Daily Devotional for Wednesday July 8, 2009

Get Ready for Censorship like Never Before

(2 Chronicles 15:7)

Get ready for censorship like never before! Obama's high-tech SS are already on the job. Several months ago, I created a special video for YouTube contrasting the evil of Adolph Hitler for causing the death of 60 million lives in WW2 and the evil of President, Barack Hussein Obama, for supporting the legalized slaughter of innocent babies. I used powerful imagery from Hitler's speeches and the concentration camps, which morphed seamlessly into the same type of emotional speeches Obama has given and footage from real abortions being performed. This video had over 100,000 views in less than a month.

Several months ago I was informed that YouTube had taken the video down for "violating policy." I immediately had my technical people communicate with them since over the past several years I have created and posted dozens of videos for YouTube on many hot-button issues that have had over 1 million cumulative views, and we never had a problem before. My technical person was told that they had been inundated with over a thousand complaints about our video.

Now there are several other videos on YouTube that attempt to tie President Obama with Hitler, and they are still up. When asked about that, the YouTube employee stated that they can't look at every video that is posted, and really only get involved when there are massive complaints about a particular video. He told out techs that it is obvious someone had targeted this video and that because of the "disgusting footage" showing an actual abortion, YouTube pulled it.

I am always amused at the outrage of people when it comes to showing an actual abortion being performed. The very people who support this practice of legalized infanticide, yell the loudest. I would love to see every abortion clinic show that video to a woman prior to having the abortion performed. I assure you that 70% would leave if they saw what was really going to happen to the LIFE they were carrying.

*We have reposted the video on our own servers on Liveprayer.com, http://www.liveprayer.com/enemy.cfm

If you remember, right after the election I shared with you that the Obama camp was trying to figure out how to make use of the hundreds of thousands of people they had connected with thru the Internet. During the campaign they had set up an Internet War Room to attack anyone on the internet who opposed Obama for any reason. After the election, they decided to continue using their internet man power as a high-tech cyber SS to go after anyone who spoke out against Obama. They do this thru posting on blogs as well as various attacks on sites and people who have taken a stand against Obama.

Obivosuly, I have been one of their targets for stating that he is not a Christian due to his support for killing babies, the radical homosexual agenda, giving away the land God gave to the Jewish people to their enemies, on top of his universalistic beliefs that everyone will get to Heaven and there is no place called hell. Sadly, this is why very few pastors will go into the public square and take a stand on any of the pressing issues of the day. They simply don't want to be attacked by the pro homosexual groups, the Muslims, the Mormons, the baby killers, and now by the Obama cyber SS.

Also disappointing is the faux Christian version of YouTube, GodTube. Founded by a Dallas seminary student Chris Wyatt, GodTube was to be a Christian answer to YouTube. It was a place where Christians could post videos for other Christians. Wyatt contacted me several times after GodTube began. I told him that I would pray for his success, but that my goal was to reach people outside the church and not simply preach to the choir.

After several conversations, I did agree to post the videos we had on YouTube on GodTube, since I realized these were most issues the vast majority of Believers shied away from. My various videos on abortion, homosexuality, taking on cults like the Mormons, Scientologists, Oprah and the New Age movement, were all eventually removed.

After contacting Chris and not getting any response I did some digging. What I found out was that Wyatt basically sold GodTube to a UK hedge fund, GLG Partners, who put $30 million into GodTube to market it to the world as a "Christian social networking site." . Wyatt no longer has any involvement in GodTube other than as a "consultant," which is how he is getting paid off.

The UK firm installed their people to oversee all operations and I was told point blank that they would NEVER allow content like mine since it was divisive, hateful, and not the message they wanted to market to people. They said they wanted to keep the site "clean and fun and appealing to people of all faiths." These people simply bought GodTube to be able to cash in on the Christian market. Their goal is not to share the Truth of the Bible, the Gospel, or to minister to people, but to turn a profit off of Christians.

Here is my word for you today. God needs bold and faithful servants in these last days. Men who will not allow the attacks of satan to stop them. Men who will not be bought and paid for like a sack of sugar on the open market. Things are only going to get worse as real persecution comes to Christians in this nation like we have ever experienced. This is not only a war for souls, but a war to have the ability to have our voice heard and beliefs shared with the masses like those who serve satan share their lies of destruction.

I realize most aren't on the front lines 24/7 like I am. From time to time I need to report back so you know what is happening in this battle we are involved in. The world wants to silence our voice and keep the Truth from being told. They LOVE the Osteens, Warrens, Jakes, guys like Wyatt, and others who will compromise the Truth and sell out the faith. IN THE END GOD'S TRUTH WILL STILL BE STANDING TALL AND IS NOT FOR SALE!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that God will stir your heart. While most are simply trying to live their lives and deal with the day-to-day issues they face, they are oblivious to the wars that are being waged in the heavenlies. Satan sees this moment as his time to finally destroy our nation and the Christian influence it has on the world. He is using every means possible to accomplish that.

Simply preaching the pure Gospel and Truth from the Bible is going to become very difficult. Now more than ever that Truth MUST be shouted from the rooftops to a lost world whose only answer is Jesus Christ. Please keep me in your prayers each day. I will remain on the front lines to bring God's Truth and the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting. I won't run, won't compromise, and won't be bought off. Our nation, the nations of the world, and the eternal souls of men are at stake!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller