Daily Devotional for Friday January 15, 2010

Top News Stories of the Day Seen from a Biblical Perspective

(John 14:6)

Every day I get bombarded with emails asking me about the top news stories of the day and how they are seen from a Biblical perspective. Within the past week or so, we have had many hot stories that I wanted to take time today and comment on. They are all very instructive for Christians and will give you the ability to talk to your family, friends, and coworkers from a point of view most have never even considered.

Let me start with the racist comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a book. I think is critical to understand, unlike Trent Lott, who several years ago was forced to step down from his leadership position for the unfortunate comments he made off the cuff to a small group of people at the 100th birthday party for Senator Strom Thurmond, Reid's comments were in a BOOK. These were comments he obviously thought about and had no problem with putting in print. What nobody in any media has brought up is that the root of Reid's comments are based in his SATANIC MORMON CULT'S BELIEFS!

If you understand Mormonism, you understand that they consider people with dark skin as having a curse upon them and being less than a real person. Just like they had to abandon their public practice of polygamy to become more "mainstream," they also had to publicly change their views on black people. However, their cult still embraces polygamy, teaching that Mormon men will die and become the god of their own planet where they will have many wives to have "spirit babies" with. They also still hold that black people are cursed and less than a full human being! Reid had no problem putting his racist comments in print since they are the beliefs held by his cult!!!

FOX News anchor Brit Hume recently cut back his work schedule to fully immerse himself in the Bible and practicing his Christian faith. He has come under attack for stating on the air that the best thing Tiger Woods could do would be to abandon the Buddhist faith of his mother, even though it is questionable he is a practicing Buddhist, and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Of course, the mainstream media went ballistic, hammering Hume for having the audacity to "preach" to Woods. Good for Brit for having the guts to tell the truth!

Back in early December, I did a Devotional on Wood's infidelity and asked those in the Liveprayer family to pray for him to come to Christ. It is a time in his life when he would be most open to hearing about the love of Jesus. Having many dear friends associated with the PGA Tour, my prayer is that one of his peers who knows the Lord, someone close enough to get his ear, would have the opportunity to talk to Woods about the Lord and in his brokenness, Woods would listen and open his heart to the love of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for him and his wife and that Christ would come into their lives in a real and meaningful way during this difficult time.

I keep trying to warn you about Glenn Beck. So many have come under his spell because of his political ideology. He now purposely weaves into many of his public appearances as well as on his popular radio and TV program, his "faith." That faith, of course, is in the lies of the satanic Mormon cult! In a nation void of spirituality, a nation looking for someone to lead them, Beck has emerged through his radio and TV program as someone who holds great influence over tens of millions of souls. He talks of God, Jesus, and the Bible, like all Mormons, deceiving people into thinking he is a Christian. The god and jesus of the Mormon cult is NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible,and their final authority is not the Bible, but the Book of Mormon. A MORMON IS NO MORE A CHRISTIAN THAN A MUSLIM IS!!!

Please, go to the Daily Devotional archives on Liveprayer.com and type in keyword BECK. Read the 5-part series I recently did on how all he espouses sounds like righteous opposition to the Obama administrations and their policies, but it is in reality the framework of the prophecies of Mormon cult founder Joseph Smith in his vision for this nation to be turned into a Mormon theocracy. Beck and Mormon Mitt Romney are seen as men who will help fulfill the satanically-inspired visions of Smith. In the meantime, he will help lead the souls of many to hell as they follow him in "his faith."

Lastly, please be in prayer for the people of Haiti. There are so many wonderful Christian organizations who have labored tirelessly there over the years, and many of those groups will help spearhead the relief efforts. As you know, I view natural disasters like earthquakes simply as fallen nature at work. However, it is clear in Revelation that God will use natural disasters on a massive scale affecting hundreds of millions as a form of His wrath and final judgment on this world. So while I disagree with those who are stating this is God's punishment on Haiti for its wickedness, be fully aware that there will come a day very soon when that will happen on a large global scale. My prayer is that through this horrible disaster in Haiti, many will find faith in Jesus Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. There is so much going on in the world today. Please know that I pray for you and your family each day, and pray that you will make your faith real, take your stand for Christ, and be part of this movement I will be announncing on Monday the 25th to help lead this nation back to God and Biblical Truth. It is the only hope for our nation, the nations of the world, and each soul!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller