Daily Devotional for Friday March 20, 2009

Obama's Five Compromisers, errrrr, Pastors

(Matthew 23:1-36)

Obama's five compromisers, errrrr, pastors. My first reference to Senator Barack Hussein Obama to the Liveprayer family was a good year before 90% of the nation even knew who he was. It was in the context of his church affiliation in Chicago, the ultra liberal Trinity United Church of Christ that was pastored by the now infamous racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright. As the Democratic primaries got underway and then Senator Obama was gaining in popularity, I did several Devotionals documenting his church and his pastor of nearly 20 years.

Having started my ministry in Chicago the same time President Obama began his career as a "community organizer," Chicago-speak for a political hack for the Richard Daley machine, having preached in dozens of major black churches on the South Side of Chicago, I was able to give those in the Liveprayer family special insight that his church membership at Trinity was not about his faith in Christ but for political expediency. When that relationship which helped advance his political career became a liability, he cut all ties with Trinity UCC.

During the primaries and Presidential election, President Obama made a cold and calculated effort to go after the Christian vote that elected former President Bush not once, but twice. He aggressively market himself as a Christian despite holding beliefs and taking political stands in complete rebellion to Christ and the Bible. Sadly, many professing Christians voted for him allowing his skin color to trump their faith in Christ, ignoring the fact this man believes the universalism lie that there are many roads that lead to God and is an avowed proponent of slaughtering innocent babies, promoting the radical homosexual agenda, and standing with the enemies of Israel.

My hands are clean as I did everything I could to warn the people who he was, what he would do once elected, and I have been right every step of the way. God gave the people, even many professing Christians, what they wanted just like He gave the children of Israel a king despite His warnings. I said on the day after the election that God took His hand off of this nation, and almost 4 months later, and as sad as it makes me to say this, nobody with a straight face can argue that I was not 100% correct.

Now that he is in the White House, you don't hear much any longer about Obama being a Christian. The campaign is over so he doesn't need to play that card as much any longer. I was interested the other day to read an article that President Obama has replaced his pastor of 20 years, the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright, with FIVE pastors. As I looked at the list of who these 5 men were, all I could do was laugh. President Obama went out and handpicked 5 men, not to feed him spiritually, not to hold him accountable spiritually, not to teach him what the Bible says about the key issues of our day, but to simply give him the appearance of being a Christian.

Who are these 5 dupes he handpicked? They are a who's who of prominent, liberal men who call themselves pastors but are a stench in the nostrils of God for being compromisers of the Truth. There is only ONE THING any pastor is required to do, and that is to stand for the only Truth there is, the Bible. To compromise that Truth makes a mockery of God and the Christian faith. The only way these men could have been handpicked by the President to be his "pastors," were to be men who compromised the Truth.

These five men are Rev. Otis Moss Jr., Bishop T. D. Jakes, Rev. Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, Rev. Jim Wallis, and Rev. Joel C. Hunter. Moss came out of the civil rights movement, actively campaigned for President Obama despite his anti-Biblical stand on life, homosexuality, and Israel, and his son is the one who replaced Dr. Jeremiah Wright at Trinity UCC in Chicago. Caldwell pastors the largest United Methodist Church in the nation out of Houston, was very close to President Bush, but was very prominent and aggressive in campaigning for President Obama, again, despite his anti-Biblical positions.

*As a side note, I wonder why the IRS isn't investigating Caldwell, since he willfully and blatantly violated his exempt status in his brazen campaigning for President Obama.

Wallis is the president and chief executive of Sojourners, a liberal magazine and social organization based in Washington. Hunter is the pastor of a conservative megachurch in Florida, but has embraced the isues of many liberal churches such as the mythical global warming hoax. He also gave an invocation at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last year, and has been embraced by the religious left movement

Jakes of course is the theologically challenged Dallas pastor who denies the trinity, preaches like a lion in his church but like a lamb in public. He goes on his buddy Dr. Phil's program and never once mentions the name of Jesus, never once uses the Bible as a reference for his comments, and promotes himself not as a pastor but as a motivational speaker. NBC used him for commentary on election night to cheerlead Obama's victory, and never once did this supposed man of God speak out against the FACT our new President had a track record and agenda to kill babies, promote the radical homosexual lifestyle, and take sides with the enemies of Israel.

The architect of President Obama's strategic move to promote himself as a Christian and to attract the Christian vote is a young man named Josh DuBois. He calls himself a Pentecostal pastor, though he has never pastored a church nor is there any record he has ever delivered a sermon. Those in the Liveprayer family may remember DuBois. He is the one over 100,000 contacted with phone calls and emails during the campaign to try and get then Senator Obama to grant me an interview so we could discuss what he acutally believes.

Of course there was no way his handlers were going to let him be interviewed by someone who would not go along with their deception that he was a Christian. DuBois is now the head of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, but still actively choreographs all of President Obama's efforts, like lining up these 5 compromisers to make people believe President Obama is a Christian.

I love you and care about you so much. The sad fact is, none of these "pastors" are there to hold our President accountable spiritually. They are simply willing dupes for President Obama to give the appearance that he is a fine Christian man, all the while making decisions daily without shame or remorse in complete rebellion to Christ and the Bible. They were picked because President Obama already knew they were men who could be "bought by the king."

These supposed men of God epitomize the problem with the church and the spiritual decay of our nation. They have compromised the Truth of the Bible and made the Word of God of none effect in our culture. They are no different than the religious leaders in the day of Jesus who were pawns in the hands of the Roman government. They gave lips service to God, but their actions betrayed their true hearts. They were simply men who were more concerned with their agenda than God's agenda, with their lives than the lives of those they were called to minister to, and their goal was earthly power, not Heavenly rewards. Get out your Bible and read today's anchor verses, Matthew 23:1-36!

Please pray for President Obama to get saved as I do each day. Pray for these pastors to take a stand for the Truth of the Bible regardless of the personal consequences. Once again, this is just another illustration that it is not a politician, not the compromised pastors who are in the spotlight, but those faithful men who lead God's church and refuse to bow their knee to baal, to President Obama, or any man, and those men and women who love the Lord and make up the last days' remnant who will lead this nation back to God and to Biblical values. Turning back to God is the only hope and the only answer if this nation is to survive.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller