Daily Devotional for Sunday September 20, 2009

You Must Have a Game Plan from God

(Exodus 25:40)

> You must have a game plan from God. I remember so clearly the first time I > read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, how God always gave His > children a game plan. From the exact measurements for Noah to build the > ark, to the Ten Commandments, to the way the tabernacle was to be > constructed, to how the armies were to take the city of Jericho, all the > way to the founding of the early churches...God always gave His children a > specific game plan. > > I don't care what the situation you may be facing today is, whether it is > a health issue, financial, a relationship problem, work or school related, > the fact is God can give you a game plan today to guide you to victory in > whatever battle you are fighting today. Those who are successful, those > who are moving forward in their life, those who are bearing fruit for the > Kingdom of God . . . are those who have a plan from God and are executing > that plan on a day-to-day basis.

> The natural question is how do you get a plan from God. That comes from > the intimate daily relationship with the Lord I encourage you daily to > maintain. Does the general of an army give his battle plan to his troops > or to total strangers? Of course he gives them to his troops. God is the > same way. He has a game plan for His children, but you have got to be > plugged in to hear Him. > > Most people languish in their circumstances and never get beyond them > because they have no game plan. Most people are ineffective in their > Christian service because they have no game plan. Most people fail because > they are trying to execute their own plan. To be effective you must get a > game plan, and to be successful that plan must come from God! > > I am going to be praying that you hear this very important message today. > This is literally the breakthrough word many of you have needed to hear > for a long time. Remember one thing. Getting a plan from God does not mean > things change immediately. Most of you didn't get into the trouble you are > in overnight, and the solution will probably not happen overnight. However > if you are faithful in executing His plan, you will see victory. I will be > praying with you today for God to reveal His plan for your circumstances. > > I love you and care about you so much. Pray, read the Word, and let God > direct you just as He directed those men and women we read about in the > bible. They were no different from you or I. Those who were successful > were walking close with God, and not only heard from God . . . but obeyed > His voice. You and I can have those same experiences as long as we stay > close to Him, listen to His voice, and obey Him. > > > In His love and service, > Your friend and brother in Christ, > Bill Keller