Daily Devotional for Tuesday August 12, 2008

The Parting of the Red Sea

(Exodus 14:21, 22)

The parting of the Red Sea. In Exodus Chapter 14 we read, "Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea into dry land, and the waters were divided. So the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea on the dry ground, and the waters were a wall to them on their right hand and on their left." In August of 2008, God is still performing miracles and parting the seas!!!

On March 3, 2003, when the Liveprayer TV program began on a CBS owned station in Tampa, Florida, I knew in my heart that the window to do a live, hour long, daily program that dealt with the events in the world and in people's lives from a Biblical worldview without compromise would be a short one. Having done nearly 1400 programs on major secular TV stations and networks over 5 1/2 years, I can assure you that the unadulterated Truth of the Bible is perhaps the most offensive message you can bring to a secular audience on TV or radio today. People who live in rebellion to God and His Truth don't want to be confronted with their sin.

As you know, CBS cancelled our program last August due to the pressure and intimidation they received from the extreme activist Muslim group CAIR, who targets any media personality who dares to tell the truth about the false religion of Islam. We continued to air the program in the Tampa market on another network until the end of December when we cancelled that contract since they would not let us air the program live. That forced us to make a major move this January to bring the program exclusively to the Internet. It has turned out to be a very fortuitous move, since eventually, all broadcasting will be moving to a broadband format and available for people to watch at their leisure on the Internet.

The investment of 21 people has allowed us to establish and solidify a major broadcasting presence on the Internet with both a 24/7 TV and radio broadcast. The advertising revenues we will generate through both of these vehicles by the end of the year will enable us to not only pay back all of the investors early, but to also cover all of the operating expenses of the Liveprayer.com Internet ministry starting this coming January. Isn't God incredible!!!

When God gave me the vision for the Jonah Project, I knew the key components would be the "live" daily nationwide TV and radio programs on major secular networks. Those programs would be the driving force behind the project to call this nation to repentance and to turn back to God and Biblical values. You have to understand, calling the nation to repentance has been done thousands of times over the years by many well meaning groups. What they lacked was the ability to carry out their message past a one day prayer event and were never taken seriously by the general public. They also lacked the right vehicles to mobilize enough people

That is what makes the Jonah Project a real opportunity to lead this nation back to God, while at the same time saving souls and doing something nobody has ever really effectively done, tearing down all of the man-made divisions and bring together millions of true followers of Christ who in the last days refuse to bow their knee to Baal. Having a daily nationwide TV and radio program on major secular networks carries an incredible amount of clout and credibility that insures our message will not be ignored by the general public nor will the mainstream press be able to simply dismiss us as just another bunch of Bible banger kooks as they love to portray Christians.

Since July, we have been working with one of the largest media buying companies in the world to help us find a home for the Liveprayer TV and radio programs on major secular networks. They were having no success being able to find a major secular network to carry the TV program, especially live. Today, you can produce programming showing every kind of sin and debauchery known to man, but not something that is going to take a Biblical stand on the issues of the day.

They don't mind motivational preachers like Osteen or Schuller who refuse to talk about sin and tell people that without Jesus they will die and go to hell. They will air the typical Christian TV preaching/teaching programs in early morning religious blocks. However, to do a "live" daily program dealing with the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview amongst their other regular programming...NO WAY!!!

On Friday, God moved and the Red Sea parted!!! I got an email stating that a major network was willing to air our program "live" every Monday thru Friday from Midnight to 1am EDT. That is perfect since it puts us on at the same time as Letterman, Leno, and the late night fare the other networks offer. This network reaches over 100 million of the 110 million TV households in the nation. It will cost us $3.1 million to cover the first 13 week quarter. That may seem like lots of money, but when you understand television, to have an hour, live, 5 nights a week, reaching the entire nation, it is an incredible deal. That fact is, you couldn't give CBS, NBC, or most other major networks $300 million to air our program live across the nation for an hour every Monday thru Friday!

Here is the bottom line my friend. God has opened the door for us to have this national voice on a major secular TV network. I can assure you that this is a window that only God could have opened and it may never be open again. This January, Oprah is taking over the Discovery Heath channel and renaming it the Oprah Winfrey Network. It will be programmed 24/7 NEW AGE TEACHINGS! I don't know how to say this any more clear. We have the opportunity to have a vehicle that will bring the Truth of God's Word to this entire nation and lead lost souls to Jesus Christ that will be competing head-to-head with satan who is using tools like Oprah and others who help lead souls to hell with their programs.

In the scope of the world's economy, $3.1 million is nothing. I know churches with congregations of less than 500 who spend that much on a building. Several prominent preachers fly around in private jets that cost 10x that much. Oprah probably spends that much on her dog every year. John Edward's "friend" has spent more than that trying to cover up his affair! I have 17 days to raise these funds to tie down this contract.

This is the center piece of the Jonah Project to help lead this nation back to God and Biblical values. It is the key recruiting tool to help us bring several million true Believers into the Jonah Project which will give us the ability to once and for all wipe out abortion, gay marriage, put a dent in pornography and gambling, and see victory over the social ills that plague our land. God has parted the Red Sea, I need one or two people to help me lead the masses to the other side!

I love you and care about you so much. All I can do is ask you to pray. I know there are people reading this message today who have the resources to help me put these funds together. Pray for the Lord to really move on their hearts to make the sacrifice that can ultimately not only lead millions of lost souls to faith in Christ, but possibly our nation back to God.

I remember a few years ago getting an email from a man who had been sending $25 a month to Liveprayer for years. He shared with me that his family had helped start Regions Bank years ago. He sent Liveprayer the $900,000 we needed to go nationwide in November of 2006, during which time, over 10,000 souls we know of accepted Jesus as their Savior and millions of lives were impacted. He has since went to be with the Lord, but no doubt His rewards were great for that sacrifice he made.

I share that to say that I know there are others reading these words who can make that type of sacrifice and impact millions of lives for eternity. If this was simply a 13 week run of 65 programs it would still be worth it. However, we have the plans in place to use the program each night to bring tens of thousands of people into the Jonah Project, and through the donations we receive, keep the program on the air. This is the $3.1 million seed that can ultimately lead our nation, other nations back to repent and to turn back to God, to bring millions of lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ, and to wipe out many of the social ills of our day. IT IS THE GREATEST INVESTMENT A PERSON COULD EVER MAKE!!!

It would be nice if someone can cover the entire $3.1 million. Possibly it will be 3 people each sacrificing $1 million. God will work that out. I am simply asking you to pray with me today for the Lord to move on the hearts of those who are able to help cover this initial amount we need, and that they will respond. He has already parted the Red Sea to make this opportunity even possible, now it is simply a matter of the few He speaks to, to obediently take that step of faith to help me lead His people to the other side!

If the Lord is speaking to you today about helping me with the $3.1 million we need to the first 13 weeks of airtime, please email me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller