seen the "hope and change" President Obama promised the masses blow up in less than two years. Bill O'Reilly speaks often on social and theological issues, even though he believes in the universalistic lie from hell that everyone will make it to Heaven if they just try hard enough. Sean Hannity takes "theological" stands on issues, but often contradicts the Truth of the Bible for what he wants truth to be.

I have been warning people for years about the dangers of Glenn Beck. Beck sees himself as a modern day "Moses" who is going to lead people back to righteousness. He truly believes this. He also believes in the satanic lies of the Mormon cult and sees himself and Mitt Romney as the fulfillment of Joey Smith's perverted and satanically inspired prophecies to turn this nation into a Mormon theocracy. Like Romney, when Beck talks about "God," "Jesus," the "Bible," never forget that Mormons believe "god" was once a human who rose to god status, they believe "jesus" is NOT a deity and is the brother of Lucifer, the "bible" is a flawed book, and Biblical Christians are apostates!

While compromise is part of the landscape of the political world, the world of the political commentators, it has also become part of the landscape of the church world. Many churches now support and condone the sin of homosexuality. Some have perverted the Gospel with the abominable lie from hell that "all good people will go to Heaven." Too many pastors have quit preaching about sin for fear of offending people. For too many people, church has turned into little more than a social gathering and a place to be entertained on Sundays. WHEN YOU COMPROMISE THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD, YOU ARE LEFT WITH NOTHING! This is not only true in the church, but it is true in your life as well. There is no such thing as a little sin. Sin by its very definition is rebellion against God. You either obey God or you don't. There is no middle ground. You are either living in accordance with His Word, or you are living in rebellion to His Word. There is no room for compromise! Many of you are facing the problems you have in your life today because you chose to compromise God's Word. The fact is, our way doesn't work and God's way does!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for Rush Limbaugh, his new wife, and that they will seek the Lord and HIS face each day and govern their lives after God's Word. Pray for Elton John to denounce the sin of homosexuality and come to know Jesus as His Savior. Whenever we choose to compromise the truth of God's Word, there is always a price to pay. Never forget that satan is a liar. He is the great justifier.

Satan will always give you great reasons why it is OK to compromise in a certain situation or circumstance. But remember, Jesus told us in John chapter 10 that it is satan's goal to "kill, steal, and destroy" you! God on the other hand loves you, cares about you, and wants to bless you. Don't listen to the one who wants to destroy your life, listen to the one who wants to bless your life!

This is a simple message today, but a powerful one. Politicians and political commentators can't get anything of eternal significance accomplished because they have compromised themselves to the point they really stand for nothing. One of the reasons the church today is so weak and ineffective is because it has compromised the truth of God's Word leaving it powerless to affect change in our world or in the lives of people. Many of you are struggling in your life today because you have compromised God's plan for your own.

I implore you today is to hold firm to the truth of God's Word. It will guide you and sustain you through the good times and bad. Don't ever let the enemy deceive you into believing that you have a better plan than God does. When you compromise what God has said, you are telling your Creator that you know more than He does. Never forget that compromise is a trap from satan himself that will only bring heartache and pain. Follow God's way, that is where you will find the blessings.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller