Daily Devotional for Thursday June 4, 2009

The GM Bankruptcy, the Killing of a Soldier in Arkansas by a Convert to Islam, and O'Bama's Trip to the Middle East

(1 Kings 16:28-33)

The GM bankruptcy, the killing of a soldier in Arkansas by a convert to Islam, and the President's trip to the Middle East, and why they ALL matter to Believers! Monday was a sad day in this nation as one of the greatest companies ever filed for bankruptcy. As sad as that event was, even sadder was the fact that the government which has already poured in $18 billion of your tax dollars to keep GM alive, and will commit at least another $30 billion while taking a 70% stake in the company.

This should be very troubling to everyone since the government now has tremendous control over the banking and financial industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry, and will soon take over the health-care industry. Every day this nation looks more like China, Russia, Venezuela, and other countries where the government controls all aspects of daily life. Please don't be fooled, the GM situation amounts to little more than a government jobs program.

It was actually amusing watching President Obama claiming that he doesn't want to be in the car business. The reality is, the only way GM will only continue to exist is with more taxpayer dollars, and with the government, as the largest shareholder, they will be actively involved in all major decisions. Without government involvement, GM would have failed, the profitable parts would have been sold off just like they are selling their Hummer division to China, and many who lost their jobs would have eventually ended up with other auto makers.

What was appalling is that anyone who owned GM stock is holding worthless paper. The bond holders who owned the majority of the GM debt were forced by the government to accept pennies on the dollar, losing virtually everything. Yet the UAW was taken care of in the new deal. Anyone who is foolish enough to invest a dime or buy one share of the new GM stock when it comes out needs to have their head examined.

What amazes me is that we have our President, Barack Hussein Obama, a man who has never run a business, even a lemonade stand, out there investing hundreds of billions of YOUR tax dollars in insurance companies, car companies, banks, and other businesses that were failing. We have a man with ZERO business experience, who has never produced a DIME of revenue, investing in LOSING BUSINESSES that only exist today because of our tax dollars. On top of this, he appoints a 32-year-old political hack with ZERO business experience to oversee the GM deal.

During his trip to the Middle East, President Obama will speak at one of the world's preeminent Islamic Universities. I am certain there will be lots of Islamic symbolism at the school, just like there was lots of Christian symbolism at the Roman Catholic Georgetown University where he spoke a few weeks ago. Would anyone like to wager a Chicago hot dog that no Islamic symbols will be covered up, even though the President forced Georgetown to cover up all of the Christian symbols including the name of Jesus?

President Obama has clearly stated that this is no longer a Christian nation. He will make that case again this week in the Middle East, and even make the case that we are becoming a Muslim nation. There is an incredible move underway in this nation by the false religion of Islam. They are actively recruiting converts to their lies in the prisons, in the inner cities, through the gang culture. Christians and all those who reject the lies of Islam are their targets and President Obama is helping to foster this climate.

By the way, I find it interesting that anyone who dared talk about President Obama's Muslim roots during the election was lambasted, and it was strictly forbidden to utter his LEGAL MIDDLE NAME of Hussein. However, on his current trip, he will now proudly talk about his Muslim heritage and insure that his middle name of Hussein is used.

Lastly, where was the media yesterday when this convert-to-Islam killed in cold blood one of our soldiers in Arkansas? The day before, they mourned the death of one of the most renown baby killers, George Tiller, blaming his death on "hate mongers" like myself who dare to call abortion what it is, murder, and those who support abortion what they are, murderers. They made the case that those in the pro-life movement were responsible for Tiller's murder.

Yet yesterday, a man who was born and raised in the United States, converted to Islam, went oversees and trained in Islamic terrorist camps, killed in cold blood a soldier outside a recruiting station in Arkansas. He told authorities that he was angry over the way the United States treated Muslims in Afghanistan. It was later learned that he had intended to kill other military personnel. The media couldn't wait to label the killer of Tiller as a domestic terrorist, yet they said virtually nothing about a REAL domestic terrorist!

Within hours of the killing of Tiller on Sunday, President Obama took advantage of the killing to hammer the pro-life movement. Attorney General Holder issued special orders to protect abortion clinics stating that there could be further acts of violence. After the killing of one of our soldiers by this convert to Islam, there was NO STATEMENT from President Obama, and silence from the Attorney General.

While there are political and business implications in these three separate issues, my only concern is the spiritual ramifications from each one. All three matter to Christians since as I have shared with you recently, the government has every plan and desire to control all aspects of daily life, including religion. The socializing of the corporate world is a huge step in that direction. Trust me, they will not stop there. They are very committed to controlling religion as well.

For now, they don't care about what people do in their churches or about the Christian media, since both have virtually no impact on our culture. What they do care about are those who go into the marketplace and preach against the sins of the world. Satan is in control of our culture and he wants to silence anyone who will speak out against sin or try and bring the masses back to God and Biblical Truth. That is clearly the target of this administration.

I love you and care about you so much. The answer? As I have told you often recently, this is a battle for the soul of this nation. We now have a government that is not passively, but actively, working to destroy the Christian faith. The culture has rejected God's Truth. The fastest growing religion wants to see all Christians dead. Our ability to freely speak, make an impact for Christ, is going to get more difficult.

Now more than ever we must take our stand for Christ and challenge those who live in open rebellion to the Lord and His Word. The time is very short, Jesus is coming at any moment, God's wrath and judgment on this land has already begun, are you awake yet?

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