Daily Devotional for Sunday December 13, 2009

God is a God of Restoration

(John 21:15-17)

> One of the most encouraging things the Bible teaches us is that God is a > God of restoration. The Bible tells us that we all sin and fall short of > God's glory, but what happens to us after we sin is what I want to focus > on today. One of the most visible sins in the Bible has to be Peter's > denial of Christ. After following the Lord, living with Him, seeing the > miracles, hearing the teachings, even being so bold to proclaim Jesus to > be "the Son of the living God"...this same Peter, in fear of his life, > denies even knowing who Jesus is. If the story of Peter ended there, it > would indeed be tragic. > > However, we see that same Peter, just days later in John chapter 21, being > restored to fellowship by Jesus. We then read about that same Peter in the > book of Acts becoming a pillar upon which the early church was founded, > boldly proclaiming Christ without regard to his own life any longer. The > lesson is that in spite of our sin, God is a God of restoration, so that > He can use us to fulfill His plan. > > After we sin, the most important thing we can do before the restoration > process takes place, is to confess our sin and ask God's forgiveness. 1 > John 1:9 tells us that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to > forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God wants to forgive > you! God wants to cleanse you! But you have to make the first move. You > have to swallow your pride and admit to God you sinned. > > You have to be sick enough of the sin to want to be rid of it. I am not > talking about that "morning after" confession either. I am talking about > that confession that says I am sorry, and I am ready to walk away from > this sin once and for all. We all feel sorry for our sins after we commit > them. The issue is whether we are ready to deal with them once and for > all, and allow the restoration process to begin. My friend, it is not God > holding back that process, it is you. You have to be serious. > > Once we make up our mind and decide to make the necessary changes to walk > away from our sins, we then confess our sins and repent. We have now > opened the door for God to restore us. You see, God never stops having a > plan for your life. Don't forget, your purpose is to serve and glorify > Him. He desires to restore us to fellowship, not only because He loves us, > but because there is still work for us to do. > > If you are looking for that peace, that joy, and that abundant life the > bible speaks of....I am telling you that you will ONLY find it in a daily, > intimate relationship with Christ. You will only find it in a life totally > and unconditionally surrendered to Him and His will. You will only find it > when you are fulfilling your God-given purpose of serving and glorifying > Him with your life. > > I love you and care about you so much. Be encouraged today...God is not > through using you. He still has a perfect plan and purpose for your life. > It is now up to you. Just like He restored Peter, and used Peter in a > mighty way, God wants to use you. The only difference between you and > Peter is that Peter turned from his sin, repented and confessed his sins > to the Lord...thus opening the door to God's forgiveness and restoration. > > God loves you so much. Turn from your sin, confess and repent of those > sins, and let God restore you today. No matter what you have done, God's > grace is sufficient and His love is endless. He wants to say to you, just > as He told Peter..."Do you love me?... Feed my sheep." > > > > In His love and service, > > Your friend and brother in Christ, > > Bill Keller