Daily Devotional for Sunday July 13, 2008

The Jonah Project a Huge Vision from a Huge God

(Jonah 3:5)

The Jonah Project, a huge vision from a huge God! Never forget that God is greater than our greatest vision! Next Monday, we launch the Jonah Project. This is an enormous vision to lead this nation back to God, back to righteousness, and back to Biblical Truth. I know in the coming days and weeks people will say Keller has finally lost his mind. I know many Christians will point their finger and say this guy is crazy to think he's going to lead the nation back to God. They will say how presumptuous, how prideful, how egotistical.

The fact is, this has nothing to do with pride or ego. I read about Jonah. He was simply a man who obeyed God and God blessed his obedience. You have to understand something. All throughout the Bible, those men and women who made a difference for the Kingdom with their lives were no different than anyone else, except they surrendered themselves wholly to the Lord. If you look at Moses or Noah or Abraham or Paul or Jonah, these were just mere men of flesh and blood who made the decision to make that walk of faith and give their lives unconditionally to the Lord and allow Him to work thru them.

God still works thru men today my friend. The fact is, nobody has stepped up to take that mantle of leadership with a great vision to literally lead this nation back to God and Biblical Truth. There are no accidents or coincidences in this life. Jonah ran from God and God could have let him keep running, but He got his attention to give him a chance to obey Him. There was a reason the events in my life have unfolded the way they have. God could have easily taken his hand off of me years ago. I could have still been out in the business world these past 20 years making millions of dollars running from God. Like Jonah, the Lord loved me enough to get my attention to give me a second chance to obey Him.

My friend, I would not be typing these words today if I didn't know in my heart that if God will hold back his wrath and judgment on this nation just a little longer, we have a chance to turn the nation back to God. I truly believe that or I wouldn't be doing this. I believe that we will see a great revival break out, millions of souls won to faith in Jesus Christ. I believe that or I wouldn't be doing this. I know that the Bible talks about the falling away and the wrath of God that will be poured out on the world in the last days. However, I believe we still have an opportunity to turn hearts and lives, to turn nations, back to God and to His Truth before the world sees God's final judgment.

The media is the vehicle that gives us the ability to turn this nation back to God while leading millions of lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ. Our presence across the country on television and radio every Monday thru Friday, coupled with our 24/7 presence on the Internet, can influence and change millions of hearts and lives as well as the spiritual course of this nation. As I sit here today I believe that there can be real change in this nation. Not this campaign slogan change that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is preaching, but real tangible, visible, recognizable change in the spiritual direction of this nation and in millions of lives.

The fact is, I can do more following God's calling than Senators Obama and McCain put together. Because no matter who sits in that oval office, they will only have so much influence to really get anything of significance accomplished. What I'm talking about is changing the heart of this nation. I'm not talking about a cosmetic makeover, but a heart transplant. It can happen! We can see victory over the social ills of our day. It has been a small number of people pushing satan's agenda that has led to the moral and spiritual decline we are experiencing today. What would happen if tens of millions of people were mobilized to take a stand for righteousness?

The legalized infanticide we practice every day can be stopped. How? We mobilize thirty million people and put an end to legalized abortion. Gay marriage? We mobilize thirty million people and pass a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman and this perversion of God's Holy Institution of Marriage will be over. We just accept that gambling and pornography are part of our culture and there is nothing we can do about it. But guess what, we don't have to accept it any longer. We can dramatically curtail legalized gambling and the pornography business in this nation. You can't legislate spirituality. You can't legislate the changing of men's hearts. But through the power of God we can see a spiritual revival across our land.

I already know the haters out there, the detractors will be saying, "Oh, there's Bill Keller with some grandiose plan." Well you know what, I'm sure that's what the neighbors of Noah thought as he was building that boat year after year after year, watching him work and thinking what a lunatic Noah was as he built that massive ship on dry land. I'm sure that's also what the friends of Abraham thought as he took his family and all of his possessions and left Ur without even knowing where he was going. I can imagine Paul taking off on his missionary journeys and people asking why he was going to Corinth, to Philippi, to Ephesus, to Galatia, to Rome?

A key element will be the $12 million we are going to raise over the next 90 days for the first six months of airtime on national TV and radio. I was praying one night after watching the news and how Senator Obama raised $30 million in one month over the Internet from 200,000 donors. Senator McCain is also raising tens of millions of dollars every month from tens of thousands of people. If people will give money to fund the vision of a politician who will change nothing, I know people will give money to fund a true vision from the Lord that not only will save millions of souls but could lead this nation back to God.

So we're going to launch the Jonah Project page on the Liveprayer.com website next Monday. It will have a special video sharing the vision of the Jonah Project as well as information on how people can get involved. There will also be some special fundraising tools on the site as over the next 90 days we'll be raising the $12 million we need to fund the initial 6 months of the television and radio contracts. On Monday, Oct. 6 we will be live 5 nights a week across the nation on a major television and radio network. In addition to reaching the lost, we will also be reaching other Believers on both TV and radio, giving them the opportunity to become part the Jonah Project and using the funds we raise to pay for future airtime on both television and radio.

I love you and care about you so much. This is a bold, broad, expansive vision to not only win millions of souls to Christ, but to turn a nation back to God. It can be done. Look at the influence Oprah has over millions of people. Where did she get that influence? A daily TV show. Look at the influence Rush Limbaugh has over millions of people. Where did he get that influence? A daily radio show. We get one shot at this life and when it's over it's over. You can't fail when you serve God. Do you think Elijah was worried about failing when he stood up on Mt. Carmel and challenged the prophets of Baal? No. Do you think David was worried about failing when he walked on the battlefield and fought Goliath? No. Do you think Paul was worried about failing when he went on those missionary journeys? No. You can't fail when you serve God!!!

Please be praying with me as we prepare to turn this vision into a reality next Monday. Add your prayers even now to the millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of prayers that have been said for this nation over these past 232 years. God's timing is sovereign, but on this week when we will celebrate our nation's birthday, it is only fitting that this bold and aggressive plan is launched to turn this nation back to God and His Truth, and lead the people back to righteousness. Nine years ago this August, God's vision for Liveprayer became a reality. Nine years and tens of millions of lives later, this ministry is a living testimony that God is greater than our greatest vision.

I believe in my heart of hearts we've done some good work for the Lord these last 19 years, especially these last 9 years of Liveprayer. I know we have because we've seen over 225,000 souls we know of come to faith in Christ and millions of lives impacted for the Lord. However, we can do more, we can do much more and we will. While saving souls is our primary objective, the Jonah Project is going to give us a bold, visible, powerful voice for God's Truth that this world won't be able to tune out or ignore. We will stand in the public square and call for this nation to repent and turn from its sin and rebellion to God, warning the people of God's pending wrath and judgment if we don't. Seeing millions of souls come to faith in Christ, seeing a nation repent and turn back to God is a HUGE vision, but my friend, we have a HUGE God!!!

*Please read: http://liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=3382

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller