Daily Devotional for Saturday May 8, 2010

We All Need an Epaphras in Our Life

(Colossians 4:12)

We all need an Epaphras in our life. One of the best things about the Christian journey is that we do not have to walk it alone. Nor did God ever intend that we try. Today, I am going to give you one of the best pieces of advice I know of. Find at least one, preferably more, mature Christians to help you pray through the difficult times in your life. You CANNOT carry the burden alone.

God has given us brothers and sisters in this life to help us along the way. We all come to those difficult times when we need the prayers of others. None of us are immune from life's trials and tribulations. We have to have people in our life that we can call upon, who will pray for us during those difficult times.

The biggest reason we don't have others praying for us is because of our pride. We are too proud to admit we are having a problem. I understand that some issues are very private. I am not saying you have to go into all of the details. Remember, God knows what is going on, and just having someone calling out your name before the Lord can help more than you know.

Prayer is our most effective offensive weapon. Not having others pray for us is like being in war and not putting the bullets in our gun. God gave us the tools to fight with; we need to use them!!!

Let me encourage you today. Get serious about recruiting several people to have in your life who you can count on to pray for you in times of trouble. There is a power in prayer that is greater than anything you can imagine. Prayer reaches right in to the throne room of God. It is our ability to communicate directly with the creator of the universe. You may not be able to call the White House and talk to the President, but you can talk to God any time you want.

We only know a bit about Epaphras, but we know he was a person who prayed for others. I want to encourage you today to have an Epaphras in your life that you can count on to pray for you. We all need special people who will stand in agreement with us to see victory over those challenges we all face in this life.

I love you and care about you so very much. Know that I am here to pray for you. Liveprayer.com has become an Epaphras in many people's lives, and we are honored to be here to pray for you in your hour of need. Never hesitate to contact me with your requests so that I can be in agreement with you.

You are special and God loves you very much. He never expected you to have to go through the tough times by yourself, so use the resources He has given you and find renewed strength to see victory in whatever battles you may be facing. Prayer does work!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller